[Found this one lying in my drafts. I wonder why I never posted it!! ]

I was in the San Francisco Bay Area for a week in July and what a beautiful time to visit the place! Lush greens interspersed with the flowers depicting the vibrance of beautiful colors… aaah! It was like a dream! 🙂

I was staying 10 mins walking distance from my work place. Considering that I hate walking, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I would actually look forward to those morning walks! It would be breezy enough for a thin jacket. Light sunshine accompanied by cool breeze always made my mornings lovely! 🙂

Those were the most hectic 6 days in a very long time… Early morning meetings ensured no time in the morning… while tons and tons of friends and colleagues in the Bay area ensured no lunches/dinners were had in solitude.. Love them all 🙂 Would be back home by 930-10, tuck myself into the soft bed and sleep while watching Late night show with George Lopez. Actually this is the guy who first told me about rants of Mel Gibson. I did not know how serious they were until Lopez ripped apart the actor in only a way that he can!

A week went by in a jiffy. But, I made myself one promise: I will come back again and this time, with Noobie by my side! 🙂