I opened my laptop today, and pop came the reminder of all the things that needed to be finished today! I let most of the items snooze as I knew they would linger on the back of my mind for a while and I may actually end up doing most of them…

And then, I saw the items of my desktop – I usually get perturbed, if it is very cluttered… I like to keep it clean! And there it was… lying in a dark corner…Β a notepad… with a name prompting it to be opened immediately! It said “To-Do List”… I scanned through the items and was happy to know most of them had been attended to.. At the same, saddened to see many items lying unattended for months now… I have such a bad habit of procrastinating that if I ignore something once, it is highly unlikely i will get to it until absolutely necessary!

That is what my life has become off late – a sea of reminders!! I have a reminder set for everything! It could be outlook reminders or phone reminders… or ipod reminders… or orkut/fb reminders… reminders of all sorts… they seem to be omnipresent… and are supposed to make my life easier…!! If the intended purpose is achieved is a different case altogether! πŸ˜‰

This realization has led me to wonder if others live the same life as I do… a totally digital life… if technology were to disappear from planet Earth one fine day, I am going to be in deeeep trouble!! But, this topic is not about that… it is about the need to have reminders! Am I the only forgetful soul around here or are you guys too? This is what Linda Goodman has to say about famed forgetfulness of Aquarians:

Forgetting their address is frequent, forgetting their last name is uncomfortably possible, and forgetting what time to come home is par-for-the-course. Your brilliant-and he most likely is-Uranus youngster must be taught that his aim should encompass more than being a human computer. He needs to learn the importance of organizing his thoughts in logical order. Otherwise, a potential genius, philosopher, engineer, scientist, doctor, lawyer-gardener or cab driver (the last two if you’re lucky) can turn into an eccentric adult, headed in several directions at once, and end up going around in interesting, but not very profitable, circles.

Or, so I would like to believe.. πŸ˜›

Seriously, when I try to “remember” my forgetfulness incidents, they are wayyyyyyyyyy too many. It could be mom asking for a glass of water – me going to the kitchen – and then forgetting what I went there for! Or, it could be me telling something important – getting interrupted – totally lost on what I was going to say! Be it birthdays or anniversaries or important dates, or even what I ate last night… there is nothing that stays in my head!

That said, I am sometimes stunned by the kind of things I can remember… the lyrics of the oldest songs I had probably heard decades ago… some incidents when I was a child, in vivid clarity… and some dreams and nightmares… So, I guess its all my fault… I sub-consciously decide what I want to remember and my mind filters things that ways! Hmmm… pretty scary! πŸ˜•

Forgetfulness aside, couple of interesting things over the past few days…

First things first, loads of hugs and kisses to dear Aryan for presenting me this award. Both he and his mom are complete sweethearts! πŸ™‚

Also, did you guys watch Vivek Oberoi’s episode on Farah’s khan’s talk show? After 6 years, he openly admitted to being rash with his press conference against Salman. A few lines he said in the talk show were pretty interesting. Indirect references and innuendos were being made about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, with him passing a comment like:

Wo tupper ware ki dukaan hoti hai na, jo plastic banate hain? Hamari industry me usse zyada plastic bhara hua hai.. plastic smile.. plastic heart.. plastic emotions! (Roughly translated it means: “Have you seen those tupper ware shops which make plastic? Our industry has more plastic than them… plastic smile.. plastic heart… even plastic emotions”)

Ouch!! That must have hurt!!

Another interesting thing I came along was Xylene’s post on Hindi… Pretty interesting discussion led me to conduct a survey on the very same topic.