For me, drinking tea or chai, has a lot associated to it… It is not just a beverage… It symbolises a lot of things in my life…


All through the years, I have come to associate Chai with quality time spent with family every morning and evening, discussing everything under the sun… having that hot cup of tea in that counter next to our class in Nirma… rushing down in breaks to have a hot cuppa chai – we used to call it SP (Special Chai) in that small kitli stall, next to Great Lakes in South Mada street… pondering over life, indulging in intense discussions about society, relationships, and even jobs… with some close friends… 🙂

Chai to me, means a feeling of happiness, togetherness – a feeling of soothing calmness!

I have known a lot of people who love drinking Chai… some passionately want only Chai, while for some anything will do – Chai ya coffee… I belong to the first half… and I still remember some of those friends and moments shared with them, everytime I have chai 🙂

At the same time, I am not addicted to tea… Its not like my day will not start without a cup of tea… I just like having tea with people who like having tea 🙂 Its an occassion and a celebration for me 🙂

It turns into a moment to cherish with a cuppa chai in my hands 🙂

So, what say? Chai ho jaye? 🙂