Barack Obama has been given the Nobel Prize for peace!! Ahem! Now, I would REALLY want to know why!???

On a similar note, did you guys know Hitler and Stalin have been nominated for Nobel “Peace” prize before!! 😕

Found this link on Hitchy’s blog.

Unlike most of the responses I saw, this fact made me sad. Indians are brilliant and Nobel prize is just one small proof of that! But, what saddens me is that, we as a country are unable to keep the creamiest of the lot from seeking better opportunities elsewhere.

Most of my friends who went abroad for MS did so because inspite of having brilliant undergrad colleges like IITs, we in India have a dearth of good research-oriented post-grad colleges! Specially in the field of Engineering! Some of them came back after their course got completed, while a lot have no plans of doing so. The reason: The enormous sum that you pay to complete your education can quite easily be repaid by working there for a few years. And then, you get so used to the life there, you dont want to come back!

I hope… I just hope… that some day, all our brilliant students will want to stay back and serve their own country! And then a true blue Indian will win a Nobel prize 🙂

Yeh jo des hai tera… Swades hai tera…
Tujhe hai pukaara…