Some reality shows are for celebrities. Their prime intention is to get as many TRPs as possible and recuperate the careers of some long forgotten celebrities.

Some reality shows are for wanna-bes… Their only intention is to get TRPs… They only focus on showing impudent, rash young  boys and girls bitching behind each other’s back… These serve no purpose for anyone other than making B-grade celebrities out of random people.

And, then, there are some reality shows which expose talent hidden in the remote towns and villages of India. Such shows like Sa re ga ma pa, Little Champs, Indian Idol, Laughter Challenge and the likes showcase talent of people whose talent may have gone unnoticed but for these shows! Its an amazing work that they are doing – excessive dramatization put aside – the kind of talent that comes out is remarkable!

People like Kunal Ganjawala, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Ghosal and Anushka are some of the successful finds of reality television. It was only for these shows that a teashop owner, Sunil Pal, became a laughter champion and Prashant, a sepoy from Darjeeling, became the third Indian Idol.

Happened to see Grand Finale of Little Champs, pitting 3 children against each other! Two of them – Shreyasi and Hemant are so incredibly talented – It is heart warming to know their humble backgrounds and the fact that something good has come off watching these reality shows! 🙂