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One month since the night the Nation came to a stand-still!! — May 3, 2011

One month since the night the Nation came to a stand-still!!

Let me take you back in time to the summer of 1983 to the lush greens of Lords. The stage was set. The timid Indian team was put up against the roaring lions of West Indies. Having won the last 2 world cups, Clive Lloyd’s men were all set to repeat history and clinch the cup once again. Only, it was not to be. Even after putting up a minial score of 183 on the board, the Indian bowling exploited the weather and pitch conditions perfectly to bowl out the best batting lineup of the era for 140 from 52 overs in return, winning by 43 runs and completing one of the most stunning upsets in cricket history. This was an almost unbelievable win – further reiterating the fact that Indians can do wonders when no one expects them to! Kapil Dev then lifted the cup he probably never expected to, leaving a nation starved of any kind of sporting title, hysterical! In many ways, it was Kapil Dev’s men who brought cricket to each and every household. The image of World Cup in his hands is probably one of the most recognized pictures in India.

And ever since that fateful night, our cricketers have bore the burden of legacy! Everytime they went to play the World Cup, they were reminded (in not so subtle ways) that it was time to bring the cup back! The entire Nation would pray and wish for their victory… We would back them up whole-heartedly… Elevate them to the level of Gods.. and when they crumbled under the pressure of fulfilling the dream of 120-billion people, we would spare no obscenities and sometimes even cause harm to their families. Some of us would go to the extent of vowing never to watch Cricket again… I remember how my dad always used to switch off the television everytime Sachin got out… Coz thats how we were back then… solely depending on the master blaster to perform. If it was his day, no team in the world could stop us… If it wasn’t, we could easily lose to the minnows! For years, maybe decades, Indian cricket had only one player in the form of a tiny little man, whose shoulders not only carried the remaining 10 which form a team, but also the entire nation’s hopes! And that one man was deprived of only one sporting award (if possible) and that was the ever-eluding World Cup!

The stage was set again… 28 years later and this time, in the historic journey… it was those 10 others who gave their sweat and blood to win the world cup… for that one man!!! At 38, it was going to be possibly his last world cup. As a team, we had the toughest journey to that grand finale, beating not just Australia but also Pakistan on the way to meet Sri Lanka who were in good form and desperate to take the 2nd world cup home (Their first being in 1996).

When Dhoni clinched it with that historic Six, a billion eyes lit up and sparkled with the glory that had been evading us for so long… As I saw Virat Kohli and Bhajji lift Sachin on their shoulders for the victory lap, I felt a tear kiss the cheek… It was finally ours…

To India. To Sachin.

10 steps to marry a Prince! —

10 steps to marry a Prince!

The Royal Wedding was conducted amidst the ooohs and the aaahs on 29th April 2011, with the fashion world going absolutely berserk over Kate’s oh-so-stylish-and-yet-so-simple wedding dress!! The wedding dress was arguably the most awaited guest of the evening!! I thought the whole media craze was a little over the top and so decided to keep myself away from it all in the beginnning, but soon it gave way and I found myself looking forward to seeing “that” dress! She came. And soon it was all over with! (Like most of the weddings! They are over before you can blink the eye!)

But, it got me thinking… A commoner (in British parlance) becoming Royalty. This is what the romantics dream of and fairy tales are written about!! Kate Middleton is our very own Cindrella!

This was not just a mere wedding, but a strong message to all the dreamy eyed teenagers all over the world. So, here is your guide on how to hook a prince!!

  1. Start working early on! Groom yourself to be a princess.
  2. Choose your prince and start stalking him online to find out which college he is planning to attend
  3. Make sure you attend the same college.
  4. Bump into him in libraries and coffee houses seemingly ‘by chance’, so he knows you exist!
  5. Become friends with the Prince but in a very non-commital way, so he doesnt realise what you are plotting
  6. Now the most important step: Be popular and take part in a fashion show – look your best and stump him there on!!
  7. When he approaches you to date him, turn him down first. Let him pursue you!
  8. When he approaches you again, grab the chance and go out with him. You do not want to play too hard to get 😛
  9. If and when he breaks up with you, keep appearing in the public eye by being spotted by the Page 3 camera so he knows what he has missed out on.
  10. When he sees you again, he will come back to you. That is it. The noose is tied and the goat is now all set to be butchered!! 😉

Seems far fetched? Not really, when you have a live example in front of you! 🙂