fun n frolic galoreeee!!!

I was transposed back to the kiddo days… the days when life meant only studies and masti… when all u were expected to do was to be a good student and a good daughter/sister… when “Getting marks” was the only aim of life… when Ludo championship was more coveted than all the riches in the world… when “Summer vacation” was the most important time of the year…

I still remember the days when my sis and I used to hate going for our swimming classes – the instructor was the very re-incarnation of satan himself!! We loved hating him. So, everyday before the class, we wud start the day by playing Monopoly (Or what we called Business, the Indian version of the game)… There were times when we ended up playing the game for 2-3 days at a stretch… we were addicted to it!!

After coming to Singapore, its like I am in kiddy land again! We play Monopoly, we play Cluedo, we play scrabble, literature and Wolf… its like we are kids again! Specially the last game of Monopoly was the best I have played so far…

So, apart from fiddling away with Iyer’s Rubiks, the weekend was all about Salsa-ing with Noobie and a couple of friends, Wolverine, IPL, Cluedo, Monopoly, and ofc Escape theme park, which was respendent with those kiddy rides!!

Feels good to become a child again 🙂