Life has been pretty good to me ever since I got married late last year! My husband, Noobie and I now live and work in Singapore.

Just last night, I was at a parlour near my apartment, and Noobie kept calling. We had the deal to meet at this MRT station and walk back home together. We were on call for about 2 mins while he kept trying to locate the place… When I put the phone down, he had spotted the place by then and was pacing the area outside… The parlour lady who was observing all of this, winked slyly at me and asked “Boyfriend?”. I smiled back and said “No. Husband” 😛

In a separate though similar incident, I was in a meeting with two very charming Chinese women at work. We were generally chit-chatting after having covered the agenda set out for the meeting,

M and B: Oh, so you are new to Singapore. Where are you put up?
Me: Yeah… I stay in *blah blah*
M and B: Niceee… so u staying with parents/roomies?
Me: mmmm…errr…Room mate actually…and that room mate happens to be my husband

At this there was a long string of laughter, so loud.. it made me wonder what others in the office would think of our “meeting” 😛 To top it all, it was followed by a collective sigh, and “Ooooohhhh! U r sooo young!!!!” And then, yet again… I went to have lunch with a colleague who was equally shocked to find out that I was married.

When I was getting married, I thought it would be a funny feeling… the feeling of being married and I may need some time getting used to it 🙂 But, here… its ppl who are taking time to get used to me being married!! 😀

Such a contrast from the land, my birth land, where an unmarried girl in mid-20s attracts unwanted attention from all kinds of uncles and aunties 😕