Is it a coincidence that I saw Slumdog Millionaire last night (review coming soon) and today morning I turn on the television to watch American Idol Season 8. Frankly, I do not understand western music. I am not into rock or western classical music of any sort. So, it is difficult for me to judge if a singer is good or bad. They all sound the same, unless they are totally off-key.

Coming back to the point, Anoop Desai is the only guy from Indian origin to have made it to the top 36 of American Idol Season 8. He is a calm and composed guy and the judges love him.

I am not sure what kind of effect slumdog millionaire had on Indians and the rest of the world, but I did not find it amusing at all when Ryan Seacrest, the host of this show, actually referred to Anoop as Anoopdog!! 😡

Is that funny? NO!

We Indians are aware of the economic situation in India and the kind of lives people in our slums live. Yes, the lives of some of us are bad enough to be better than that of even a dog. But, things have come a long way ever since we became an independent country and we are positive things will improve! They will. They have to. With brains and attitude like ours, we can not be far behind!

But, labeling a fellow Indian as a dog!????

Mr. Ryan, you certainly have a lot of explaining to do. Apparently, it was Anoop who decided to call himself that!! Well what more can I say to that! Looks like its fashionable to be called “dawwwg”!!! Hmmmpffffff