Yes, I have been in hibernation for too long… A lot of reasons for that were: Laziness first and foremost, I was facing a huge writer’s block, lack of topics to write on… I would think of blogging a few times and then would completely wipe out!!

Here I am… On a sunny Thursday afternoon, having lunch in front of my television… watching the show “The Moment of Truth”!

On the hot seat is a beautiful cocktail waitress who works for a casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. With her are both her parents, her best friend, her co-worker and her boss! She has given me something to write about!!

She has been answering questions quite well… She is about to win a 100,000 USD! So, this woman has a lot of money now!! And you can see both her parents heads hanging down in shame at the kind of things their only child has revealed!

What is the cost of 100,000 USD? Permanently ruined relationship with her parents? She was asked nasty questions about her parents, their marriage, and they got to know what their daughter really thought of them! Is it worth it? Plunging her parents into deep mounds of misery??

What kind of a daughter will go telling the world her father loves his dog more than her? Or that her parents are not the supportive ones? Or that her parents 44 year marriage is not her ideal kind of marriage?

You want to know the cost of all this humiliation? 100,000 USD!!