The title must be confusing to some. How can a movie be funny and yet disappointing. Well, you will answer this question if you watch the much-awaited Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone starrer Chandni Chowk to China.

But before that, this is how it all started. 

The movie released last Friday (16th Jan 2009). My hubby Noobie had been waiting for this movie ever since the first trailer, being the ardent AK fan that he is! So, there can be no doubts whatsoever that we would be seeing the movie on the very first day of its release.

So, came Friday and I met him near his office. We decided to try Korean dinner before heading for the movie. The dinner was unexpectedly decent, but the real surprise took us when we reached the cinema hall, a good 1 hour in advance. It was mostly empty. I got slightly hopeful that not too many people have come over to watch the movie. So, as a result, we should be able to get the tickets. Noobie also chipped in with his 2 cents: “Review of the movie is not that great… so we shouldn’t have problem getting the tickets“. Now this statement turned out to be both true and false! The movie had indeed been trashed by the reviewers back in India. BUT, the show was houseful. 😦

Well… humne bhi thaan rakhi thi… movie dekh ke hi jayenge… so, we headed off to another theatre… None whatsoever… Literally ran to another… Zilch… With a silver lining. There was a mid-night show… We decided to wait… Hadd hoti hai pagalpan ki aur mere ghar me uski koi kami nahi hai… 😛

Finally we got to see what was the funniest disappointment we had had in months!

The movie has its moments – No doubt about it. Akki dada, as usual, cracks you up with his antics and excellent comic timing! He has proven once again that he can carry really bad movies on his shoulders and turn them into a decent one time watch – which is what he does with CCTC. I specially love that scene in which Ranvir Sheorey starts to dance on “Chura ke dil mera”, when a pot-bellied Akki takes over saying “Yeh to mera gana hai” and begins to dance!! Hilarious!

As far as Deepika is concerned, she might as well not have been in the movie. Even with double roles, she is as good as non-existent! Every now and then the camera man shows her glimpse, to remind the audience of a certain heroine in the movie!! Mithun da is average. He has a powerful role in the movie and does what it expected of him. Ranvir is decent. He plays the role of an Indian-Chinese guy with utmost conviction!

The movie has some good action sequences. And the transition of a zero to a hero is shown quite well! The dialogues are good, with some one-liners crackling!!

On the other hand, the movie definitely has its pitfalls – falls short on story line and the script is so loosely bound, you can literally see the loose ends floating in mid-air!!

Almost 50% of the movie is in chinese, so may not fare very well with the non-multiplex crowd! Well, this was also the reason that the loudest of laughs in the theatre were coming from the Chinese junta who seemed to be loving the movie, or maybe an Indian actress mouthing chinese words must be hilarious to them! 🙂

All in all, go if you love Akshay. Skip otherwise!