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Super talented bro!! — January 29, 2010

Super talented bro!!

My mom’s side of the family is super talented!!!… At times I look at the whole lot with such an awe, its almost too good to believe.. I sometimes even wonder from where does all the talent come from?!! The best part is every one of them is super successful in their careers, some well known doctors, engineers, IAS officers, MBAs and the likes… And yet, each and every one of them has abundant talent – They are all artists (pretty good ones at that!) in their own right!

I have always believed talent is something that you do not need to learn. Its something you have in your blood… Its like having a knack for something!!

This thought comes alive everytime I am surrounded by these naturally talented people! Most of them are musically oriented – singers, dancers, drummers, pianists, tabla players, bongo congo players galore!! Apart from that you have shayars (Poets), painters and writers too…

One of my mom’s uncle can actually play any damn song on any instrument within minutes!! He is usually the one in charge in any family function for getting everyone together and turning the evening into a gala musical one! The best part is, none of them wud have any time to practise (considering their professional obligations), and yet the evening would be rocking!! The singers in the family sing like that is all they have been doing all their lives… the instrumentalists play as if they practise every single day of their lives!!

Its very humbling and motivating to be around such incredibly talented people. Its an honor!

And here I welcome… son of my favorite Mama (Maa‘s brother) – Abhinav aka DJ Abhi Spinzz!

Apart from doing his MBBS, he has taken a fancy to DJing… check out his first creation. You will love it 🙂

[PS Did I mention my mom’s grand-dad was a famous Shayar? His collection of shayaris may soon translate into a book. Will keep you guys updated! :)]