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Movie Review: Silsila and an Award — February 13, 2012

Movie Review: Silsila and an Award

I must be one of the few to have never seen the Yash Raj mega blockbuster Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bhaduri and Rekha starrer Silsila. I was always in love with the songs but never got around to watching the movie. I finally did and I have to say I am terribly disappointed. I had heard such good things about the movie and I enjoyed the first half so much, it probably upped my expectations a lot… so much so that I ended up intensely disliking Amitabh and Rekha’s character towards the end of the movie.

For the uninitiated, here is the story: This movie starts with 2 brothers: Amit (Amitabh Bachchan) and Shekhar Malhotra (Shashi Kapoor). Shekhar is engaged to be married to Jaya, but before they can marry, he dies. Amitabh, in the mean time, is madly in love with Rekha and wants to marry her. When Amitabh finds out that Jaya is pregnant with her brother’s baby, he decides to sacrifice his love to marry Jaya. In the meantime, Rekha gets married to a decent doctor (Sanjeev Kapoor). Amitabh and Jaya, both married to different people, run into each other and start an extra marital affair!

They always loved each other and were in love-less marriages, so it was hard to keep hands off each other. They start lying, cheating their spouses to meet up! They even leave their spouses to run away and live happily ever after. Thats when they realise how the society views them and go crying back to their respective spouses. Now, I have the following problems with the movie

  1. Amitabh Bachchan’s character is in love with Rekha. Funny then how he makes Jaya pregnant!!
  2. Funnier is how the only reason he goes back to his wife is because she is carrying his child!!!
  3. Funnier still how she smiles and hugs him saying, she knew he would come back :O

I have no issues with Amitabh realising that he never really loved the woman he married and that he always has loved Rekha. He doesnt want to think about the world and his wife and wants to think about his own happiness! I am ok with that too… but then I lost it completely when Jaya takes him back and how she pleads to him when he is leaving her “Ab mera dhyan kaun rakhega?” I would have been happier if this movie did not end in the typical Bollywood style… Pretty sensitive topic should have been dealt with more sensitivity than portrayed in the movie. One ends up feeling no sympathy whatsoever for any of the characters involved, which is pretty sad!

Now moving on to happier things: Thanks Deepika for the Liebster award! I am truly honored 🙂

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I have woken up from a longgggggggg hiatus from blogging, and so my award goes out to all those friends whose blogs I love and I wish they would write more often 🙂

Vasu: Her blogs always emanate the same warmth as she does! Brilliant thinker and writer!

Avada Kedavara: Recently engaged, I wish her all the happiness in life… Also, I wish she would write more often for her loyal readers 🙂

Serendipity: Cant believe it is almost 4 years since you last wrote! I hope alls well and you get back to blogging soon!

Nikhil: Its great to see you back in the blogging circle.. Keep writing!!

Prerna: I miss your regular updates on my google reader! Hope you are well and start blogging full throttle again 🙂

Movie Review: Udaan – Pure, raw emotions splashed all over the screen! — July 22, 2010

Movie Review: Udaan – Pure, raw emotions splashed all over the screen!

This review may have spoilers, but trust me, no amount of spoilers will ruin this movie for you… It is the entire experience of those 2 hrs that is worth every penny!

I thought a lot before writing the review, is there one word that truly describes the movie? Cant be… coz it is as difficult to describe this movie as difficult it is to describe the most pristine of emotions one feels!

It is a simple story… that of a drunkard father trying to bring up 2 sons and doing a miserable job of it. His life has turned him into a raging maniac who has absolutely no control over his temper… and an unrepentent cynic who refuses to see anything remotely good in his children. He thinks they are useless and worthless, but it is actually his reflection of his own self! He treats his children as a commodity which has been thrown at him – does not show his love for them or rather insists on being called “sir” instead of “papa” or “dad”.

The best part of the story which actually forms the crux of the movie is the relationship between the two half-brothers, Rohan and Arjun! They have nothing in common – were not even aware of each other’s existence – and yet they share a common pain – their dad!

The character of Ronit Roy in the movie has sooo many different layers to it that it leaves you baffled!! On the onset it may seem like here is a maniac person who wants nothing to do with his children, at the same time, we get to see his softer side when he apologizes to his sons for his misdemeanor! You empathise with him, loathe him, are apalled and disgusted by him… all at the same time!!

But the icing on the cake is the little kid, Arjun! He does not have many dialogues to say or many things to do, but every little thing he does and every time he get that little smile on his face, your heart flutters with joy at seeing the little one smile, which is not very often! The calmness with which he faces inhuman torture gives you goosebumps! This kind of made me think, that this is probably one of those things that make a person so hard hearted! The soft emotions that a 6-yr old child should have are completely missing from this one because he has not seen any form of love in his life!

If you have not already, then go… rush… this one will be worth every penny!!

Movie Review: Blind Side – Fantastic!! — January 21, 2010

Movie Review: Blind Side – Fantastic!!

There are all kinds of movies one watches in their life time… I would define them in 2 categories: some make it to your blog, some dont 😛

And dont get me wrong here… Those who make it to my blog have certainly impacted me a deep way! Either I want my readers to run at the mere mention of their name, or I would like them to push these up in their To-watch-movies list.

I am proud to announce the latest introduction to the latter category: Blind Side! I am serious when I say leave all that you are doing and go watch this movie! You wont regret it!

It is also important to mention that this movie review fits in perfectly with my theme of the month – as it is touches the beautiful relationship of a son with his birth and foster mother! This movie also reiterates the fact that feeling of being a mother does not arise only by giving birth, it is that instinct which makes you want to fiercely protect the ones you love.

Even before we start with the review, let us honour the author, Michael Lewis, of the original book (The blind side: Evolution of a game) from which the movie is adapted. Cant wait to read it! And I admit I just found out (courtesy: wiki) that this book and the movie is based on the real life story of Mike Oher! I mean all the characters in the movie are real, actual people! Wow!

Ok enough of the digressing, lets get down to business!


  • Excellent story – When I saw the movie yesterday and I had no idea that it was based on a real-life story, I thought the storyline was fantastic. Now that I know it happened for real, I am dumb-founded and stunned! I have no adjectives left!! (Doesnt speak very well of me as a blogger, I know!) But seriously, *Hats Off!*
  • Brilliant performances – Sandra Bullock, in the role of a strong, super confident woman, Leigh Ann Tuohy, is mesmerising. Her screen presence is so extraordinary, it is hard to take your eyes off this miraculous woman! Not to mention, Quinton Aaron‘s intense portrayal of Michael Oher is fantabulous! He hardly has any dialogues in the movie – this man talks with his expressions and his eyes! Super!
  • Awesome direction by John Lee Hancock. His sensitive portrayal of a desolate, lost child regaining confidence in himself and the world around him and the journey he undertakes, is exceptional!


  • None!

My review would be incomplete without a special mention to Sandra Bullock’s character in the movie: Leigh Ann Tuohy! According to me, she is an epitome of the perfect woman – she has her career in place, is a doting and loving (albeit strict) mother and wife, a humanitarian with her heart in the right place and not to mention, a super tough woman who can kick anyone’s a** if they even as much as think of hurting her family and yet a super-sensitive mom, who doesnt take long to well up!! She is, in all sense of the word, my idea of an ideal woman! You will know what I mean once you watch this movie!

I would like to end this review with a small personal letter to this woman who has made it to my list of top-10 most influential women of the decade.

Dear Ms Tuohy,

If you ever come across this article, I would like you to know that if you are, in real life, even 10% of what was portrayed in the movie, I bow down to you!

You are an inspiration to millions of women all over the world.

Thank you!

Love, Nova

As far as my husband is concerned, he fell in love with the youngest son of the Tuohys, SJ!

Please leave everything that you are doing to go watch this movie. Trust me, you wont regret your decision 🙂

Movie Review: 3 Idiots – Lively and Effervescent — December 30, 2009

Movie Review: 3 Idiots – Lively and Effervescent

[Warning: Spoiler Alert]

Saw the much awaited latest Aamir Khan starrer 3 idiots last weekend. Took me a while to write the review coz I was not able to make up my mind about the movie. Believe me or not, thats the real reason.

With the much hoopla about the new look of Aamir in the movie and the aggressive promotional campaign, which involved Aamir and the other 2 idiots being all over the place… the Classy Khan playing hide and seek… and the works… To top Aamir’s excellence was Vidhu Vinod Chopra‘s near-perfect comic escapades. After all, who can ever forget the legend created by Munna Bhai and Circuit. It cant be denied that Munnabhai series have a special place in all our hearts – for they not only entertained but also tackled the profoundest of thoughts with the simplest of means! They enlightened without being preachy!

And so, I was waiting for 3 idiots with bated breath, just like the rest of the country! Expectations were soaring and I wasnt sure if this movie wud meet all of them – Its almost unrealistic and even criminal to demand so!

And then came 25th December 2009 and the verdict was clear: Aamir and VVC had delivered – yet again!

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Movie Review: Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani – A laugh riot!! — November 7, 2009

Movie Review: Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani – A laugh riot!!

Raj Kumar Santoshi has striked once more!!

The movie is all about the president of Happy Club, called Prem, played by Ranbir Kapoor. He is a happy-go-lucky chap whose prime motive is to make people happy!! The movie is about the love story of Prem and Jenny, an orphaned girl played by Katrina Kaif


  • The best part about the movie are its comedy scenes. After a long time, we have a movie that can boast of fresh and clean comedy!! It was missing from the Bollywood scene for a while! 
  • Excellent performances by Ranbir Kapoor and the rest of the cast. Ranbir is a revelation, If he played the role of a sensitive, useless guy in Wake up Sid with ease, he cruises through this one with perfect elan! His comic timing is so good, he can match up to some veteran comedians with surprising ease!!
  • Excellent music by Pritam. The songs are fresh and catch up with the audience. I remember people clapping in some songs 🙂 
  • Brilliant choreography. I specially loved the rocking steps of Prem ki Naiyya by Ahmed Khan
  • Crackling direction! Rajkumar Santoshi is a pro at comedy. He shud make more of these 🙂


  • Comedy scenes are interspersed by emotional scenes, which can get too much to handle after a while… Slowly you realise that you are laughing on the emotional scenes as well!! 😛

The last time I laughed so much in a movie was during Andaz Apna Apna, Hera Pheri or Chupke Chupke. I laughed so so hard, my stomach ached by the time the movie got over!! 😆

I strongly recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good laugh 🙂 🙂

Happy laughing 🙂 🙂 🙂

Movie Review: London Dreams – Crappier than the crappiest!! — November 2, 2009

Movie Review: London Dreams – Crappier than the crappiest!!

This movie starring Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan and Asin has

  • No Story
  • Bad Direction
  • Some really crappy acting, even from veteran actors like Ajay Devgan and Sallu miyan
  • Pathetic music
  • Really lose script with gaping loop holes

In short, there is NOTHING good about the movie…

In fact, the movie is so bad… u will want to pull out your intestines and twirl them around!! So, if you love your sanity and want to continue to do so, please spare yourself the torture and give it a skip!

Movie Review: Wake up Sid! – Simply Awesome!! :D — October 4, 2009

Movie Review: Wake up Sid! – Simply Awesome!! :D

Karan Johar is back after Dostana, with Wake Up Sid! What strikes about the movie is the unusual pairing of Sid (Ranbir Kapoor) and Aisha (Konkona Sen Sharma). The trailers give you enough indication that the movie is all about a brattish young boy realising his responsibilities.

Well, the movie is all that… and more!

It first starts with the introduction of a young guy trying to understand the concepts of Financial Accounting. You see him go through the concepts again and again – nothing gets in! An apt start for the movie, which is all about youth rising up to become responsible citizens!

Sid is a run-of-the-mill brattish son of millionnaire parents. The only thing he knows is to spend his dad’s money. He doesnt know what goal is and takes everything in life lightly… All this, until he meets Aisha, who is a totally different personality. She is new to the city and has come with big dreams and ambitions. Sid and Aisha form an unlikely pair. They have nothing in common. Aisha is older than him… and turns down all his advancements. Towards the end, she teaches him how to be responsible… and their journey is what the movie is all about.

Let us now discuss the strenghts and weaknesses of the movie:


  • Ranbir Kapoor is a revelation. He suits the role so well, you can not imagine any other actor who could have done a better job. Full marks to him for the excellent portrayal of the confused yet adorable Sid.
  • Konkona Sen Sharma rocks as the scared yet determined girl who is overwhelmed by the city of Mumbai and still does not shy away from taking the huge leap!
  • The supporting cast is appropriately chosen and they all do a fabulous job – right from the likes of Anupam Kher and Supriya Pathak (Sid’s parents) to the entire crew of Sid’s friends who are all new actors! A special mention of Supriya Pathak, whose intense portrayal of a woman, who is trying desperately hard to become friends with her son, who does not have time for her… whether it is learning to speak broken English or putting up with her only son’s indolent behavior, she is top notch!
  • Music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy is beautiful. The songs move so well with the movie, that they do not interfere with the well-laid out story line. The background score is top-notch.
  • The first rate direction by Ayan Mukerji. There are some emotional scenes in the movie, which could have been easily ruined by either over playing them (which wud have killed the mood) or by underplaying them (which wud have not created enough impact). The scenes were done to create the maximum impact and they did.
  • The story was another plus for the movie. It is a simple story – A story that the audience can easily relate to… it is, in fact, your and my story. There is a Sid in all of us… and we have all gone through the emotions that he goes through. This is where the connect happens! You cry when Sid cries, you laugh at his goofiness… somewhere during the 2.15 hrs, you fall in love with him 🙂
  • The love angle shown between the lead pair is very pure and pristine! In times when no movie is complete without a passionate lip lock between the lead pair, this movie shows the erstwhile candle light romance – something that had been missing from the screen for quite a while! 🙂


  • According to me, the movie is flawless! I could not think of any weaknesses. Please share your ideas if you noticed something that I missed!

All in all, a great movie! Those who say that the movie is not in league of DCH, can eat their own words. While DCH was the story of 3 friends, this is the story of just one guy… so the comparisons are illegitimate.

The movie in one word is: Awesome!!! 😀

Movie Review: Whats your Rashee? – Passable!! — September 28, 2009

Movie Review: Whats your Rashee? – Passable!!

The latest movie from the stable of Ashutosh Gowariker (of the Lagaan, Swades and Jodha Akbar fame) is What’s your Rashee?

The movie stars Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja.

Harman plays the role of Yogesh, a Gujarati Patel boy who is an MBA and well settled in US, when his family calls him to India urgently and force him to get married within 15 days. Apparently, the family is neck deep in debt and some astrologer has predicted that Yogesh will become a billionnaire the day he gets married. So, every one is now behind him to get married.

His uncle, Devu, played by Darshan Jariwala, arranges for him to meet 176 girls. Now, Yogesh has an idea. A book by the same name as the movie, fascinates him and he thinks he should give himself 12 chances to fall in love. So, he decides to meet 12 different girls, each from the 12 different Zodiac signs. So, devu starts arranging for these girls. Each of the 12 characters have been played by Priyanka Chopra. Finally, he decides to marry one of them. Which one and why? For that you will have to watch the movie 🙂

Let me now cut a long story short and tell you the strenghts and weaknesses of the movie.

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Movie Review: Inglourious Basterds – Terrific! — September 20, 2009

Movie Review: Inglourious Basterds – Terrific!

The movie by Quentin Tarantino (of the Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction fame) is set in the early 1940s, the World War II era. The location is Nazi occupied French territory. Almost the entire movie is in either French or German, with sub-titles.

The movie starts with the introduction of the animosity of German soldiers towards Jews when Colonel Hans Landa, played by Christoph Waltz, comes to an isolated house of a French dairy farmer and digs down the Jews they were hiding beneath their floors. He opens fire but just one person of the family of 4 manages to escape – it is the girl named Shosanna Dreyfus, played by Melanie Laurent. Landa sees her running away, aims to shoot at her and then lets her go. This shows the character of a predator, who liked to hunt down his enemies and not merely shoot them. He liked to make them suffer rather than just kill them.

The first 15 mins of the movie give the viewer an insight on the kind of cruelty inflicted by the Nazis on the Jews. The analogy he gives about Nazis being Pradators like Hawks and the Jews being the hunted like the Rats, is chilling. The movie manages to grab your attention in the first few mins itself, a classic Tarantino, if I might add 🙂

Fast forward 3 years and Shosanna is now living as Emmanuelle Mimieux, a cinema owner in Paris. How she comes to own the cinema is not revealed in the movie. She tells everyone that she inherited it from her Aunt and Uncle.

And appears, Lieutenant Aldo Raine, played by Brad Pitt, along with his army of allies who call themselves “The Inglorious Basterds”. They are an army of jews with the only agenda of ousting the Nazis. They are very cruel with the german soldiers they can lay their hands upon. They scalp the heads of those they murder and those they leave, they mark their heads with the Nazi symbol of Swastika, so that they will never be able to disassociate themselves with the group, even if they want.

And then what follows is a war between the Nazis and the IBs, trying to hunt each other down. What unfolds in the movie is the thrilling climax with the twists and turns,  which are best enjoyed in the theatre.

So, go ahead and enjoy the movie. This one is definitely not to be missed. It is definitely a must-see!

[Disclaimer: Please note that this is an adult film with a lot of violence. So, please do not tag any kids along :)]

Movie Review: Kaminey – Fataaaakkkk!!! — August 31, 2009

Movie Review: Kaminey – Fataaaakkkk!!!

Vishal Bharadwaj is slowly turning into an angel with a Midas touch! Anything and everything he touches, turns into Gold! The supremely talented Director/Producer/Music Composer/Singer etc is out with another gem: Kaminey! The movie belongs to him – totally!

Shahid Kapoor delivers a knock-out performance after Kareena stole the limelight right from under his nose, in Jab We Met! The cute looking actor is finally getting accolades for his fuperb portrayal of the twin brothers… and he deserves it. Piggy Chopps is fabulous in the small but meaty role. In a movie that is all about Shahid, she managed to make her presence felt!

Now, for the story line… There is nothing extra-ordinary about the story. Twin bothers – one angel, the other devil… separated in childhood… grow up to hate each other, until the circumstances make their paths meet, and they discover the long lost love for each other! The movie also touches upon the grave issue of the new-found hatred of a section of Marathis towards non-marathis (specially UP wallahs) living in Mumbai, Pune and other cities of Maharashtra.

Kaminey is indeed trying to tell an ordinary story but in an exceptionally stylish way! This where the excellence of Vishal as a screenplay writer and a director come into the forte! Telling the age old story in a novel way is by no means an easy task and Vishal excells in it. Furthermore, what acts as an icing on the cake is the carefully chosen starcast. Every character of the movie is so well etched out and so well enacted, it would not be wrong to say that it is difficult to imagine a set of actors who would have done a better job. Kudos to all!

Last but not the least, the music score of the movie (again by Vishal Bharadwaj) is excellent. The album has songs to match all the moods and moves with the movie so well that it is difficult to imagine one without the other! The review will be incomplete without the mention of some songs which have caught the fancy of one and all: Dhan te nan tena tena and not to forget Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai.

If you havent caught the movie so far, rush!! You will not be disappointed! 🙂

Movie Review: Raaz – The boring thriller — January 27, 2009

Movie Review: Raaz – The boring thriller

After the soaring and unexpected success of Raaz, Mahesh Bhatt got the motivation and courage (dare I say) to make a sequel to the movie and gave it the name: “Raaz – The mystery continues” The second movie on the record is not really a sequel. Other than the name and the production house, the movies have nothing in common!

Unlike the first Raaz which had its scary moments and was widely appreciated as a thriller, the second attempt fails miserably! It is a supposed thriller, but every other scene is quite predictable! Arent thriller movies supposed to catch you off guard?? Well… this one doesnt!

Dialogues are patchy! Acting is average! Songs are mediocre! No one impresses and Adhyayan Suman is a let down!

I have nothing more to add! 🙂

Dont go for this movie, even if you are bored to death and have nothing better to do! Killing mosquitoes instead would be the more interesting option!

Movie Review: Chandni Chowk to China – A funny disappointment — January 21, 2009

Movie Review: Chandni Chowk to China – A funny disappointment

The title must be confusing to some. How can a movie be funny and yet disappointing. Well, you will answer this question if you watch the much-awaited Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone starrer Chandni Chowk to China.

But before that, this is how it all started. 

The movie released last Friday (16th Jan 2009). My hubby Noobie had been waiting for this movie ever since the first trailer, being the ardent AK fan that he is! So, there can be no doubts whatsoever that we would be seeing the movie on the very first day of its release.

So, came Friday and I met him near his office. We decided to try Korean dinner before heading for the movie. The dinner was unexpectedly decent, but the real surprise took us when we reached the cinema hall, a good 1 hour in advance. It was mostly empty. I got slightly hopeful that not too many people have come over to watch the movie. So, as a result, we should be able to get the tickets. Noobie also chipped in with his 2 cents: “Review of the movie is not that great… so we shouldn’t have problem getting the tickets“. Now this statement turned out to be both true and false! The movie had indeed been trashed by the reviewers back in India. BUT, the show was houseful. 😦

Well… humne bhi thaan rakhi thi… movie dekh ke hi jayenge… so, we headed off to another theatre… None whatsoever… Literally ran to another… Zilch… With a silver lining. There was a mid-night show… We decided to wait… Hadd hoti hai pagalpan ki aur mere ghar me uski koi kami nahi hai… 😛

Finally we got to see what was the funniest disappointment we had had in months!

The movie has its moments – No doubt about it. Akki dada, as usual, cracks you up with his antics and excellent comic timing! He has proven once again that he can carry really bad movies on his shoulders and turn them into a decent one time watch – which is what he does with CCTC. I specially love that scene in which Ranvir Sheorey starts to dance on “Chura ke dil mera”, when a pot-bellied Akki takes over saying “Yeh to mera gana hai” and begins to dance!! Hilarious!

As far as Deepika is concerned, she might as well not have been in the movie. Even with double roles, she is as good as non-existent! Every now and then the camera man shows her glimpse, to remind the audience of a certain heroine in the movie!! Mithun da is average. He has a powerful role in the movie and does what it expected of him. Ranvir is decent. He plays the role of an Indian-Chinese guy with utmost conviction!

The movie has some good action sequences. And the transition of a zero to a hero is shown quite well! The dialogues are good, with some one-liners crackling!!

On the other hand, the movie definitely has its pitfalls – falls short on story line and the script is so loosely bound, you can literally see the loose ends floating in mid-air!!

Almost 50% of the movie is in chinese, so may not fare very well with the non-multiplex crowd! Well, this was also the reason that the loudest of laughs in the theatre were coming from the Chinese junta who seemed to be loving the movie, or maybe an Indian actress mouthing chinese words must be hilarious to them! 🙂

All in all, go if you love Akshay. Skip otherwise!

Movie Review: Ghajini – Good movie, sucky music! — December 29, 2008

Movie Review: Ghajini – Good movie, sucky music!

My second movie in Singapore… First being Dostana… and well… uska review likhne ka mood nahi hai!!!

So lets talk about Ghajini! What works for the movie, the Aamir Khan starrer, is the crisp script, the gripping story line and some fabulous acting by both Aamir and Asin. For the uninitiated, Asin is a famous Tam cinema star, who is making her debut in Bollywood with this hindi film!!

Lets talk of the story first. The protagonist of the story is Sanjay Singhania, a millionaire, who is besotted by a local third class actress, played by Asin, who does faaltu ads and is trying hard to gain some free publicity!! The point to be noted here is that she does not know Sanjay is so rich and considers him to be another struggling ads model!! Something happens that changes their lives!! Sanjay turns into a patient with short term memory loss!

The beauty of the movie is the excellent execution! You are in awe with which every single detail has been taken into account! Simply fab!!

A HUGE disappointment from AR Rehman! It just felt extremely disconnected from the flow of the story and with every song, you would wait patiently (?) for it to get over!! It was extremely difficult then to not dig your finger nails into the soft cushion of the chair in the cinema hall!! I agree Rehman songs usually grow on you, but this one doesnt seem like it will! The only song which is tolerable is “Tu meri adhuri pyaas”!

The surprise package of the film according to me was Asin. As far as Aamir is concerned, good acting is an expected phenomenon… but what came as a dark horse was Asin!! She acted like a pro (ab well.. after having acted the same character 4 times, I am sure it dint take her much to perfect the role.. which she did!!) I was totally floored by her comic timing and dialogue delivery. The only negative probably was that she went overboard a few times in her bubbly girl avatar! Jiah Khan was theek thaak!! Her role seemed forced!

One more thing that I noticed about Ghajini – It is one of the few movies to be named after the villain!! I cant think of any others…

This one is definitely a star – not to be missed!

Movie Review: Rock on – Magik worked!!! :D — September 10, 2008

Movie Review: Rock on – Magik worked!!! :D

When I went to see Rock On, I had read enough reviews of the movie on the blogosphere. Suda, Ish, Anshul, Sandeep, Amit and Nita found it incredible, while The Tiny Window gave a thumbs down to it.

But, the general verdict was out – People were going mad after the movie. A phenomena that no movie has seen off late. There have been hits, where in the distributors and the producers have made money, but no movie in the recent past gained so much of popular admiration as this one did…

With tons of expectations hovering over me, I went for this movie… And well… I wasn’t disappointed.

A predictable story of a rock band. What goes wrong between them, what kind of turns their lives take and how they get back together again to pursue their dream of making good music. The best part of the movie was well-etched characters – Adi, Joe, Rob, and KD. All of them have distinct personalities and you know exactly how each will behave in what situation. Adi played by Farhan Akhtar is the vocalist and lyricist, Joe played by Arjun Rampal is the lead Guitarist, Rob played by Luke Kenny is the keyboardist, KD played by Purab Kohli is the drummer of the Rock band called Magik! There is one thing that binds them all together and that is the love for music. They are passionate about their art and are very good at what they do. Joe and Rob say at different times in the film, that their art is all they can do!

Prachi Desai plays the role of Sakshi, Adi’s wife and Shahana Goswami is Debbie, Joe’s wife. Sakshi’s character is that of a woman who is not happy with her married life because her husband doesnt give her enough attention. She starts on a tirade to find out whats hidden behind the steely expterior of her husband. On the other hand, Debbie is a half-crazy woman who is trying hard to make things work for her family, which is not doing pretty well. I really liked the way her character is shown. And you were most probably cursing debbie everytime she is mean to Joe or isnt letting him get together with Magik. But its very important to note here that she was right in her own way. Dreams are one thing and being realistic totally another. A lot many people have ruined their lives in pursuing their dreams! So, I liked her character a lot with its different shades!

Very strong performances by all the characters. Each character does what they are supposed to do. Only minus was Koel Puri. Her character did not make any difference to the plot or the theme of the movie. She looked like she had been put there for no reason, which is a huge turn down for an actress of her calibre!

Arjun Rampal gave a decent performance. He got into the skin of the strong and silent joe. Although he could have done a little more work on the guitar bit because sometimes his guitar performances looked artificial, the expression and the hand movement specially. Purab and Luke were both excellent.

Amongst the girls, Prachi looks very pretty and for a debutante, she is quite impressively very confident. You would think it was her 3rd or 4th movie. About Shahana, her age came as surprise to me. She is all of 22 and has done such a mature portrayal. Hats off to her! Excellent performance.

Now about the star of the movie, Farhan Akhtar. Well, I think the best way to compliment his performance in Rock On would be to say that

“Here is our generation’s answer to Kishore da”

The guy floored us all with his knack to understand the pulse of the Indian audience. He showed this to us by making Dil Chahta Hai – A movie extremely close to every Indian’s heart. And now, he floors us not just with his performance, but also his voice. He had the people crooning over the music of “Aasman hai neela kyun paani geela geela kyun?” I admit I was looking for a negative, and was difficult to find anything at all. And his smile!! 🙂 Oh well… m sure the girls went mad looking at him 🙂

For a non-rock lover, I surprisingly enjoyed the music. I find rock music very loud, and unpleasant to hear (sorry Ish and Ashish) but I was simply floored by the music of this movie. Excellent work by Shankar Ehsaan and Loy and excellent rendition by Farhaan. Cute crazy lyrics. I specially loved

Meri Laundry Ka Ek Bill,
Ek Aadhi Padi Novel…
Ta Na Na Na Na….
Ta Na Na Na Na….
Ek Ladki Ka Phone Number,
Mere Kaam Ka Ek Paper…
Ta Na Na Na Na….
Ta Na Na Na Na….
Mere Taash Se Heart Ka King,
Mera Ek Chandi Ka Ring
Pichhle Saat Dino Mein Maine Khoya
Kabhi Khud Pe Hansa Main Aur Kabhi Khud Pe Roya

Hehehehheh adorably cute these lyrics are… moreover since they mean nothing!! 🙂

To sum it up, have the time of your life, go watch this movie 🙂 and come out with a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeee smile on your face 🙂

Movie Review: Phoonk – Funny! — August 29, 2008

Movie Review: Phoonk – Funny!

Phoonk is the latest product from the Ram Gopal Varma stable…

First things first, it is unfair to call phoonk a horror movie. It is a disgrace!! After all, how many horror movies does one see where you have 2 proper songs being sung in the movie! Whatever little impact the director managed to contain just swooshes away as soon as the song starts!!

The beauty of horror movies is the grip that they hold over the audience… the moment you heave a sigh of relief, something else happens and you are shaken to the core… In this movie, however, you wait to be shaken… and you keep waiting. I will not deny that there are some scenes that are a bit jittery, but if a person like me can watch this movie, come back home and happily sleep, then there is definitely something wrong in the movie! It just doesnt scare you enough!

It is about black magic. Concept is well dealt with. Only if the thrill factor was a little higher and script bound well, the impact would have been much much greater!

The only good thing about the movie are performances by Kannada actor Sudeep and the child artiste, Ahsaas Channa. The girl has done a very good job, portraying a girl taken over by evil spirit… she is convincing and scary!! Sudeep plays the role of an atheist business man, who is a doting father and a good son! He fits the role very well and with his arrogance and attitude – he seems tailor made for this role! The role of his wife is played by Amruta Khanvilkar. She is quite awkward in the initial few scenes and slowly as the movie moves forward, she improves. One area which she must improve on is her dialogue delivery! The kids have done a better job than her!

Overall, a passable movie… Go only if you want to have some fun at the expense of RGV 🙂