Hey guys, sorry for the unintentional “mystery”😉 I was in such a hurry, it was a challenge to even write that post! I had to hurriedly write something under the glare of my mom’s eyes, which said “Tsk… tsk… kuch nahi ho sakta is ladki ka”. My mom for the record, hates my laptop!🙂 I wont be too surprised if one day, I come home and find it stashed in the dustbin😉

So, coming back to the topic, I was heading back home – to Ahmedabad! I am there now!🙂 And feel a peace and serenity, I can associate only with Ahmedabad or maybe its because its been my home, for almost as long as I can remember🙂

This place is special. Special to everyone who has visited it ever. Its people, its roads, everything feels like its yours. The warmth and the feeling of belongingness :) The city smells of all the amazing times I have spent here with friends and family!🙂

I love this city🙂 And plan to have a great stay here🙂

[PS Have just updated the ashram pics I had taken during the stay]