In continuation with my previous post about the promising weekend, here is a recount of the weekend, which exceeded all the expectations I had set, by a million light years! πŸ™‚

It all started with Noobie and I going for the F1 on Friday. Those were the special passes (Paddock Club)Β given out to us, only for that day. It was a special privilege to be amongst the “who’s who”Β in Singapore. The treatment gives to us was princely! Not to mention that the place where we were sitting was right above the “Pit stop” – It was actually the best possible place to be seated in F1.

Here are some pics… All the pics have been taken from above the pit stop!

2009_0925_f1_ 083


The Renault Team2009_0925_f1_ 074

2009_0925_f1_ 070

2009_0925_f1_ 069

And here it goes… zipping by…

2009_0925_f1_ 053

2009_0925_f1_ 049

2009_0925_f1_ 047

And finally the moment we had been waiting for… The Force India car!! It was a delight beyond imagination watching the tricolor painted across the car!! πŸ˜€

2009_0925_f1_ 082

As soon as the F1 thing was over, I realised I did not have a lot of resilience to LOUD noise!! When these cars zip by next to you, your ears hurt like they never had!! Finally better sense prevailed and I used ear buds to protect the vulnerable duo! After that, it wasΒ  a party time! πŸ™‚

After rushing off from the F1 area, we went for Dandiya.. it was good fun… even though we were all tired, we danced our hearts away.. I still have blisters in my feet from that evening!!

Saturday was India-Pak match, which was a hugeeeeeeeeee let down! Anyways, we had the whole junta over at our place.. so, it was a great evening, nonetheless!! πŸ™‚

Sunday was marked by Whats your Rashee? And well you know, how that turned out!! πŸ˜›