ok not exactly a thousand… but quite a many to actually count πŸ™‚

I have been looking for a good topic to write on for the past week or so… There were these little little incidents which were not not worthy of having an entire post dedicated to them… at the same time, worth a mention nonetheless!

So, here I go… A thousand odd things that crossed my mind lately…

  • When I started blogging again and checked my fav blogs once more and found some new interesting ones too… it felt good… it felt like i belonged here but was so involved with other aspects of life, that ended up completely ignoring this. Not that I regret it, coz the time I was away was well utilised πŸ˜€
  • Was watching glimpses of the Farah Khan show “Tere Mere Beach Me”. It is an interesting talk show – withΒ a difference. While her brother’s show “Sajid‘s Superstars” is way too bad to be even called a show, Farah’s show holds her own. Firstly, all her shows are based on a theme. Then she invites someone who is a living example of that theme! Whats more? She donates 1 lakh rupees to anyone who genuinely needs it and the guests have to bring along a personal items of theirs which is then auctioned and given to charity!! Hmmm… not too bad for a theme! But are they really doing it? That, I guess, we will never know!! πŸ˜•
  • One of the episodes of the show was “Girl child”, a topic that I am very touchy about. Farah had invited Bipasha Basu and Shilpa Shetty for the show as they both belong to all-girls families and have been doing very good for themselves. The show did touch a raw nerve and brought me down. I guess this topic deserves a post altogether!
  • Even after being MIA from the blogging world for almost a year, I was pleasantly surprised to see my blog ranks 64th in indiblogger. That made me feel happy and sad both at the same time. Its like I had been the bad parent who was not giving her deserving child a due chance! Well, now I am back and hopefully will go upwards from here.
  • I do not find Mandira Bedi classy. I dont think she is any different from Rakhi Sawant. Yeah, I feel that strongly about it.
  • Farhan Akhtar’s show “Oye its Friday!” is good but not meeting expectations. I mean come on! The guy is witty… some of the jokes in the show are quite fresh too… but it all looks wayyyyy too cliched and common place. Something you do not associate with the mightyΒ talented junior Akhtar!
  • Facebook amuses me totally!! I meanΒ where else can you find totally saneΒ married peopleΒ taking up a quizΒ to know when they will get married!! πŸ˜• Where else will you find people wanting to know the exact date and time of their death!? Where else do you have people taking up these random quizzes and sharing the results with all!! πŸ˜• Well… well.. Facebook is amusing! πŸ™‚
  • Talking of amusing, so was Rakhi’s show which wanted to find her a suitable groom! The whole reality show was turned into a BIG drama, with TV stars making appearances in the show as her brother, sister, mother, grandmother, the likes… I mean I always felt that was one thing that could not be messed with. I mean we are talking about marriage – the most sacrosanct thing possible!! Well, she managed to turn that into a circus as well.. Only Rakhi can do something like that!
  • Its awesome fun teaching parents internet. Their little questions are sooooo funny, it becomes hard to then teach with a straight face.
  • I have also realised that I hate losing in Monopoly. I can lose in any other game, but a loss in Monopoly actually depresses me. I dont feel like eating afterwords, have problems sleeping… yeah!!!
  • Singapore is a city I never thought I would like. But, guess what? I think I am beginning to like it… and though I hate to admit it, I may actually be even falling in love with it πŸ™‚
  • I always liked Cricket. I may have been even crazy during those world cup matches and IPLs. But Noobie’s constant craving for cricket matches and the attention with which he devours every word of the god-damned site cricinfo, I think I may be on the verge of turning anti-cricket. I mean it is the limit when you cant go to a dandiya on a particular date because there is an India-Pak match scheduled on the very same day! Grrrrrrr!! Do any of you wives/girl friends face such problems too? Please share!
  • I think SRK was being a kid when he cried foul over that frisking incident in US. Oh come on!! You may be a celebrity, but are you beyond security?? Duh! No!!
  • Recently came across a website called “Cheat Neutral“. You can actually neutralise your cheating over your spouse/boy friend on this website. Interesting, aint it? So, those who thinking of cheating on their spouses, try this out πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

Thats all I can think for now. More laterz.