I know… as soon as you read this topic, you will feel, has she gone insane?? The answer is so obvious… I wish it was… but, it isnt… and you will soon discover why!

Values are rules that you define for yourself, which guide the way you live and the way you conduct yourself. They chart a way of life. Having a value system or believing in some things means doing them for yourself! Not for any other soul on this planet.

People who follow certain rules adhere to them irrespective of the external circumstances, irrespective of how difficult things may get for them. Values are not based on convenience! In fact, anything that is convenient to do can not be classified as “value” at all. Having a value system and adhering to it requires utmost tenacity and a determination to adhere to it at all costs. Anything that can be compromised, or can be traded for something seemingly more attractive is not a value!

Let me explain this concept with an example.

Lets us say you believe in following traffic rules – you understand their need and believe in them completely. What will you do if you are driving on a deserted road at 2 AM and you come across a red signal? Now, there is no traffic police at that time. Possibly no other vehicle around as well. Will you then stop at the signal, wait for it to turn green or just zoom by? You will stop. The reason is that you are following it not to keep the world (the traffic cops here) happy, but because “you” believe in it! You firmly believe that if all adhered to traffic rules properly, there would be very few accidents, if any at all!

At the same time, if you follow these rules in broad daylight out of fear of loosing a couple of hard-earned bucks to the blood sucking monsters that our traffic policemen are, and you totally refuse to follow them when no one is around, then you are being a hypocrite!!

A friend of mine a few days ago passed a comment

Indians are hypocrites. Most people outside may not be morally correct, but they absolutely dont pretend otherwise

Just then, this statement got me thinking, is this really true? I dont have an answer to that. But one thing is true – We are a society where there is a clear cut definition of right and wrong! And anything that goes beyond the boundary of right, is considered wrong! Where the boundaries are defined so clearly and every wrong thing is considered non-righteous and frowned upon, it is not surprising if some two-faced elements breed and flourish!

Some examples of our hypocrisy:

We will pray with our hearts and soul to all the Goddesses, specially Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali. But, we will drown little baby girls in milk and call it a ritual.

We will keep our houses speck clean, but not think twice before spitting on the road.

We will preach morality to our children, and younger siblings but not think once before leching at the next girl on the road.

We will be fine if our girl friend or wife wears short tops or even sleeveless, but will fume if our sisters wear anything even remotely sexy!!

We will have all kinds of affairs in our lives, but will expect our spouse to be “all clean“!!

We will give away lacks of rupees to build yet another temple, but will hesitate in giving away 50 Rs to a needy person!

We will teach our children not to lie, while lying in front of them all the time!! Jao beta Aunty ko jake bol do, mummy ghar pe nahi hain!!!

We will be fine with any guy drinks/smokes, but will totally freak out if any girl does so!!

Can you think of any more instances of hypocrisy? Isn’t it a shame? At the pretext of following values, or living a life morally and ethically correct, we end up leading double lives – one that we really are, one that we show to the world!!

Any day it is more important to be true to yourself! Make your own rules and stick to them! I know it is easier said than done. The question here is that can you even attempt such a thing in India without being labeled an outcast?