I have been observing the whole CAT 2009 drama with supreme interest. The more and more I hear about it, the more I doubt the credibility of CAT (Common Aptitude Test) conducted by the top B-schools of our country. CAT is one of the most sought after examinations and studies have proven that IIMA is the most difficult institute to get through in the world – with the ratio being 1:1000.

With such high stakes, can CAT afford to be slandered?

Listing down some objectionable/flawed instances that marred the most-sought-after Exam in India.

  • Most exam centers had technical issues with candidates not having their centers as mentioned in the Admit Card.
  • Technical hazards like Server issues/Computers rebooting on their own
  • The difficulty levels of the exam on any given day was not comparable – Hence, it is not surprising that most of the candidates receiving IIM calls are from the first 3 days of the exam, when the CAT paper was the easiest of the lot.
  • Some candidates who did not appear for the test on the initial slot, gave the re-test! No one to question them…
  • Some candidates who had a test of more than 140 mins were asked to report the same to the concerned authorities and give a re-test – barring which, their scores would be considered null and void. Nothing of that sort happened. I personally know a few candidates whose exam was for more than 150 mins – they did not bother with the re-test and duly received their scores. This means that some candidates took more time than allocated, thus having an undue advantage over others!

Gazillion such facts and stories are out there where people have got away with doing just about anything during CAT ’09, thus making it a joke and a major fiasco! Not surprising then that the credibility built over the past 50 years has been lost, with a lot of colleges refusing to accept CAT scores as admission criteria!

Whats your take on this? Did you appear for CAT last year? Or did you know someone dear going through the tortures?

Please share your thoughts.