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Of Awards and Deepika… — August 21, 2008

Of Awards and Deepika…

Its high time I thank Reems for being so generous with her awards! Heart-felt thanks for first giving me the Ms. Prettiest Blog (WordPress) award and then for choosing me for the “Brilliant Weblog Premio 2008” award!! I am truly honored!!

Also thank you RJ for granting me this award! You rock 🙂

**Takes a bow while receiving the award**

Encore!! 😀

Now, with the award comes a deal: I have to choose 8 of my favorite blogs to hand over the award to!! Hmmm.. this is going to be tough 😦 I am going to make it simpler for me by following Reems and giving it to people who have not yet received this award!

Anyways let me try… I choose Krupa, Smita, Jana, Axinia, Kanan, Ruhi, Anamika, Roop (Some of you have gone into oblivion… hope this award will make you come out of your hibernation and start blogging again 🙂 )


Now that the celebrations are over, heres an interesting observation… At lunch, a few days ago, we were a bunch of 5 people – 3 guys, 2 girls. Now, the topic of Deepika Padukone surfaced out of nowhere and all the three men quite vehemently denied finding Deepika attractive!!! 😕

On being asked for a reason, some interesting things came to the fore…

Her face looks like a man. Put Prakash Padukone’s pic when he was 20 and hers side by side and you will know. She looks like her dad who has masculine features – Anshuman

And then came another interesting observation…

I dont like her because she is responsible for the downfall of our Indian cricket team – Man 2

When interrogated further, Man 2 revealed that he was talking about her stints with Dhoni and Yuvi 😛 😀

Well thats really funny coz the two women in the discussion both thought Deepika was pretty! And all the men thought she wasnt!

Now isnt that kind of strange? What do you guys think??

[PS… Interestingly, Madhuri was the only one who was liked by one and all!!! Yay! 😀 ]