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How to behave with drunk people? — March 13, 2012

How to behave with drunk people?

At a party recently, a few girls got drunk… I would say they were high so much so that they were swearing at the top of their lungs, dancing like no ones watching (which is good) and then falling over innocent bystanders in the process (which is not)… and then there was puking… the bathroom was obviously a mess and so was the path to the bathroom.. This did make me a little uncomfortable, unlike a lot of others who were pretty ok… but then I do get very uncomfortable around drunk people.. and this is something I am still working on…

Thinking back, one part of me tells me I should not take these things seriously and should casually brush them aside… another part gets super annoyed at anyone who cant handle their drinks…

What do you guys think? What would you do if in such a situation? Curious to know 🙂

When a man loves a woman! — September 14, 2007

When a man loves a woman!

When a man loves a woman

Year: 1994

When a man loves a woman is a movie that created a huge impact on me. To what extent can a husband love his wife. To what extent will he go to make it better for her.

At the same time the movie is very realistic. I am not kidding, but I was dumb-struck through out the movie. It was as if I was desperately waiting for things to improve. It was as if I was living right there with them, a part of their family. I cried with them. I laughed with them. This kind of impact very few movies manage to create. When a man loves a woman is definitely one of them.

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