Hey ya me back again! And this time again m thinking out loud so please dont hit me if you find this post grossly inadequate in terms of content!!

I was another one of those people who thought birthdays were meant to be special until this one!!

I mean what is there to cheer about? If you are 10, ok maybe yes, u put on a nice little joker hat and entertain fellow kids at a birthday bash fondly thrown by your parents… Parents are happy coz their cute little brat is growing up… and you are happy… maybe coz u r nearer to turning into a teen!

When you are teen and facing all those teen problems, birthdays still make you happy… why? Coz there is always that sweet sixteen to look forward to πŸ™‚

And at sixteen when you neither a teen nor an adult, you just cant wait to grow up… coz u want to be taken seriously by everyone!! So again, you are happy on your birthdays!!

But is there a reason to celebrate when you are on the wrong side of 20s??? Naaaahhh!! Dont think so! There is only thing that should be done on getting a day older and that is to sulk, precisely what I am doing right now!

So, PLEASE do not wish me a happy birthday!!!!