Yeah! Its exactly 6 months since we wore the graduation gown and bid farewell to Great Lakes! It was a heart-breaking moment, coz we never knew if and when we would see each other next! I was fortunate to share my apartment with two special people later on and have been in touch with many.

Great Lakes got over… People got busy.. Some with their jobs, while some with their newly found partners… yeah last 6 months, Great Lakes saw at least a dozen weddings! And many more to follow soon 🙂 In short, our lives changed… From being the be-all and end-all of our existence, Great Lakes memories took a back-seat… but what did not change is the love and affection we still feel for each other… What did not change, is the sense of pride, we feel, when we think of all those times spent together in Great Lakes!

So. my dear friends, 6 months after running on different paths, time has come to acknowledge you all and what your presence meant to me in my life at Great Lakes and after!!! Some had a major impact on me, while some not-so-major, but the fact remains that each and every one of you contributed to making me the person I am today!

So, here you go…

Abhirami: One of the quietest girls of the batch… Her soft, demure and yet no-nonsense way made sure she stood out wherever she went!

Ashis Behera: The guy is all about trading… Bulls and Bears… A finance whiz in his own right… So, while he was the hot property of the batch as far as investment advices were concerned, he pretty much kept to himself and his finance books! 😉

Ashish Acharya: A tall, fair guy with a lazy and i-don-give-a-damn-look about him… But, guys, beware, for you could spot this very guy with spectacles on and burried deep into his books during the exams!

Amit Bhalla: The look of this soft-spoken man would make you start respecting him instantly… and the moment you discover his expertise in Statistics, the respect would increase manifolds!

Akshat Pushp: Throw in a soft heart, a muscular build, a sharp mind with an analytical bend, and oooodles of talent, and the concoction presents itself in the form of none other than our very own aashiq Akshat Pushp 🙂

Aishwarya Ravirajan: One of youngest of the lot… Yeah, by the time we all graduated, she was all of 20. Seen a teenage manager? Well, she is the one for you 🙂

Anil: A quiet guy, you would easily lose in a crowd, but not in a strategy or HR class, where you would hear a lot more from this man of few words 🙂

Amit Saxena: Another Finance loyalist of the batch! You can still find him answering tons of finance related queries on LinkedIn. Way to go dude…!

Aruna Rao: One of the prettiest girls of the batch, while she made a lot of men swoon, Aruna was also known for her sharp acumen and Fin Skills!!

Aditi: Young, pretty and hard-working is what i would describe this girl as! You could find her slogging it out during projects and assignments with her team-mates by her side!

Ayesha Haque: Fondly known as Ms Haque or Ms Kicks, Ayesha was definitely one of the few women, junta at Great Lakes was intimidated by! An absolutely no-nonsensical attitude, and a personality to be admired and respected! 🙂

Ashwin Sedwal: Hamare priya Sedu, one of the few ppl in our group, to be actually ‘interested’ in Finance. Now, that I think about it, I actually cant picture him doing anything else, but dig his nose deep in the books day in and day out and yet one hour before the exam, his pet dialogue “Kitna padh liya?”. Timidly, I would answer “Itna baaki hai… yaar tension ho rahi hai” And pat would come the reply “Abbey tension kyun leti hai, maine to abhi shuru bhi nahi kiya” :S LOL! 😀

Ajay Anand: A sensible, intelligent guy with a laid-back attitude… you would have junta bickering over some issue. And then, Ajay would speak just one sentence and silence would prevail there-on. Perfect example of few-but-damdaar words!! 🙂

Adarsh: A fellow north-indian… We would often pull each other’s legs over almost anything and everything! And yet, I would say, a real gentleman, who knew how to conduct himself in front of ladies! I still remember the time we boarded the train together (diff trains but were to be boarded from the station)…had really enjoyed your company then 🙂

Ashwin Sunderkumar: I always respected this guy for the no-nonsense attitude he carried and his ability to call spade, a spade.. quite a sport, he enthralled all of us with his garba skills during navratri 😉

Ashwin Lulla: I would say, he is one of the biggest contenders for the award of Most laid-back and care-free Crusader! And If i were to be asked, he would win the award hands-down 😉

Adith: One of the first few in Great Lakes, who tried very hard to make me feel at home… rickshaw wallahs in chennai are famous for torturing ppl who dont speak Tamil, so Adi, a Tamilian himself, made sure that he personally dropped me at my aunt’s place and would pick me up from there daily for the first week! I was touched by this gesture… truly! 🙂

Ashwin Valecha: The creative blend mixed with a charming persona and you would have dear Valecha in your hands… A sweetheart, always ready with a sweet smile to drive even the bluest of the moods away! 🙂

Anjana: Dear Chechi (thats what didi is called in Malayalam), my project mate for the last half of the year, and must say, she is a total sweetheart! The way she eagerly agreed to help me, when I was trying to juggle between the responsibilities of handling the rude, impolite HR and getting the formailites done for the students appearing for interviews… she was like a God-sent Angel then! Standing there in the sun and without food, taking care of her fellow batch mates, she provided for an excellent example of what camaraderie is all about! Thanks so much chechi… would never forget a generous soul like yours!

Anand Rajgarhia: Once told what to do, this guy will make sure, he gives it his best shot! A great team player!!!

Ajay Bailur: The dude of our batch and undoubtedly, one of the smarter ppl I have ever met! Some of the comments that he made in the class, specially Philosophy, would give a totally different insight and a pretty thought-provoking one at that! No wonder then, he was respected and admired by one and all and during placements, he landed some of the plushest job profiles ever! 🙂

Arun: One of the tallest dudes of out batch, with a keen and avid interest in movies… Aur yeh Great Lakes ke Amitabh Bachchan aaj kal wipro ki shaan badha raha hain! 🙂

Anshul Jain: The singing jack (also the dancing one), Anshul was undoubtedly the heart of the night life at Great Lakes… U could find this guy, at 2 in the night, singing aloud and having fun! In act, one of the few ppl I have known who would announce their entry where-ever they would go! Ya the announcement would come in the form of his characteristic singing, which was hard to miss! 😉

Akash Pratap Singh: Akkaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssshhhhhhhhh or Baiiiiiiiiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, is how he was known amongst most of the girls, while the guys preferred calling him kaake! Ruggedly punjabi, Akash bhaiya epitomised the spirit of punjab in Great Lakes! Not to mention, this ex-employee of Punjab Tractors was such a pro in Operations, he would reduce the rest of us youngsters to shame with his patience, hard work and willingness to learn!

Bala: Michael Jackson of Great Lakes, the guy stunned us all with his skills in dance and choreography! One more interesting thing about Bala, as late as I may head to home everyday, I could always find Bala in the college, and as early as I may come, he would still be there… I wonder if he ever slept at all!??? 😛

Bala Pradeep: A philosopher at heart, and a pro at web-designing… one of the few responsible for the excellent web-page designed for L’Attitude..

Balaji Abraham: My partner in crime (while handling the mad HR during placements) and one of the most well-read and gentlemanly guys I saw at Great Lakes!

Balaji Rangachari: Looks quite sober when you see him the first time, would give you the impression, that all this guy has ever done is study in his life… but just wait and watch, let him know you a little, and then no one can save you from the pranks of this so-called-bhola-balaji… Dont go by his looks, u will not be spared!! 😉

Balaji Ramakrishnan: The BRK of our batch 🙂 But nothing like BRK… Wouldnt talk much… but, would be seen around in the college almost anytime u enter 🙂 And according to gugu, he is a simple guy but a big flirt and keeps running behind girls 😉 😛

Balaji M: I wonder if there is any soul in Great Lakes who is not eternally indebted to Balaji’s philosophy notes for passing the exam! Yes! While everybody else was busy studying for other “more-important” subjects, Balaji actually devoted quality time penning useful notes in Philosophy… seriously hats off to this guy!

Bhavna: Good in dancing, singing, even playing the piano!? Yes! this girl is as versatile as they get, with skills as divergent as hosting a TV show to playing the piano!

Biswabhushan: A very flexible and adjustable guy…. keeps smiling throughout, but I wonder how many Great Lakers had the privilege of listening to his voice, as he used to be so silent all the time 🙂

Chandrasekhar P: One of the senior guys (or men!?) at Great Lakes, and a die-hard supply chain management loyalist!

Chandrasekhar R: Chandrooo… Be is Cricket or TT or Badminton, Chandroo is a pro at all of them!! Also, with a body to die for, he was an inspiration for one and all!!

Divya Arora: One of the few Finance experts in Great Lakes, who attended every finance class and not just that, would listen to every word said the prof and absorb them like the sponge! Interestingly, there are few who are passionate about the subjects they study… Divu definitely was one of them!

Divya Singaravelu: The VJ herself… yes this girl knew how to juggle between the hectic schedules of MBA classes along with shooting of the TV shows she used to anchor! Now, thats one hell of an achievement and the best part is that she managed to do justice to both of them!

Divya Bhansali: A pro at studies and extra-curricular, Divya was very popular in the batch for her sweet, caring and amiable nature!

Divakar: A fellow Gizmo-freaks member, Divakar definitely was a pro at handling IT stuff! Not to mention, the amount of work, he put in improving the college website! Awesome!

Debapam Roy: Mischief and immense amount of intellect all put into one big, bulky package called Debu! 😛 Lol! Yes Debu, u r fat 😛 The guy was a pro in the subject, we all detested – Market Research! Boy! Wo SPSS and all, he was the only one who could make some sense out of all that! 🙂

Gaurav Singhvi: Fellow blogger and a relishing combo of CA cum MBA! The guy is all about humility and modesty! After all that he has achieved, any normal human being would find it difficult to find a place to put his foot down on earth, but not our Gugu… He is as simple as they get! 🙂

Gaurav Sood: A proper Delhiite, the first time I met Gaurav, was during outbound… and he seemed like such a loner.. over and above that, he told me about the numerous trips he had gone to, all alone and my doubts confirmed! But, soon I realised that this guy typically belongs to the category of Work hard, party harder types! And is great fun to be with!

Gayathri: My flatemate, and the girl who can very well take credit for my attending the early morning classes. She took it upon herself, much to her anguish and my good luck to wake me up daily in the morning and remind me of pending assignments or projects. She and I belonging to the same section and having taken majority of the subjects together, the phenomenon very well continued throughout the year! And how can I forget, the journey across the mountaineous terrain of the empirical study that we undertook together! 😛

Geetha: Most famously known as the Tom of the Tom and Jerry fights we have all witnessed in the alleys of Great Lakes! But for the fights, a relatively calm, peaceful and confident girl… Hope to see you in Hong Kong soon! 🙂

Gokul: Gokulaaaaaaaaaaaaa, this is how he hates to be called! And this is how we all used to call him in Great Lakes! A dancer, a singer and a philosopher, all rolled into one! Here is one guy, who is content with life, the way it is and does not have a single bad bone in his body!

Hardeep: The jovial guy, who finally got to date the woman of his dream at Great Lakes! 😉 Nevertheless, a sweetheart and a guy passionate about dance and philosophy!

Hema Vidhya: She is one person who thoroughly enjoys what she does, whether its dance or studies 🙂 a super confident girl, who is sure to go places… 🙂

Indra: You could very frequently catch her, either pulling the leg of someone, or screaming at someone, or hitting someone, along with cheeni… so basically, she was like this baby, a favorite of everyone! 🙂

Indranil: The bengali babu, who was one of the most sincere students at Great Lakes! Always with a book in his hand, and a smile on his face, is how I remember Indranil! 🙂

Ipsita: The cute, little darling! 🙂 Its hard to believe but she joined Great Lakes within a week of getting married! And, apart from handling the marital responsibilities, the girl also managed to score straight A’s… quite a miracle, aint it!? Ya she is 🙂

Jagan: Known more for his off-the-class antics than in-the-class ones (where he passed most of his time snoring on the last bench!)… A person you could rely on, during critical times, to handle the pressure and come out unscathed!

Jayanth: During this one year, I developed a lot of respect for Jayanth… The way he handled pressure and most importantly, his ability and willingness to help! I dont know how many ppl have expertise in their fields of interest… Well, Jayanth surely did.. coz despite having a flair for finance, Jayanth knew more about latest softwares and technologies, more than anybody else!

Kamal: He was our dear Daddy during internship… the only one who could control the mischief mongers that Balaji and I were! Got to know him better during internship and developed immense regards for this guy, who slept, talked and even dreamt his project! Sincerity and dedication towards one’s work is something Kamal taught me!

Karthik R: Well… well… well.. 🙂 My study-group-mate in the first half of the year, we hardly ever spoke then! We actually started speaking during classes on chat!! That is, when he probably read one of my blogs was stunned to see the other side of me! Thats when we started talking and became good friends since!

Karthik S: A sincere, hard working guy, who is good at heart and really tries to make all people around him, very comfortable! A good partner to have for project work! 🙂

Kartik Ganeshan: Possibly THE only guy of our batch, who was adored by each and every girl! And what made things interesting, was possibly the fact, that he was the least interested in anyone, or so it seemed 😉 Ok jokes apart, a really nice guy to know and a fanatic rock fan!

Karthik Gopinath: One of the academically oriented of the lot, he is a great team player… can really deliver and also get work done from people! 🙂

Karthik V: The silent spectator and but nothing could ever miss his sharp eyes! You would possibly not notice him in a crowd, but he would be around, noticing every small thing! A gem of a person at heart, with a very helping attitude! 🙂

Karthik Gopal: The multi-talented dude, or like most ppl knew him, doodh! He could swing, play the mirdangam, shoot a video and even effortlessly carry a tune! 🙂 You could not find him at a place for long doing nothing! His inherent restlessness has driven him to places and will continue to do so 🙂

Kartika: The most suave and sophisticated girl of the batch, whose dressing style made a style statement of her own! Very sincere, down-to-earth and yet, a lot of fun to be with…! 🙂

Krishnan CA: Guess every batch of MBA students around the world, must have someone whose soul aim in life is to study, study, study and study and get the highest marks! Krishnan CA was one such dilligent person, one of the youngest of the lot, fresh out of engg college and yet again, the dream student of every teacher! 😉

Kapil Singhal: Ask any person in the pre-sales team of Covansys who this person is, and they would all have a story to tell.. ya this unassuming and generally calm guy, has created quite a stir in CSC and covansys alike! 🙂

Kapil Raj: A really sweet and pawam guy! 🙂 A little emotional lekin Stock markets me very interested… He and the books will never be seen together!  😉

Koushik: My team-mate from the later half of the year and also a fellow blogger… I first got to know him through the short stories he wrote! Amazing! This guy has a lot of layers to him and most of the people cant even go beyond the first few! 🙂

Krishna Bagaria: Known for his rugged appearance… better known for his beguilement towards a certain someone, the guy was a classic example of what you see is what you get. No pretences, no dikhawa whatsoever!

Kuldeep: The carrom champ, and a pro at many many other games… the sole karta-dharta of the sports committee, he ensured that the Great Lakes junta had some entertainment in the form of world cup matches being projected in the seminar hall to the management of the gym and carrom boards!

Krishna Kumar T: Has anyone heard of a certain Krishna kumar T? sorry, I dont think so.. coz No ONE! Not even teachers knew him by that name. He was known to one and all as Kitty! Kitty, the boy… famous for the stupid jokes that can crop only from the brain of kitty!

Kalyan: The guy was forever with his books… for ever and ever!! One of the most sincere students, I met at Great Lakes! 😉

Lakshmi: This girl actually got married mid-way into the course! Wow! And even though it was a huge step in her life, she managed both home and studies equally well!! A simple girl who could earn everyone’s respect! 🙂

Lakshana: Another HR loyalist of the batch… Lakshana, always ready with that charming smile of hers, was one of the the first persons I performed with, in Great Lakes… and had an amazing time 🙂

Lakshmanan: In the many things that happen in life, the firsts are always special! So, in Great Lakes, the first result ever was announced..The subject was Philosophy and the top scorer, our very own Lakshmanan. Since then, the name Brahman got associated with him! A very hard-working and sincere guy, always ready with a smile! 🙂

Lavanya: Beauty lies in simplicity. This is the phrase that first occurs to you, when you see Lavanya. A very simple, sweet girl… with mesmerising beauty! No make-up, absolutely nothing artificial about her… Nothing artifical in her manners or behavior. An out and out honest person! And that reflected in her persona, which made her all the more beautiful! 🙂

Mahalakshmi: Pyar se log inhe Maha kehte hain… A typical traditional married girl, I shared my flat with! But, she was also a lot of fun to be with! 🙂

Mathangi: One of the fore-runners in the placement committee, she was what they call a woman of substance! You certainly could not mess with her and get away with it… One of the very few women, I have ever met, who have the guts to call a spade, a spade!

Mohan: A hard-core trading loyalist… One of the very few Great Lakers who had no interest in studies or in what was being taught! He knew what he wanted and he knew how to get it! So, u could have Strategic marketing exam tomorrow, and you could find Mohan with a Finance book in his hands! 😛 One of those rare intelligent types who do not believe in showing off!

Madhumitha: An excellent dancer, and a really sweet person! Unfortunately, the only place we ever got to meet was the washroom 😐 but from whatever little I know, a great person to talk to… 🙂 

Mahesh: Technically belonged to the so-called Oldies group! But, the guy had the kind of energy which could give youngsters a run for their money! One of the prime people resonsible for making L’Attitude such a big success… And he absolutely loves tickling ppl… especially me 😛

Manik: Ahh!!! My bhai! 🙂 Someone who did a LOT for Great Lakes… His credentials go way high! But, most importantly, a person who works from his head and yet, has his heart in the right place! Is passionate about his career and will certainly go places! 🙂

Manan: One of the most passionate people I have ever met… Especialy passionate for the things he believes in. One of them being HR. Approaches his goals and the things he wants in life, with a single-minded focussed approach! One of the very few people I know, who wakes up every morning, excited about the prospect of going to office! 🙂

Manish: A bihari to the core, an out-and-out marketer 🙂 One of those silent types who talk less, but make a lot of sense when they talk what they do!! 🙂

Manjula: A lady excellent with numbers and a persistent person! She had this perfect sales person’s attitude giving her attitude of not giving up easily!

Naman: He must have attended the least number of classes, all right! But, he kind of made up for it, by being super-active in the ones that he did and the hard work that followed! A great example for ppl who think fate rules their lives!

Nandini: The lady, who made SWIM possible! A strong and determined woman, she epitomises the women of the 21st century! 🙂

Natchiappan: Another one of those silent types! The guy is now a project manager…. earlier in Great Lakes, you could always find him with his books…!!! 🙂

Naren: A singer par excellence… His voice has the quality that would transcend you to a different world altogether… I dont know if he ever found out how all his assignments and projects got completed 😉 But, he managed to score all straight A’s…. sometimes I wonder how 😉 😛

Nagarajan: Nagu was famous in Great Lakes for 2 things – his finesse in Finance and his sleeping posture in the class… The way he would sleep, not even the student next to him could make out if he was sleeping or carefully listening 😉

Nitin: My hero 🙂 One of the founders of Different Strokes and one of my all time favorite Salsa partners 😉 Being with this guy is a fun ride, all the way! 🙂 Have never seen him frown, always carries a BIG smile on his face.. fir chahe exam ho ya kuch, nitin pajji ka funda Chak chaah naal ande!! 😉

Nishant: My fellow gizmofreak member… Most people in this world just talk and do nothing… Nishant is one of those rare people, who believe in just doing their duty and not saying a word about it.

Noor: Nooorieeeeeeee became my favorite teacher at Great Lakes, when he taught us the Financial Accounting fundamentals, despite having exams himself! The care and effort with which he used to teach us, made me a fan of this sweet, humble, and down to earth guy… who, apart from all that he has achieved, is a normal guy with normal dreams! 🙂

Niveditha: A sweet looking girl… also an excellent team player who, if the situation demands, can also run the show all alone!

Parag: Lovingly called Paggy darling, this guy is a miracle in himself! He is soooo sweet and nautanki-baaz that you cant be around him, without rolling on the floor laughing! An adorably sweet guy, soon to tie the knot with an equally sweet girl 🙂

Punit Vasu: Zindagi me kabhi kisi shayar se nahi mili thi, so Punit se mil ke wo tamanna bhi poori ho gayi! 🙂 A thorough gentleman… but haan bolte zyada nahin hain, jiski kami yeh janab likh ke poori kar dete hain 😉

Prashant Pandurangan: Proud winner of the spammer of the year award! Loves to call himself PP… his way of telling people where he is – go check his GTalk status 😉 One of the few, who has the guts to go against the crowd! 😀

Preethy: Preethy, a very silent and caring girl… one of the first to be finished with her empirical study… She is not just a smart, but also a hard worker! Quite an attractive composition, I must say 🙂

Priyanka: A quote was once said by shriram for Priyanka “Sau bimar ek anar” 🙂 Yeah that was the case with our Pinkoo… It was great fun dancing with her… She is also one of the first friends i made in Great Lakes! 🙂

Prasanna V: The guy with excellent English, and a fervent passion towards Indian history! 🙂 Yeah! 🙂

Prasanna M: A very intelligent guy, very quick with numbers and very good in finance! This guy and I shared a common interest: FRIENDS! 🙂

Pradeep Kumar LV: One of those silent guys, who silently did all the work… Also, not many people know that he is also very caring with a very kind heart! 🙂

Pradeep Sonthalia: Sontyyyyyyyyyy, the finance companion of Sedu in our group! A true-blue finance loyalist! Would do anything as long as that has something to do with finance. Oh! Did i mention? He sleeps everyday around 9… and wakes up at 6 in the morning! 😛

Pankaj: A maharashtrian to the core, a very intelligent but silent guy! The few times he did speak during the classes, he would stun all with powerful insights provided 🙂

Priyamvada: The chief editor of Gravity, this madamoiselle has credentials more than one could count! A pro at mincing words, this lady is also very chirpy and full of life! 🙂

Pramod SN: Pramod babu, a diligent worker, and also a gyani! Just speak to him once and you will be surrounded by a lot of gyan… better grab some soon or they will disappear! 🙂

Prasadh P: One of the fore-runners of placements at Great Lakes, a very soft-spoken guy, with a big generous heart!

Praveen Pantula: The guy with the HR jhanda in his hands, he led the movement of the HR people… given his contacts and networking skills, he played a crucial role in placements!

Rajiv: The finance whiz… And one of the investment banker friends of mine! 😉 We happen to have a lot more than just Great Lakes in common 😉 A great looking guy, with an even beautiful heart 🙂

Rajat: Frequently to be seen moving around the alleys of Great Lakes with Akaaassshhhh or the singing Anshul, another torch-bearer of the punjabis at Great Lakes… A true-blue Delhiite, with a big smile or mischief always playing on his lips! 🙂

Rejesh: We got to hear some of the best in the field.. from MD of reputed institutes to some of the best professors in the world, all that thanks to the karta-dharta of the Guest Lecture’s committee! Bahut gaaliyan khaayin in logon ne, lekin smile ke saath har baar GL organize karte rahe! 😉

Roopa: The lady, who selflessly devoted herself completely to the cause of placing us kids! 🙂 In fact, she started the process of placements in her mind, long before our college had even started! Now, this is called devotion! 🙂

Rupal: Rupal’s name is unanimously synonymous with the Gajar ka halwa. Is ladki ke haathon me jaadu hai, jo banati hai, khaate khaate, ungliyan chaat jaoge! I was a fortunate soul to have her as a roomie… both during the stint at Great Lakes and after! 🙂 If you have her as a roomie, you possibly couldnt ask for more 🙂

Rajesh V: Popularly known as Kotler.. for his obvious marketing finesse!! This marketing pro, was widely acclaimed for his sharp acumen and in-depth subject knowledge!

Ramya: A soft-spoken girl, always ready with her smiles! A great leader, also a great team player… Her warm ways were enough to melt anyone, anytime! 🙂

Ramachandran: One of the most understated creative geniuses of the batch! You could use him as a think tank, and he would do wonders! 🙂

Roshik: A genuine heart-felt smile always playing on his lips, is how I would always remember Roshik! A good persona combined with his people skills, make him the perfect manager material 😉

Shobha: A very hard working girl, with a strong mind… She also comes across as a very good artist!

Srinidhi: Ab cheeni madam ke baare me main kya kahun, inke baare me to poora Great Lakes kehta hai… when she laughs, its so genuine and pure that you instantly feel happy yourself! 🙂 Very few people are blessed with such an infectious laughter.. Cheeni being one of them! She is as sweet and cuddly as a small kid… and was loved and adored by one and all! 🙂

Sai Yogetha Reddy: Got to know her more during the Empirical study, comes out as a very reserved but very sweet girl… who will try and help you everyway she can! 🙂 And yeah, did i mention to forget that she is also the Gold Medalist of our batch for HR and Strategy 🙂 

Swapna: The kiddo of the batch! You could see her jumping around from here to there, just like a little kid! An adorable girl, with a very charming smile 🙂

Saranya: Another CA cum MBA combo of our batch! The petite little girl would always be full of smiles and her eagerness to learn Hindi, would drive me hysterical 🙂

Srivathsan S: My own adorable Vatsaaaaaaaaaa! Vasu and I had together, on numerous occasions, driven him bonkers, crazy, mad! 😀 A person who loves to live life to the fullest! Be it dance, singing, reading books, or marketing, this guy has varied passions and each one of them are very close to his heart! 🙂 Also, one of the biggest bakras, who would be given bumps, irrespective of the reasons 😉 I could go on writing about Vasu and Vatsa and their place in my life, but the fact remains, that only a full blown book (with volumes) can do justice to their personality! 🙂

Srivathsan R: Popularly known as Watson, he being Balaji’s cousin was privy to his mischiefs.. and an accomplice at that! 😉

Shriram: An entertainer to the core, his mimicry would keep us in splits throughout 😉 The torch-bearer of the Adcom.. the guy made sure that we got the best crop for our juniors, the fantabulous JayCees! 🙂

Srividhya: One of the latest amongst Crusaders, to go the “I do” way 😉 A sweet and caring girl, very easy-going and very friendly 🙂

Sachin: Always ready with his cute smile and a kind heart, Sachin was always loved for his friendly ways… 🙂

Sandeep Khanna: A finance lecture going on, and Sandeep Khanna in the class, was sure to turn interesting… for the innumerably arguements he had with the profs… And more often than not, you would end up wondering, what the hell was goin on! for usually only the prof or Sandeep would know, what was being talked about! 😛

Satya Sainath: Very soon, he will be walking down the aisle 🙂 A very sweet guy, who largely liked to keep company of a few!

Saishree: Saishree or lovingly called Saya, is a charming and sweet lady… a fellow FRIENDS loyalist and a very good speaker!

Sheetal: This girl is not just pretty… her creative skills and aptitude were widely talked about. Thanks to this girl, we got the widely-applauded posters of L’Attitde and Sangamitra! 🙂

Sundeep R: San-DDDD, one of my favorite CRs at Great Lakes… a totally funky guy with a pleasant disposition and a smile always playing on his lips! 🙂

Shipra: Bahut chidhaya is bandi ko… dada ke saath! shayad isliye kyunki yeh chidh bhi bahut jaldi jaati thi 🙂 A girl, with a foot-in-the-mouth disease 😉 hehehe seriously speaking, the girl is one with a clear heart… speaks what comes to her mind… Koi dikhawa nahi karti! 🙂

Shravan: One of the smartest looking guys of our batch, also one of the best-dressed dudes! 🙂 A very genuine smile, sure to conquer hearts all over 🙂

Sindhuja: Popularly known as sindhu, the girl is very passionate about her career and takes studies very seriously… but u can also see her having fun, when times r right 🙂

Sitashwa: hmmm… 🙂 One of the fore-runners of placement, he worked day-in and day out to make placements a huge success! Jitna kam bolta hai, is bunde ka dimag utna hi chalta hai 🙂 And I lately discovered, that he is a pro, not only in padhai-likhai, but also Lawn Tennis! 🙂

Suhasini: Its difficult to make her start talking… and once she starts, its difficult to make her stop 😛 Very down to earth and a great listener, she takes really good care of all the ppl she is close to 🙂

Sathyanarayan: AnSCM expert and an out and out operations guy! 🙂

Souparno: Popularly known as dada, the guy was widely acclaimed for his skills in finance and stats… The guy was also one of the fore-runners of placements at Great Lakes! One of the highly respected guys of our batch, all girls looked up to him as an elder brother! 🙂

Shakar: A very intelligent and silent guy… has entrepreneurial skills! He is not very extrovert neither very introvert! Basically, doesnt come out as an extrovert in a crowd of unknown people, but finds himself at ease amongst people close to him! 🙂

Sathyamoorthy: A very sincere guy… passionate about the gizmo-freaks committee! He worked his heart out for it… committee ke adhiktar kaam ka shreya inhe jata hai!!

Sriharsha: This guy introduced himself, in the first meeting of BPR as being extremely passionate about it… through and through!

Suseen: The prez!!! A guy, with a no-nonsense attitude and also a flair for creativity… by the end of one year, he had become a pro at Photoshop 😉

Vinothharish: A whiz at trading and capital markets!… I kinda owe my PPO from covansys to him to a great extent! 🙂 He helped me understand the fundamentals of Indian stock markets to a large extent and also solved all my queries relating to them! Thanks a ton Vinoth 🙂

Vinodh Harry: Dirtyyyyyyy harrryyyy, as he was most popularly known as! Though the source of this name remains a mystery to me till-date! A gem of a person at heart, and one of the best dancers I have ever seen! The effortless way in which, he performs, makes his audience want more! 🙂

Viswa: One of the smarter looking people in Great Lakes, a perpetual flirt 😉 But an amazing guy, dil se! Very caring and compassionate! 🙂

Vasu: People often ask me, how was ur stay in chennai so smooth? Did u never face any language or cultural problems? My answer to them wud be “Not all are lucky enough to be blessed with a heaven-sent angel! I was”. And thats a fact. Here was one girl, who took it upon herself to make sure I had no problems what-so-ever during my stay in chennai. Not just that, in Vasu, i found a friend for a life time! Someone who could look at my face and read my mind… While I would have to go about, explaining myself to a lot of people, with Vasu, the connection was immediate! I would NEVER have to explain…she would just simply understand! Its not everyday you find people, who can understand ur soul… I know I have found mine! 🙂

VijayKumar C: Popularly known as Captain… Even now, when I think of him, I can never forget the chantings of Captain, Captain, everytime the guy would do anything in the class… even raise his hand to ask a question, or barely make an entry! Undoubtedly, one of the most popular elderly men of our batch, was our dear captain!

Vaishno: The lady with multiple talents… be it dancing, singing, shopping, painting, or even her creativity sprouting from photoshop! Very passionate about art, and is sure to go places! 🙂

Vidya: A silent, hard working girl.. Always ready with smiles and open arms, welcomin people in her lives! You can always find her busy studying or laughing 🙂

Vikranth: The manager of the year!!!! The guy is a born politician… very soft and sombre with everyone! A perfect diplomat! 🙂 Mark my words people, one day this guy will be the chief minister of Andhra 🙂

Vishal Prasad: The leader of our pack! A true-blue bihari, who single-handedly managed the entire baag-dor of placements at Great Lakes! His words inspired one and all! And gave the people confidence in their future! A leader out and out! He knows what he wants out of life and knows how to get it 🙂

Tamoghna: Out very own tommyyy…. other than some pursuits in college 😉 the guy gave his all for admissions 2007… right from answering queries on PG, to handling important posts during L’Attitude.. the guy managed a lot of things at the same time! 🙂

Tejasvi: Tejas, the silent, sharp guy… you could see him perennially roaming the Veeranam hall, and mugging up the fin stuff 😉

Tanvir Ahamad: A gentleman to the core! Very soft spoken and yet charming! 🙂

The list was compiled thanks to the list provided by Manan, the CR 🙂 This was made thanks to the creative inputs from Gugu and Vatsa 🙂