Life has been hectic for the past few days… ButΒ a few interesting things… πŸ™‚

  • Indian Idol does make people famous. But they soon forget singing and start jumping around like fools in the innumerable reality shows on television these days!! Hmmpppfff!!! πŸ™„
  • Diwali is the only festival which is capable of driving people crazy, whether it is painters or carpenters or tailors or designers or printers. If you are in Gujarat and love your life, you are kindly advised not to get on the roads!! :mrgreen:
  • Women are BAD drivers!! Its proven, tested and re-tested a gazillion times over. The result is the same. One person messing and worsening the traffic on the streets and 99% of the times, it will be a woman behind the wheels!! πŸ™„
  • Actors these days are hell bent on making a fool of themselves!! Abhishek Bachchan looks despicable in the song “Desi Girl” from his latest film Dostana where he tries to act(?) scared when the other two boo him!! Man, its been a while since I have seen such an artificial scene! Whats wrong with Karan Johar? How did he ok a scene like that?? :O
  • For once I am free to watch Television and there is NOTHING good that comes!!
  • Watched A Wednesday, and I am stumped!!Β Absolutely loveeeeeeeedddddddd the movie. I wish I could review it, but I know its too late already!! 😦
  • Words are mightier than a sword. The kind of wound they inflict isΒ a lotΒ harder to heal!
  • Apologies to most of u as I have been irregular on ur blogs!! Too much to attend to, really!!
  • I have discovered love for candles lately and also would love to learn how to make them!!
  • Doing good Makeup is an art and I suck at it!!
  • Bangalore weather spoils people. You know what it is only when you go away!!!
  • Maids or Domestic helps are more ofΒ a pain and less of a help!!
  • Man (read Human being) is never happy with his current state. He is either happy with past or dreaming of a good future! When did we forget to live?

And finally, my Wedding Month starts today (I am sure it is still 1st November in some parts of the world πŸ˜‰ ) !!! And I think I am beginning to get wedding jitters… *shiver*