Phoonk is the latest product from the Ram Gopal Varma stable…

First things first, it is unfair to call phoonk a horror movie. It is a disgrace!! After all, how many horror movies does one see where you have 2 proper songs being sung in the movie! Whatever little impact the director managed to contain just swooshes awayΒ as soon as the song starts!!

The beauty of horror movies is the grip that they hold over the audience… the moment you heave a sigh of relief, something else happens and you are shaken to the core… In this movie, however, you wait to be shaken… and you keep waiting. I will not deny that there are some scenes that are a bit jittery, but if a person like me can watch this movie, come back home and happily sleep, then there is definitely something wrong in the movie! It just doesnt scare you enough!

It is about black magic. Concept is well dealt with. Only if the thrill factor was a little higher and script bound well, the impact would have been much much greater!

The only good thing about the movie are performances by Kannada actor Sudeep and the child artiste, Ahsaas Channa. The girl has done a very good job, portraying a girl taken over by evil spirit… she is convincing and scary!! Sudeep plays the role of an atheist business man, who is a doting father and a good son!Β He fits the role very well andΒ with his arrogance and attitude – he seems tailor made for this role! The role of his wife is played by Amruta Khanvilkar. She is quite awkward in the initial few scenes and slowly as the movie moves forward, she improves. One area which she must improve on is her dialogue delivery! The kids have done a better job than her!

Overall, a passable movie… Go only if you want to have some fun at the expense of RGV πŸ™‚