I was aghast when watching IPL this weekend. Somehow, something kept distracting me from the game… and that was nothing but the horrendous uniform of the players!! No, it wasnt the color. I had made my peace with the Gold and Black outfit of KKR long back. However, what kept bothering me was the multitude of logos printed all over the shirt AND the pant!!

It was rather amusing. Big logos, small logos… logos of all shapes and sizes relentlessly smothered on the front and the back of all the cricketers! Specially the Deccan Chargers uniform. Ok, so u have Deccan Chronicle printed in as big a font size as could be cramped on the front of the tee! A gasp escaped me when I witnessed the same logo printed in the same side, in a smaller font, right above the first one! What were they thinking? What purpose can putting the same logo on the same front in different font sizes possibly achieve?

In all of this imbecility, I pity the poor cricketers who are made (or shud I say are rather happy) to wear these hideous outfits!

How about this? Noobie and I will pay a hundred odd bucks to one of the teams and then have our names printed… ummm… let me see… on the rim of the collar maybe? 😉