Movie Review: Silsila and an Award

I must be one of the few to have never seen the Yash Raj mega blockbuster Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bhaduri and Rekha starrer Silsila. I was always in love with the songs but never got around to watching the movie. I finally did and I have to say I am terribly disappointed. I had heard such good things about the movie and I enjoyed the first half so much, it probably upped my expectations a lot… so much so that I ended up intensely disliking Amitabh and Rekha’s character towards the end of the movie.

For the uninitiated, here is the story: This movie starts with 2 brothers: Amit (Amitabh Bachchan) and Shekhar Malhotra (Shashi Kapoor). Shekhar is engaged to be married to Jaya, but before they can marry, he dies. Amitabh, in the mean time, is madly in love with Rekha and wants to marry her. When Amitabh finds out that Jaya is pregnant with her brother’s baby, he decides to sacrifice his love to marry Jaya. In the meantime, Rekha gets married to a decent doctor (Sanjeev Kapoor). Amitabh and Jaya, both married to different people, run into each other and start an extra marital affair!

They always loved each other and were in love-less marriages, so it was hard to keep hands off each other. They start lying, cheating their spouses to meet up! They even leave their spouses to run away and live happily ever after. Thats when they realise how the society views them and go crying back to their respective spouses. Now, I have the following problems with the movie

  1. Amitabh Bachchan’s character is in love with Rekha. Funny then how he makes Jaya pregnant!!
  2. Funnier is how the only reason he goes back to his wife is because she is carrying his child!!!
  3. Funnier still how she smiles and hugs him saying, she knew he would come back :O

I have no issues with Amitabh realising that he never really loved the woman he married and that he always has loved Rekha. He doesnt want to think about the world and his wife and wants to think about his own happiness! I am ok with that too… but then I lost it completely when Jaya takes him back and how she pleads to him when he is leaving her “Ab mera dhyan kaun rakhega?” I would have been happier if this movie did not end in the typical Bollywood style… Pretty sensitive topic should have been dealt with more sensitivity than portrayed in the movie. One ends up feeling no sympathy whatsoever for any of the characters involved, which is pretty sad!

Now moving on to happier things: Thanks Deepika for the Liebster award! I am truly honored :)

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I have woken up from a longgggggggg hiatus from blogging, and so my award goes out to all those friends whose blogs I love and I wish they would write more often :)

Vasu: Her blogs always emanate the same warmth as she does! Brilliant thinker and writer!

Avada Kedavara: Recently engaged, I wish her all the happiness in life… Also, I wish she would write more often for her loyal readers :)

Serendipity: Cant believe it is almost 4 years since you last wrote! I hope alls well and you get back to blogging soon!

Nikhil: Its great to see you back in the blogging circle.. Keep writing!!

Prerna: I miss your regular updates on my google reader! Hope you are well and start blogging full throttle again :)

12 thoughts on “Movie Review: Silsila and an Award

  1. agree with you with the end of the movie, but nevethless it was a good movie , had some good songs and all .. although this same was almost true in the real life too with amitabh if the tabloids are to be beleived …

    congrats on the award …

  2. I think the ending of the released movie is not the same as how the story writer would have wanted it to. I have a serious theory that the story writer ended the story much in the style of Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, but then the filmmaker didnt think that was economically viable.

  3. @Nova
    Thanks for the award! :)
    It’s proving to be quite difficult to keep regularly updating the blog with so much happening. I also blame my laziness to an extent. I hope to continue writing regularly at irregular intervals. :)
    Cheers, and thanks again!

  4. huh?? Shashi Kapoor is the father of the unborn child so your point 1 isn’t valid! I have seen the movie long ago but dont remember? Does that child get aborted and she gets pregnant again? And trust me, love has nothing to do with sleeping with your wife in Indian marriages :D Oh how I hate the wife taking back husband endings in Hindi movies.

    • Shashi Kapoor was in love with Jaya Bhaduri so the child makes sense!! :P Yes the child gets aborted and much later (2-3 yrs) she becomes pregnant with Amitabh’s child. Ohhhh!! I hear you!

  5. ashes says:

    Well, Amitabh never fathered Jaya’s child. So all three of your problems don’t make sense.

    Regarding the typical bollywood ending, I guess the movie was ahead of its times already and the ending had to be mellowed down for the 70’s audience to digest it. Non-bollywood style endings didn’t work out then.

    Also you say that Amitabh finds out Jaya is pregnant with ‘her’ brother’s child. Now that would have been a scandalous, non-bollywood style.

    • Hello, I just watched this movie a few days back. Jaya’s child with Shashi Kapoor gets aborted when they have an accident the night Amitabh and Jaya get married. Where did the second child come from? I am hoping it was Amitabh’s.

    • You can find the story of the movie here: Tragedy strikes once more, and Shobha loses her child in a car accident. With no child to tie them together, Amit and Shobha drift apart. Amit happens to meet Chandni and they secretly rekindle their romance. They meet on the sly, until one day when Chandni accidentally hits a passerby. The police get involved, but Amit manages to hush the matter up. But their secret meetings will no longer be secret anymore for the police inspector in charge of this accident is none other than Shobha’s cousin (played by Kulbhushan Kharbanda), who is determined to expose Amit’s affair with Chandni. Soon Amit decides that he can no longer continue this loveless marriage and wishes to reconcile with Chandni. This news shatters Shobha but she does not lose hope. She believes that if her love is true he will return to her. Amit and Chandni leave town to start a new life elsewhere but tragedy strikes. Dr. Anand’s plane crashes causing both to return to the wreckage site. There Amit is confronted with Shoba who in a fit of emotions reveals that she is expecting his child. There Chandni herself realises her love for her husband. The film ends with a song portraying Amit and Shoba living happily with a message “Love is faith and faith is forever”.


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