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Mere saajan hain us paar… — November 13, 2009

Mere saajan hain us paar…

They walked hand in hand through those glass doors onto the check-in counter. She was wrapping up her life in the country. Her career pursuits were taking her back to her home land. As she stood nervously flapping her boarding pass to her arm, she looked at him and realized, she was not just leaving behind a beautiful country and all those memories associated to it, but also her love, her life.

But, she had to do this. They had talked about it. She would go back to India and join the new job, far less stressful than her iBanker job at JB Murrugan Caste. This is what she wanted. He knew that and respected it! He had promised to keep her happy, while taking those pious saath pheras and would always do so.

He saw her leave and felt a lump in his throat. She waved him bye and a tear escaped her eyes!

The next day morning, he went to office as usual. He was a consultant in a high-paying job at McKiski. And came back to the empty house. A day passed. A week. He could not take it anymore.

He (to his stunned boss): “I am tendering my resignation now. Thanks for all your support!

And out he walked to take the next flight to India.

He was back. She opened the door and a bigggg smile engulfed her beautiful face!

“It was so not worth it, staying away from you for that job, honey! Will find something here soon, m sure” 🙂

This may seem like a big deal for a guy to leave his job and go settle down where the girl is… But, I have personally seen a few of my couple friends do this! The days when women were asked to leave their jobs to be with their men are gone 🙂 Today, men are willing to go that extra bit for the girls in their lives and I see it as a very heartening trend 🙂

May God bless such couples! And may the love in our hearts never stop us from deciding what is best! 🙂