My second movie in Singapore… First being Dostana… and well… uska review likhne ka mood nahi hai!!!

So lets talk about Ghajini! What works for the movie, the Aamir Khan starrer, is the crisp script, the gripping story line and some fabulous acting by both Aamir and Asin. For the uninitiated, Asin is a famous Tam cinema star, who is making her debut in Bollywood with this hindi film!!

Lets talk of the story first. The protagonist of the story is Sanjay Singhania, a millionaire, who is besotted by a local third class actress, played by Asin, who does faaltu ads and is trying hard to gain some free publicity!! The point to be noted here is that she does not know Sanjay is so rich and considers him to be another struggling ads model!! Something happens that changes their lives!! Sanjay turns into a patient with short term memory loss!

The beauty of the movie is the excellent execution! You are in awe with which every single detail has been taken into account! Simply fab!!

A HUGE disappointment from AR Rehman! It just felt extremely disconnected from the flow of the story and with every song, you would wait patiently (?) for it to get over!! It was extremely difficult then to not dig your finger nails into the soft cushion of the chair in the cinema hall!! I agree Rehman songs usually grow on you, but this one doesnt seem like it will! The only song which is tolerable is “Tu meri adhuri pyaas”!

The surprise package of the film according to me was Asin. As far as Aamir is concerned, good acting is an expected phenomenon… but what came as a dark horse was Asin!! She acted like a pro (ab well.. after having acted the same character 4 times, I am sure it dint take her much to perfect the role.. which she did!!) I was totally floored by her comic timing and dialogue delivery. The only negative probably was that she went overboard a few times in her bubbly girl avatar! Jiah Khan was theek thaak!! Her role seemed forced!

One more thing that I noticed about Ghajini – It is one of the few movies to be named after the villain!! I cant think of any others…

This one is definitely a star – not to be missed!