I belong to the city of Ahmedabad and though I was not born here… I say I “belong” to this place. I know I speak for everyone who has stayed in the city ever that there is something about this place, which makes it your own. And what makes a city special? Its people… warm, loving and caring people who embrace everyone with open arms…

And when the very same loving people turn into vicious blood-thirsty animals, the city bleeds! This is happening to my city right now… at this very moment… And what pains me beyond anything is the fact that this is not the first time it has happened and unfortunately, not the last time as well!!

Back in 2002, I witnessed the massacre and blood-bath myself and to tell it was a ghastly sight would be an understatement. Acid bulbs being dropped, vehicles being set on fire, people being stabbed in broad-daylight, houses/shops being set on fire… do not even begin the describe the horrific sight of a riot.

I am not short of reasons to resent the Britishers for having ruled us for centuries… the biggest being the “seeds of hatred” they sowed inside the hearts of people in this part of the sub-continent. The hatred a Muslim feels for a Hindu and vice-versa. More than 60 years after they left us, we are still paying a huge price for the the “Divide and Rule” policy they adopted. They may have stolen our “Kohinoor” but this was the biggest damage they did to our soul – something that will take much longer for us to come out of… I am not sure if we will ever… But, I hope someday we do…

Here is a snapshot of some statistics regarding riots (Source1, Source2)

I would like to add to this that all these numbers mostly indicate crimes done to minorities in India (Muslims/Sikhs). However, it will be unfair to indicate that numerous innocent Hindus become targets for rioters almost on a daily basis in many Minority dominated areas of the country. And all this happens in the name of God. One small incident catapults to unprecedented porportions because of fragile religious sentiments.

I have only one thing to say to all Rioters: Kill, Burn, do what you want. But, DO NOT commit crimes in the name of God. No religion propogates violence and neither your Bhagwaan, nor your Allah is happy to see you do this. Wake up… before its too late!