Hello my dear readers, things have been busy and I have neglected my love for blogging for a long time! Mostly because, between work and home and baby and “trying” to play a sport regularly, I have no time to write much less publish blogs! I have soooooo many half-baked posts that wait to be completed and published. Some day.

Until then, I now have a new reason to get back to blogging regularly again! That is my fussy 2-year old. My son loves junk (like all the other kids in this world) and refuses to eat healthy food! This has given me a challenge to try new food items for him. I always loved cooking but that love has gone to a whole different level now! In the upcoming weeks, I will be blogging about some of my signature dishes. Most of them are recipes I found on the internet with some tweaks I have introduced to suit my requirements or palette!

So, welcome to my kitchen 🙂 Some more dishes coming your way 🙂