The beauty of the human mind and the biggest torture – Just cant stop thinking! Wish we could switch off… even for a second… Forget about the days, even in supposedly-relaxing sleep, my mind is busy flying space-crafts, jumping off cliffs, saving the world and winning a Nobel! Sigh… if only wishes were horses, I would have one in my stable 🙂

So, in one of the gazillion thoughts fluttering through my head, there pops a question every now and then! I guess that is one sense, in which I refuse to grow up… My inquisitiveness refuses to die…The whys and the hows just dont seem to end… The whirl-wind of questions that leave me pondering, wondering and in the end, pretty restless! Its like solving a puzzle.. which becomes more complicated with every head-way you make! Aarrrrggghhhhh!!

Henceforth, dear readers, I have decided to pass on those monsters to you… We can try to trap them by finding reasonable answers… and if not, at least we can throw them out of the window! 🙂