/* Poonam, You are Forbidden from reading any further 😛 */ 

Year: 1962

Watched Professor, primarily for Shammi Kapoor… The movie, reminds you of the Jaya Bhaduri and Jeetendra starrer Parichay (released in 1972) in bits and pieces. Though, now you know, that Parichay may have been derived from Professor and not vice-versa. We could also blatantly state that the 1965 hit The sound of music was “inspired” by Professor!!! 😐 Well… now thats stretching things a bit too far… !!

Now, coming back to the movie, like you may have guessed, the story line is that of a tyrant Aunt, who is raising her brother’s children. Shammi Kapoor comes as the saviour and falls in love with the eldest sister (played by Kalpana).

The story is ordinary and the movie tickles the funny bone at times… But, what works for the movie totally is Shankar-Jaikishan’s music! Songs have been primarily sung by Lata and Rafi.

Rafi weaves magic with a soulful rendition of Ae gulbadanYeh gaana dil ko cheer deta hai and you are lost in the melody! Songs by Lata, like Main chali, Main chali and also another one (I only have the blooody aquarian memory to blame for this… must have listened to the song a million times last night, but cant recall now 😦 so now, I know I am editing this one when I get back home tonight) – Ok! Its Aawaz de ke, hamein tum bulao

So, great music and some great fun moments with Shammi Kapoor… Its definitely worth a watch 🙂