Medicine is a very noble profession… or “was” it a very noble profession??? Looks like the nobility part is only limited to textbooks and the profession has become more of a “money crunching” game!

Just this last weekend, mom had a sudden attack of Urticaria (I am not sure now if it was that), a form of allergic reaction on her face. I rushed her to the doc. Her face had swollen to twice the size. Previous night, there were some signs, so she had taken an anti allergic on her own. But it has little or no effect whatsoever. Now, these kind of allergies can become bigger and when it spreads to internal organs like your oesophagus, it can cause breathing problems and in extreme cases, death. So, I wanted it to be cured ASAP.

Now, I go to this doctor. He examines mom and gives another anti-allergic. I tried telling him that she has already taken one anti-allergic but that isnt helping. Fortunately, I had called up my uncle (who is a cardiologist) and asked him about medication. He had suggested a steroid to be administered immediately. But, this doctor had other plans. He wanted her to take anti-allergic first, wait for 3-4 hours and then come back to take steroid.

I was shocked at his diagnosis. Finally I followed what my uncle had suggested and it started showing results. Mom’s swelling went down by 60% in the next one hour. But, I was left amazed! I called up my uncle to discuss what the doc had just done. And my uncle, being in this profession for more than 20 yrs now, said “Beta, this has become general practice with a lot of doctors now. They try not treating the patient immediately and make him run to them at least a few times“.

Wow! Imagine, not being sensitive to the patient’s pain and torturing him over and above that!! Sad 😦 What do you think of this, Rambodoc?

On a totally different conversation with ma, I heard a very popular folklore on how and why sindoor application started? (For the uninitiated, sindoor is a red-powder applied by married hindu women in their hair parting). Long long ago, Rajasthani women started wearing sindoor to show that they were married, so that no one would dare mess with them. But, it also served as a poison. So, in case someone did try to mess with them they would just take sindoor, put them in their mouth and die instantly of lead poisoning!! Hmmm scary!!! In fact married pregnant women should try and avoid sindoor out of chances of harm to the young one in their uterus! 😕

Heard a beautiful quote the other day on female foeticide and infanticide. It said

Ek sant ki hatya karna, 1000 aadmiyon ki hatya karne ke barabar hai… Aur ek naari ki hatya karna, 1000 santon ki hatya karne ke barabar hai.

(Translated: Murdering a saint is like killing 1000 men. And killing 1 woman is like killing 1000 saints)

To conclude this, I think having daughters is beautiful. The most beautiful thing ever and I am sure Nita would agree with me on this. In fact, the parents of daughters are the most blessed because they get to do Kanya-daan, which is the most difficult sacrifice in the world.

OTT again, I have this crazy fanaticism when it comes to puzzle. So, I try and avoid listening to any just before I sleep, coz then it invariably means that I will not be able to sleep until I have solved it… and more so, I may also have nightmares about the puzzle 😦 This is what happ last night. Some puzzle was being discussed, it took me about 15 mins to solve it, but it killed me coz i was really sleepy 😦

Anyways enough of banter, its a beautiful day today. So, how are you guys doing? 🙂