A leader is only as good as his followers!

When Raj was going to get arrested, his followers created a ruckus in the city, killing, hurting people.. basically acting as savage animals! I refuse to call them humans!

This incident opened a chain of thoughts in my head… Is Raj the only culprit here? Who has made Raj as powerful and snobbishly arrogant as he is? Its people like us!! Who would care a damn about Raj if he did not have the kind of powerful backing he does? Can he create this kind of conundrum alone?


Then, who are the people who are supporting him? And will do anything for him? What are the kind of people who believe so strongly in him? Are they aliens? No!! They are our neighbors, our friends, our colleagues, people who live with us on the same land and breathe the same air! What is it that they are fighting for? What has Raj told them to generate such loyalty???

History is rife with examples of blind followers!! Whether its the Nazis in the leadership of Hitler, or Al Qaeda in the leadership of Osama bin laden. What these people did or are doing to the innocent crowd is clearly a heinous crime, but even then, there are thousands of people, people like us, who will give their own lives or willingly take other’s lives at just one call!! What drives such men?? What motivates them to do crimes of the scale which may scar a normal human forever!!

If tomorrow someone comes to me and tells me to kill someone else, will I do it? No! Then what makes these educated masses who are willing to kill on someone else’s commands? I think this is one question that we need to answer! More than a need to stop Rajs of this world, there is a need to understand the psyche of their followers!!