This review may have spoilers, but trust me, no amount of spoilers will ruin this movie for you… It is the entire experience of those 2 hrs that is worth every penny!

I thought a lot before writing the review, is there one word that truly describes the movie? Cant be… coz it is as difficult to describe this movie as difficult it is to describe the most pristine of emotions one feels!

It is a simple story… that of a drunkard father trying to bring up 2 sons and doing a miserable job of it. His life has turned him into a raging maniac who has absolutely no control over his temper… and an unrepentent cynic who refuses to see anything remotely good in his children. He thinks they are useless and worthless, but it is actually his reflection of his own self! He treats his children as a commodity which has been thrown at him – does not show his love for them or rather insists on being called “sir” instead of “papa” or “dad”.

The best part of the story which actually forms the crux of the movie is the relationship between the two half-brothers, Rohan and Arjun! They have nothing in common – were not even aware of each other’s existence – and yet they share a common pain – their dad!

The character of Ronit Roy in the movie has sooo many different layers to it that it leaves you baffled!! On the onset it may seem like here is a maniac person who wants nothing to do with his children, at the same time, we get to see his softer side when he apologizes to his sons for his misdemeanor! You empathise with him, loathe him, are apalled and disgusted by him… all at the same time!!

But the icing on the cake is the little kid, Arjun! He does not have many dialogues to say or many things to do, but every little thing he does and every time he get that little smile on his face, your heart flutters with joy at seeing the little one smile, which is not very often! The calmness with which he faces inhuman torture gives you goosebumps! This kind of made me think, that this is probably one of those things that make a person so hard hearted! The soft emotions that a 6-yr old child should have are completely missing from this one because he has not seen any form of love in his life!

If you have not already, then go… rush… this one will be worth every penny!!