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One month since the night the Nation came to a stand-still!! — May 3, 2011

One month since the night the Nation came to a stand-still!!

Let me take you back in time to the summer of 1983 to the lush greens of Lords. The stage was set. The timid Indian team was put up against the roaring lions of West Indies. Having won the last 2 world cups, Clive Lloyd’s men were all set to repeat history and clinch the cup once again. Only, it was not to be. Even after putting up a minial score of 183 on the board, the Indian bowling exploited the weather and pitch conditions perfectly to bowl out the best batting lineup of the era for 140 from 52 overs in return, winning by 43 runs and completing one of the most stunning upsets in cricket history. This was an almost unbelievable win – further reiterating the fact that Indians can do wonders when no one expects them to! Kapil Dev then lifted the cup he probably never expected to, leaving a nation starved of any kind of sporting title, hysterical! In many ways, it was Kapil Dev’s men who brought cricket to each and every household. The image of World Cup in his hands is probably one of the most recognized pictures in India.

And ever since that fateful night, our cricketers have bore the burden of legacy! Everytime they went to play the World Cup, they were reminded (in not so subtle ways) that it was time to bring the cup back! The entire Nation would pray and wish for their victory… We would back them up whole-heartedly… Elevate them to the level of Gods.. and when they crumbled under the pressure of fulfilling the dream of 120-billion people, we would spare no obscenities and sometimes even cause harm to their families. Some of us would go to the extent of vowing never to watch Cricket again… I remember how my dad always used to switch off the television everytime Sachin got out… Coz thats how we were back then… solely depending on the master blaster to perform. If it was his day, no team in the world could stop us… If it wasn’t, we could easily lose to the minnows! For years, maybe decades, Indian cricket had only one player in the form of a tiny little man, whose shoulders not only carried the remaining 10 which form a team, but also the entire nation’s hopes! And that one man was deprived of only one sporting award (if possible) and that was the ever-eluding World Cup!

The stage was set again… 28 years later and this time, in the historic journey… it was those 10 others who gave their sweat and blood to win the world cup… for that one man!!! At 38, it was going to be possibly his last world cup. As a team, we had the toughest journey to that grand finale, beating not just Australia but also Pakistan on the way to meet Sri Lanka who were in good form and desperate to take the 2nd world cup home (Their first being in 1996).

When Dhoni clinched it with that historic Six, a billion eyes lit up and sparkled with the glory that had been evading us for so long… As I saw Virat Kohli and Bhajji lift Sachin on their shoulders for the victory lap, I felt a tear kiss the cheek… It was finally ours…

To India. To Sachin.

Tonight’s gonna be a good night – Welcome the World Champions!! :)) — April 3, 2011
To have walked the same land as Sachin… — February 25, 2010
God of Cricket shines yet another time… but… — November 6, 2009

God of Cricket shines yet another time… but…

History repeated itself. After a crackling performance, Sachin had set the foundations for a momentous victory for India… But… as soon as he got out, the rest of the cricketers fell like a pack of cards and we lost by a very thin margin. The worst part was the run out of Praveen Kumar when we had 5 runs to make out of 2 balls!!

Nonetheless, it was really sad to lose! Noobie went to bed with a very heavy heart and a disgust “Why cudnt have Sachin stayed a little longer”!!! Despite my dislike, I felt bad at the loss too! 😦

When Pakistanis decide our fate… — October 1, 2009
A thousand little things… — September 10, 2009

A thousand little things…

ok not exactly a thousand… but quite a many to actually count 🙂

I have been looking for a good topic to write on for the past week or so… There were these little little incidents which were not not worthy of having an entire post dedicated to them… at the same time, worth a mention nonetheless!

So, here I go… A thousand odd things that crossed my mind lately…

  • When I started blogging again and checked my fav blogs once more and found some new interesting ones too… it felt good… it felt like i belonged here but was so involved with other aspects of life, that ended up completely ignoring this. Not that I regret it, coz the time I was away was well utilised 😀
  • Was watching glimpses of the Farah Khan show “Tere Mere Beach Me”. It is an interesting talk show – with a difference. While her brother’s show “Sajid‘s Superstars” is way too bad to be even called a show, Farah’s show holds her own. Firstly, all her shows are based on a theme. Then she invites someone who is a living example of that theme! Whats more? She donates 1 lakh rupees to anyone who genuinely needs it and the guests have to bring along a personal items of theirs which is then auctioned and given to charity!! Hmmm… not too bad for a theme! But are they really doing it? That, I guess, we will never know!! 😕
  • One of the episodes of the show was “Girl child”, a topic that I am very touchy about. Farah had invited Bipasha Basu and Shilpa Shetty for the show as they both belong to all-girls families and have been doing very good for themselves. The show did touch a raw nerve and brought me down. I guess this topic deserves a post altogether!
  • Even after being MIA from the blogging world for almost a year, I was pleasantly surprised to see my blog ranks 64th in indiblogger. That made me feel happy and sad both at the same time. Its like I had been the bad parent who was not giving her deserving child a due chance! Well, now I am back and hopefully will go upwards from here.
  • I do not find Mandira Bedi classy. I dont think she is any different from Rakhi Sawant. Yeah, I feel that strongly about it. Continue reading
IPL has turned Cricketers into Jokers!! — April 20, 2009

IPL has turned Cricketers into Jokers!!

I was aghast when watching IPL this weekend. Somehow, something kept distracting me from the game… and that was nothing but the horrendous uniform of the players!! No, it wasnt the color. I had made my peace with the Gold and Black outfit of KKR long back. However, what kept bothering me was the multitude of logos printed all over the shirt AND the pant!!

It was rather amusing. Big logos, small logos… logos of all shapes and sizes relentlessly smothered on the front and the back of all the cricketers! Specially the Deccan Chargers uniform. Ok, so u have Deccan Chronicle printed in as big a font size as could be cramped on the front of the tee! A gasp escaped me when I witnessed the same logo printed in the same side, in a smaller font, right above the first one! What were they thinking? What purpose can putting the same logo on the same front in different font sizes possibly achieve?

In all of this imbecility, I pity the poor cricketers who are made (or shud I say are rather happy) to wear these hideous outfits!

How about this? Noobie and I will pay a hundred odd bucks to one of the teams and then have our names printed… ummm… let me see… on the rim of the collar maybe? 😉

Dekho chaand nikla — October 17, 2008

Dekho chaand nikla

Indian culture and traditions are lovely and beautiful! I just love them! And more so, the stories behind them! Today is one such festival: Karva Chauth!

Karva Chauth is celebrated mostly in Northern India. But thanks to movies, serials these days, women from all parts of India celebrate this festival. The day of karva chauth involves fasting throughout the day without water or any kind of food. It is kept for the long life of the woman’s husband. The food is eaten only after the moon comes out and the women offer their prayers to the Goddess Karva and look at their husband’s face.

The whole festival is very beautiful! I would always get fascinated whenever my mom would do it. A lot of people do not understand the whole concept of fasting. It is done in order to sacrifice some thing (in this case, eating) in order to show your reverence towards any cause!

Spoke to a few friends who got married recently. Was excited to know how they have been doing on their first karva chauth. Got some interesting insights. One friend was busy in her office, so she dint keep the fast at all, while the other kept the fast along with his wife. Now that is choooo chweeet 😆

So, to all the married women out there, Happy Karva Chauth 🙂

Have a happy and fulfilling married life 🙂

Off the topic, Sachin has proven once again that he is the undisputed God of cricket!!! 🙂

Of Awards and Deepika… — August 21, 2008

Of Awards and Deepika…

Its high time I thank Reems for being so generous with her awards! Heart-felt thanks for first giving me the Ms. Prettiest Blog (WordPress) award and then for choosing me for the “Brilliant Weblog Premio 2008” award!! I am truly honored!!

Also thank you RJ for granting me this award! You rock 🙂

**Takes a bow while receiving the award**

Encore!! 😀

Now, with the award comes a deal: I have to choose 8 of my favorite blogs to hand over the award to!! Hmmm.. this is going to be tough 😦 I am going to make it simpler for me by following Reems and giving it to people who have not yet received this award!

Anyways let me try… I choose Krupa, Smita, Jana, Axinia, Kanan, Ruhi, Anamika, Roop (Some of you have gone into oblivion… hope this award will make you come out of your hibernation and start blogging again 🙂 )


Now that the celebrations are over, heres an interesting observation… At lunch, a few days ago, we were a bunch of 5 people – 3 guys, 2 girls. Now, the topic of Deepika Padukone surfaced out of nowhere and all the three men quite vehemently denied finding Deepika attractive!!! 😕

On being asked for a reason, some interesting things came to the fore…

Her face looks like a man. Put Prakash Padukone’s pic when he was 20 and hers side by side and you will know. She looks like her dad who has masculine features – Anshuman

And then came another interesting observation…

I dont like her because she is responsible for the downfall of our Indian cricket team – Man 2

When interrogated further, Man 2 revealed that he was talking about her stints with Dhoni and Yuvi 😛 😀

Well thats really funny coz the two women in the discussion both thought Deepika was pretty! And all the men thought she wasnt!

Now isnt that kind of strange? What do you guys think??

[PS… Interestingly, Madhuri was the only one who was liked by one and all!!! Yay! 😀 ]

And they won… — June 2, 2008
Joke of the day!! — May 14, 2008

Joke of the day!!

Joke of the day #1: My sis and I discussing IPL 😛

Joke of the day #2: She supporting Mohali, saying its the best compilation of the team!

{Point of be noted here… I am not contesting the statement, just the fact that my sis made it. She and I both know nothing about cricket!!!}



Kolkatta Knight Riders shine!! — May 13, 2008
…. And we won!!! (whew!) — September 24, 2007

…. And we won!!! (whew!)

India, after a gap of 24 years, lifted the World Cup! So what if it was Twenty20 world cup… the conditions were the same for all sides and all the sides of the world were participating… So we deserve the win! 😀

Way to go India!!!

Chak de India!!! – Duniya ko dikha diya! 🙂

Cricket Crazyyyyyyyy —

Cricket Crazyyyyyyyy


I thought I was smart when I decided to come to office early… so that I could leave early for the world cup Twenty20 finals between India and Pakistan… Oh Boy!!! Was I in for a surprise… I saw my boss lift his bag at 430.. and I smiled to myself.. Now I can aaram se leave 😉

The actual surprise awaited me outside.. I have been out for some work at this time and the roads would be more-or-less deserted with everyone busy working… But, the moment I stepped outside, I was caught in a frenzy of bikes and cars in my office complex… It seemed like it was 630-7 in the evening… I again smiled… knowing fully well that soon all Indians would be glued to their television… 😀

My surprise did not end there… I had some time with me, so I thought ill buy a couple of essentials before I reach my home… And to my utter shock and irritation, ALL the shops were closed… and despite the irritation, i again smiled 🙂 And a sense of elation washed over me!!!

I am a proud Indian and in this cricket frenzy nation, I too am a cricket-fanatic.

Now I am sitting comfortably in front of the television. Indians are gonna start the batting now.

God bless them! 🙂


People Management in Cricket – Dhoni knows his stuff!!! —

People Management in Cricket – Dhoni knows his stuff!!!

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

The first thing Indian captain Dhoni said during presentation after India won the action packed India-Australia semis was “Before I start Ravi, yesterday I read an article on Cricinfo. It says according to you if we go with me, Aussies are the favourites. I think me and my boys proved you wrong and I think you are happier than us”… I was smiling… 🙂 And I thought to myself, here is one guy who knows how to touch the right nerve of the poeople!

A lot of people opposed the Control Board’s choice of Dhoni as the captain for ODIs. I was one of them. I thought Dhoni was way too young to take up the pressure that comes from being the captain of a cricket-frenzy nation. He proved me and all the others wrong with his tactful handling of all those who were against him. He did not go on a verbal altercation with them, nor a typical cold-war kind of an attitude. He made sure he got on their right side 🙂

His exuberant praise for Yuvraj and his unflappable faith in Yoginder Sharma, showed that this guy knows how to trust his team and praise them… This certainly motivates the team members to put in their best! Yuvraj is such an excellent player, but somehow Dravid never used him as much as he should have… With Dhoni by his side, Yuvraj is now doing wonders! 6 sixes in 6 balls, a small example of that! 🙂

Specially after Yuvi’s father Yograj Singh went on record saying that he was “hurt” that his son was not considered for captaincy, Dhoni has been specially careful with Yuvi, praising him at every possible chance… Now thats what I call a smart move 🙂

Way to go Dhoni! 🙂