The movie reminds you of the kind of romance you associate Yash Raj films with. It is fresh and endearing. Something that had gone missing for a while. And surprisingly, it was great to watch a yashraj movie without SRK or Rani!

The movie is the story of a professionally successful Indian casanova, played by Ranbir Kapoor, whose aim in life is to flirt with women and to use them, before moving on to the next one. The movie is all about how this guy turns over a new leaf… Realises how many women he had hurt over the years and goes about mending his ways…

The first half of the movie has some great moments – some great laughs… I specially liked his chemistry with Minissha Lamba, who plays the role of a love-stuck romantic girl called Maahi, who falls for this young guy she meets in Zurich. I can not think of any other girl who would have suited the role better. Maahi is supposed to be this dreamy, optimistic, simple and sweet girl, who is full of life. Minissha suits the role to the T. She completely looks the part and does a brilliant job!

Then he is shown with Bipasha Basu. She being much older than him, it kind of shows in the movie. I do not really remember the last movie that Bipasha sizzled in. In this one, she looks modern and hep, but the fire is missing. She plays the role of Radhika, a small town girl, who aspires to become a model. When I think of who could have done a better job??? Hmmm… maybe Priyanka?

Now comes the star couple of the movie – Ranbir and Deepika Padukone. Considering that this movie releases after the much publicised romance between the two, most of the junta would expect the couple to sizzle on the screen. And they will not be disappointed. Deepika looks fab in the movie and Ranbir just steals the show… The couple looks great together. He is just perfect for her height. The only hitch here is that by the time the movie ends, you wish you had seen more of the couple. Unfortunately, as against everyone’s expectations, Deepika is given very less footage in the movie. She has the shortest role amongst the three leading ladies.

So, if you are a fan of typical yash raj movies, with the mushy romance and dreamy characters, this is the movie to go to… It has all the typical flavours of the YR Banner – picturesque locales, beautiful people and some amazing music. Khuda Jane simply rocks. And you will hear Lucky Ali back with Aahista Aahista.

Now, I am not going to give out spoilers and tell you who Ranbir ends up with! 🙂 Go watch the movie to know this. You wont be disappointed 🙂