Ben Flajnik – You are a nut bag

I am sure anyone who remotely followed The Bachelor season 16 will agree with me. I find the concept of people competing for a person very amusing.  I can hardly sit through most of the episodes. But this one, in particular, kept me hooked throughout… the reason? The bachelor was the biggest douche I have seen on Reality television and I have seen the likes of Akashdeep Saigal. The guy is so stupid, it is unbelievable! I kept hoping, for his sake, that he wouldnt pick Courtney Robertson who appeared to be the most fake and manipulative amongst the entire lot!! And thats exactly what he did!!!

No wonder then that Flajnik and Robertson broke up while their season was airing. However, they were later reconciled and got engaged for the second time.

I really wonder if this show is fixed and they kept Courtney around just to keep viewers like me hooked till the very end!



6 thoughts on “Ben Flajnik – You are a nut bag

      • Ah, the ultra modern swayamwar for boys and gals! It could’ve been fixed but at the end of the day, I don’t care about whether it was or not. I’m just appalled at the stupidity of this man. After going through all this and hearing things from other girls and his family (mom & sister) and seeing it for himself, he’s still not convinced? How?! And he chooses to propose once again and get re-engaged. I can’t think any more.

        I do however think that the skinny-dipping in Belize might have had something to do with his final decision.

        And did you actually noticed how he swings from doubting Courtney to liking her in the same episode one after the other. I just don’t get it. No credibility whatsoever?

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