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Book Review: Agaami Ateet by Kamleshwar — November 17, 2009

Book Review: Agaami Ateet by Kamleshwar

Kamleshwar Prasand Saxena was a prominent Hindi writer. A lot of his works were later converted by Gulzar into movies. One of those creations was “Agaami ateet”, which was later converted into an equally brilliant movie called “Mausam“!


A famous doctor comes back from Calcutta to Darjeeling in search of some peace, some solace. 25 years ago, he had fallen in love with a woman in Darjeeling. He had promised her that he will come back… He never did! He comes back after 25 years… And goes on a journey to rediscover his past. To get back his long lost love… The story is about this journey…!

The entire journey of this one man has been projected so beautifully, it aches your heart! After reading the book, I tried watching the movie again… and left it midways! Kuch maza nahi aa raha tha!! I had enjoyed the book sooooooooooo much, the movie was leaving a bad taste in my mouth! But, I wasnt surprised. Most of the brilliant works when converted into movies do not do enough justice to the writer’s imagination!

When the book ends, you are left with a sad feeling in the heart! It has the ability to make you feel the pain, the character goes through!

Excellent story! Excellent narration! An excellent book!!

Not to be missed! 🙂