Hi all,

I know its been ages since I have blogged. There was simply no inspiration to write on anything. Not until, my dear friend Deblina asked me to advertise a contest she and Fiance are taking part in.

So, to cut a long story short… this recently betrothed couple have been traversing the length and the breadth of various parts of the world… separately!! (Yes, you are right… the culprit here too was work!!). This is a golden chance for them to get together and go on a road trip!! 🙂

All you need to do is vote for them here.

And for all those adventurous couples out there… go ahead and check out this website: The Great Driving Challenge. Not only could you win a Million Rupees, you could actually embark on the trip of your lifetime 🙂 And yes, before I forget, you can vote for as many couples as you want 🙂