I have been interviewed about 5-6 times before. But, I have never had the privilege of going…

Ahem! So, why do you want to join this company?

Today was the day… when I sat on the other side of the table and interviewed someone and try to see if he fits in with the attitude of the company!

I went through this thing a million times in my head… I even thought of going like Rachel and asking the interviewee on how I did 😉 And I was nervous! As nervous about taking an interview as I have ever been about giving an interview! Immediately before I was to enter the conf room, images of all those interviewers flashed before my eyes, who were sitting in that chair only to humiliate you and did not care if you got selected or not. And I told myself, I will never be such an interviewer! I will try to understand the person and will go with the intention of finding something nice in him.

And I did… Although I noticed some minor confidence issues, which could potentially hamper a managerial role!

Anyways, we are calling him again.. Lets see what happens!

All in all, a great eye-opener for me… the experience was next to surreal! 🙂