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Lucky number 17 :) :) :) :) — October 29, 2009

Lucky number 17 :) :) :) :)

My trip to India… most specifically Ahmedabad could not have been complete without a customary trip to my beloved Landmark stores. I fell in love with Landmark in Bangalore as it was right opposite my house!! Weekdays and many weekends would be spent browsing through all kinds of books and games stored in that beautiful place 😀

So, this time too… I took my mom to the Landmark store near our house… And ended up buying… not 1… not 2… not 10… not 15… but 17 books in all!!


It dug a deeeeeeeeeppppp hole in my pocket… But, the best part is… I am not feeling guilty at all!! Not at all!! :mrgreen:

Guhahhahahhaha 👿 (Thanks Mahmud, for telling me the right emoticon :)) !!!

Chai ho jaye :))) — October 28, 2009

Chai ho jaye :)))

For me, drinking tea or chai, has a lot associated to it… It is not just a beverage… It symbolises a lot of things in my life…


All through the years, I have come to associate Chai with quality time spent with family every morning and evening, discussing everything under the sun… having that hot cup of tea in that counter next to our class in Nirma… rushing down in breaks to have a hot cuppa chai – we used to call it SP (Special Chai) in that small kitli stall, next to Great Lakes in South Mada street… pondering over life, indulging in intense discussions about society, relationships, and even jobs… with some close friends… 🙂

Chai to me, means a feeling of happiness, togetherness – a feeling of soothing calmness!

I have known a lot of people who love drinking Chai… some passionately want only Chai, while for some anything will do – Chai ya coffee… I belong to the first half… and I still remember some of those friends and moments shared with them, everytime I have chai 🙂

At the same time, I am not addicted to tea… Its not like my day will not start without a cup of tea… I just like having tea with people who like having tea 🙂 Its an occassion and a celebration for me 🙂

It turns into a moment to cherish with a cuppa chai in my hands 🙂

So, what say? Chai ho jaye? 🙂

Chromosome Y to get extinct in a million years!! — October 26, 2009

Chromosome Y to get extinct in a million years!!

Was reading an article today which made my ears go “toing”!!!

Apparently, studies have shown that Male population of the planet have chances of becoming extinct.

To give readers a background, women have XX chromosome, and men have XY chromosome. When human beings reproduce, the following permutation and combination of chromosomes are possible

X <-> X => XX (Girl)
X <-> Y => XY (Boy)

To cut a long story short… women have only X Chromosome to contribute, while men have either X or Y chromosome to contribute to the foetus. Hence, men are the ones who actually decide the sex of the child.

Now, Y Chromosome travels faster than X, but it also has a shorter lifespan. Hence, it is a matter of great medical concern that Y chromosomes will eventually cease to exist… What will happen then? Will there be an another chromosome adopting the role of Y chromosome?

Well.. all that remains to be seen. For now, a few things are of paramount importance:

Let us not try and go against Nature. Nature has a way of coming back and with much more power than imagined. By going against Nature, I do not entirely mean climactic nature, I also mean Physiological nature of human body.

Our body is built in such a way that it needs 8-10 hours of sleep. It needs constant nutrition and care. And what do we do with it?

Sleep late. Wake up late. Eat unhealthy. Sometimes not eat at all. Sit in front of the laptops the whole day and do not breathe fresh air. Nor do we exercise regularly.

Is it surprising then that most people in the age group of 20-45 are succumbing to fatal and terminal diseases at such a young age? Whatever happened to an average lifespan of 100 years? With all our advanced medical sciences, infertility is increasing at an alarming rate and so are miscarriages.

It is time to now sit back and take notice. It is never too late to change the habits which are pushing us towards self-destruction. It is now time to go back to our roots and do what sages used to do – Eat right, think right and live right 🙂

Positive aspects of Reality shows — October 25, 2009

Positive aspects of Reality shows

Some reality shows are for celebrities. Their prime intention is to get as many TRPs as possible and recuperate the careers of some long forgotten celebrities.

Some reality shows are for wanna-bes… Their only intention is to get TRPs… They only focus on showing impudent, rash young  boys and girls bitching behind each other’s back… These serve no purpose for anyone other than making B-grade celebrities out of random people.

And, then, there are some reality shows which expose talent hidden in the remote towns and villages of India. Such shows like Sa re ga ma pa, Little Champs, Indian Idol, Laughter Challenge and the likes showcase talent of people whose talent may have gone unnoticed but for these shows! Its an amazing work that they are doing – excessive dramatization put aside – the kind of talent that comes out is remarkable!

People like Kunal Ganjawala, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Ghosal and Anushka are some of the successful finds of reality television. It was only for these shows that a teashop owner, Sunil Pal, became a laughter champion and Prashant, a sepoy from Darjeeling, became the third Indian Idol.

Happened to see Grand Finale of Little Champs, pitting 3 children against each other! Two of them – Shreyasi and Hemant are so incredibly talented – It is heart warming to know their humble backgrounds and the fact that something good has come off watching these reality shows! 🙂

Maaf kijiyega… — October 22, 2009

Maaf kijiyega…

Had unceremoniously disappeared from the blogging scene.. Did not even get a chance to reply to all your wonderful comments… A lot had been going on…

  • This was the first Diwali after wedding. I was super excited about making Rangoli for the first time in our new home… and what followed was a disaster.. More on that later…
  • Last two weeks before Diwali were filled with tons and tons of office work which kept me occupied throughout…
  • Soon after Diwali, I left for India to spend some time with my Parents 🙂

Right now, m in Ahmedabad… having an awesome time with my parents and sis 😀

Will get back to the blogosphere with a bang soon!! 😀

Till then take care of yourselves. Hope you had a rocking Diwali 🙂

Why… — October 15, 2009


… is it that the best of the people around do not have the “Guts” to do the right thing!

Or, does their inherent goodness blinds them to obvious flaws in any system? Or are they unwilling to “tow the line” to stand by something that seems “right”!!?

Too many questions… no answers!

Just wonderin… — October 12, 2009
Barack Obama and India-born American Dr Venky win Nobel prize — October 11, 2009

Barack Obama and India-born American Dr Venky win Nobel prize

Barack Obama has been given the Nobel Prize for peace!! Ahem! Now, I would REALLY want to know why!???

On a similar note, did you guys know Hitler and Stalin have been nominated for Nobel “Peace” prize before!! 😕

Found this link on Hitchy’s blog.

Unlike most of the responses I saw, this fact made me sad. Indians are brilliant and Nobel prize is just one small proof of that! But, what saddens me is that, we as a country are unable to keep the creamiest of the lot from seeking better opportunities elsewhere.

Most of my friends who went abroad for MS did so because inspite of having brilliant undergrad colleges like IITs, we in India have a dearth of good research-oriented post-grad colleges! Specially in the field of Engineering! Some of them came back after their course got completed, while a lot have no plans of doing so. The reason: The enormous sum that you pay to complete your education can quite easily be repaid by working there for a few years. And then, you get so used to the life there, you dont want to come back!

I hope… I just hope… that some day, all our brilliant students will want to stay back and serve their own country! And then a true blue Indian will win a Nobel prize 🙂

Yeh jo des hai tera… Swades hai tera…
Tujhe hai pukaara…

Difference between being a Feminist and a proponent of Gender Equality — October 9, 2009

Difference between being a Feminist and a proponent of Gender Equality

After my first Karva Chauth fast, a lot of people asked me how I was doing and if my husband had kept the fast for me too… I casually asked “How does that matter?”. And reply would inadvertently be “Mahila mukti morcha, you see” 🙂 I know of women who stated, “I would not keep fast for my husband, if he did not do the same for me“.

As much as I tried, I could not link the two! My husband had not forced me to keep a fast and pray for him, then is it justified that I do? And do we really pray for our loved ones only if they pray for us in return? Since when did love become a “give and take” transaction? And finally, does being a Feminist mean oppressing men? I dont think so!

This led me to believe that people often confuse the two. They think being a feminist is the same as being a proponent of Gender Equality. It is not. In fact, one is the superset of another!

It is important to understand here that the fight is not against men, it is against oppression to any human, be it a man or a woman!

A true Feminist is the one who understands this difference! Otherwise, they are just FCPs 😛 [Do not ask me to expand this abbreviation please :)]

Moon was never more beautiful… :) — October 8, 2009

Moon was never more beautiful… :)

In India we believe that any spiritual or religious journey you undertake, can not be over without its own trials and tribulations. For instance, when people of all ages and sizes trek for 28 kms (both ways) to pay their tributes to “Maa Vaishno Devi” or when they stand in that never ending queue in “Thirupati”… no darshan is easy… you have to face a lottttttt of trials and hardships before God appears in front of you!

My dad always says, “If you really want something in life, you have to work towards it.. There is no substitute for hardwork… Tapasya karoge to hi fal milega (Roughly translated: If you will slog, only then will you reap benefits)”. Back then, this is how he used to motivate us to study harder…

And all these words have, time and again, proven their worth!

The latest example was yesterday’s Karva Chauth. A friend of mine, K, came over to our place. She was also fasting. We spent the day doing bakar, watching movies… And then she left, as it was time for her husband to come back from work. And I started waiting for Noobie to come. By the time he came, which was around 7 PM, I was already preparing dinner… He announced on arrival

According to the Singapore weather department, the Moon will rise only by 930 PM

That was a jolt! You are used to Moon rises around 7-8 PM in India 😦 And one of the challenges of living in a high rise is that you are surrounded by tall buildings and hence, the sky view is quite limited. From our house, we can not see the Moon… Anyways, we finished making dinner and then the wait started… The seconds seemd like hours… This is what happened after that…

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Its Karva chauth time :)) — October 7, 2009

Its Karva chauth time :))

Before I begin the post, let me add that I am not particularly in favor of fasts – I dont think torturing yourself by not eating is a good way to impress God!

Nonetheless, there is something innately sweet and pristine about Karva ChauthI just love it 🙂

I grew up watching my mom go through a day with a biggggg smile on her face and would always wonder how she got the strength to go through the day without a morsel of food or a drop of water.. Over the years, I began to appreciate all the emotions that Karva Chauth stands for… It is yet another expression of love… pure, unadulerated love for your husband.

A few people (feminists) think why only women should keep such fasts… why not men?

To that I would say… we women are lucky that we have a medium to express our love and dedication… If a man wants to keep this fast for his wife, he can… but he shouldnt be forced to do that…

Just like love cant be forced upon people, so shouldnt an expression of love 🙂

I am excited about today – my first ever Karva Chauth… 🙂 Let us see if I survive the day 🙂

[PS You can find awesome Karva chauth stories here]

Movie Review: Wake up Sid! – Simply Awesome!! :D — October 4, 2009

Movie Review: Wake up Sid! – Simply Awesome!! :D

Karan Johar is back after Dostana, with Wake Up Sid! What strikes about the movie is the unusual pairing of Sid (Ranbir Kapoor) and Aisha (Konkona Sen Sharma). The trailers give you enough indication that the movie is all about a brattish young boy realising his responsibilities.

Well, the movie is all that… and more!

It first starts with the introduction of a young guy trying to understand the concepts of Financial Accounting. You see him go through the concepts again and again – nothing gets in! An apt start for the movie, which is all about youth rising up to become responsible citizens!

Sid is a run-of-the-mill brattish son of millionnaire parents. The only thing he knows is to spend his dad’s money. He doesnt know what goal is and takes everything in life lightly… All this, until he meets Aisha, who is a totally different personality. She is new to the city and has come with big dreams and ambitions. Sid and Aisha form an unlikely pair. They have nothing in common. Aisha is older than him… and turns down all his advancements. Towards the end, she teaches him how to be responsible… and their journey is what the movie is all about.

Let us now discuss the strenghts and weaknesses of the movie:


  • Ranbir Kapoor is a revelation. He suits the role so well, you can not imagine any other actor who could have done a better job. Full marks to him for the excellent portrayal of the confused yet adorable Sid.
  • Konkona Sen Sharma rocks as the scared yet determined girl who is overwhelmed by the city of Mumbai and still does not shy away from taking the huge leap!
  • The supporting cast is appropriately chosen and they all do a fabulous job – right from the likes of Anupam Kher and Supriya Pathak (Sid’s parents) to the entire crew of Sid’s friends who are all new actors! A special mention of Supriya Pathak, whose intense portrayal of a woman, who is trying desperately hard to become friends with her son, who does not have time for her… whether it is learning to speak broken English or putting up with her only son’s indolent behavior, she is top notch!
  • Music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy is beautiful. The songs move so well with the movie, that they do not interfere with the well-laid out story line. The background score is top-notch.
  • The first rate direction by Ayan Mukerji. There are some emotional scenes in the movie, which could have been easily ruined by either over playing them (which wud have killed the mood) or by underplaying them (which wud have not created enough impact). The scenes were done to create the maximum impact and they did.
  • The story was another plus for the movie. It is a simple story – A story that the audience can easily relate to… it is, in fact, your and my story. There is a Sid in all of us… and we have all gone through the emotions that he goes through. This is where the connect happens! You cry when Sid cries, you laugh at his goofiness… somewhere during the 2.15 hrs, you fall in love with him 🙂
  • The love angle shown between the lead pair is very pure and pristine! In times when no movie is complete without a passionate lip lock between the lead pair, this movie shows the erstwhile candle light romance – something that had been missing from the screen for quite a while! 🙂


  • According to me, the movie is flawless! I could not think of any weaknesses. Please share your ideas if you noticed something that I missed!

All in all, a great movie! Those who say that the movie is not in league of DCH, can eat their own words. While DCH was the story of 3 friends, this is the story of just one guy… so the comparisons are illegitimate.

The movie in one word is: Awesome!!! 😀

To be on the other side… :) — October 2, 2009

To be on the other side… :)

I have been interviewed about 5-6 times before. But, I have never had the privilege of going…

Ahem! So, why do you want to join this company?

Today was the day… when I sat on the other side of the table and interviewed someone and try to see if he fits in with the attitude of the company!

I went through this thing a million times in my head… I even thought of going like Rachel and asking the interviewee on how I did 😉 And I was nervous! As nervous about taking an interview as I have ever been about giving an interview! Immediately before I was to enter the conf room, images of all those interviewers flashed before my eyes, who were sitting in that chair only to humiliate you and did not care if you got selected or not. And I told myself, I will never be such an interviewer! I will try to understand the person and will go with the intention of finding something nice in him.

And I did… Although I noticed some minor confidence issues, which could potentially hamper a managerial role!

Anyways, we are calling him again.. Lets see what happens!

All in all, a great eye-opener for me… the experience was next to surreal! 🙂

When Pakistanis decide our fate… — October 1, 2009