Indian culture and traditions are lovely and beautiful! I just love them! And more so, the stories behind them! Today is one such festival: Karva Chauth!

Karva Chauth is celebrated mostly in Northern India. But thanks to movies, serials these days, women from all parts of India celebrate this festival. The day of karva chauth involves fasting throughout the day without water or any kind of food. It is kept for the long life of the woman’s husband. The food is eaten only after the moon comes out and the women offer their prayers to the Goddess Karva and look at their husband’s face.

The whole festival is very beautiful! I would always get fascinated whenever my mom would do it. A lot of people do not understand the whole concept of fasting. It is done in order to sacrifice some thing (in this case, eating) in order to show your reverence towards any cause!

Spoke to a few friends who got married recently. Was excited to know how they have been doing on their first karva chauth. Got some interesting insights. One friend was busy in her office, so she dint keep the fast at all, while the other kept the fast along with his wife. Now that is choooo chweeet πŸ˜†

So, to all the married women out there, Happy Karva Chauth πŸ™‚

Have a happy and fulfilling married life πŸ™‚

Off the topic, Sachin has proven once again that he is the undisputed God of cricket!!! πŸ™‚