Noobie and I usually like our Sundays lazy.

Today was no different, but for one special pasta! We woke up late, met some friends for lunch… came back… played Tennis for some time… then went swimming… Lunch today was an exotic affair at an Italian place called Mondo Mia. This meant that the dishes were highly priced and quantity to satisfy a chipmunk!

Anyways, we ordered 2 pastas and 2 pizzas. Preparations were very cheesy which made us feel quite full then!

But, now, after a rally of Tennis and few laps of swimming, I am veryyyyyyy hungry!! Since the pastas at lunch were delicious but we all got to only “taste” them, I decided to make pastas for dinner. This is where Noobie gets an idea.

Noobie: Why dont I make a cream-based Spaghetti for you? (A couple of things should be noted here. Noobie has never made pasta before. He loves experimenting with food and trying his hand at cooking and the results are quite scrumptous everytime he does that)
Nova: But you have never made pasta before.
Noobie: Yes I know but I wanna try today!
Nova: Ok, Ill make it and you can watch me make it. That will give you a fair idea of how it is made and you can try your hand at it the next time (I am telling you I was hungy and I had no idea how long the experiment would take!!)
Noobie: No no… I want to make it without your help! Ill search for the recipe online and try it out.

At this point of time, I gave in! There was this child-like urge in him to make something from scratch and “on his own” today and I did not want to stifle it.

So, the status right now is that, he is in the kitchen trying to whip up some thing… while I am blogging about this special pasta I am about to have. (Not to mention, the few times I was called, to enquire where-abouts of a few things in the kitchen 😉 )

Ummmm… I am already beginning to smell the boiled pasta! 😀 Cant wait for it to get over.

Will let you know how it turned out 😀

Till then, enjoy the rest of your weekend! 😀

Update: The pasta turned out excellent. The white sauce was creamy and cheezy… the pasta well cooked… Without exaggeration, it was definitely one of the better cream-based pastas I have had. Coming from me, thats a huge thing, since I am very finicky about my pastas! 🙂

Here is a pic… sorry for the poor quality!


Doesnt it look yummyyyyyyyy? 🙂