After the soaring and unexpected success of Raaz, Mahesh Bhatt got the motivation and courage (dare I say) to make a sequel to the movie and gave it the name: “Raaz – The mystery continues” The second movie on the record is not really a sequel. Other than the name and the production house, the movies have nothing in common!

Unlike the first Raaz which had its scary moments and was widely appreciated as a thriller, the second attempt fails miserably! It is a supposed thriller, but every other scene is quite predictable! Arent thriller movies supposed to catch you off guard?? Well… this one doesnt!

Dialogues are patchy! Acting is average! Songs are mediocre! No one impresses and Adhyayan Suman is a let down!

I have nothing more to add! 🙂

Dont go for this movie, even if you are bored to death and have nothing better to do! Killing mosquitoes instead would be the more interesting option!