Vishal Bharadwaj is slowly turning into an angel with a Midas touch! Anything and everything he touches, turns into Gold! The supremely talented Director/Producer/Music Composer/Singer etc is out with another gem: Kaminey! The movie belongs to him – totally!

Shahid Kapoor delivers a knock-out performance after Kareena stole the limelight right from under his nose, in Jab We Met! The cute looking actor is finally getting accolades for hisΒ fuperb portrayal of the twin brothers… and he deserves it. Piggy Chopps is fabulous in the small but meaty role. In a movie that is all about Shahid, she managed to make her presence felt!

Now, for the story line… There is nothing extra-ordinary about the story. Twin bothers – one angel, the other devil… separated in childhood… grow up to hate each other, until the circumstances make their paths meet, and they discover the long lost love for each other! The movie also touches upon the grave issue of theΒ new-found hatred of a section of Marathis towards non-marathis (specially UP wallahs) living in Mumbai, Pune and other cities of Maharashtra.

Kaminey is indeed trying to tell an ordinary story but in an exceptionally stylish way! This where the excellence of Vishal as a screenplay writer and a director come into the forte! Telling the age old story in a novel way is by no means an easy task and Vishal excells in it. Furthermore, what acts as an icing on the cake is the carefully chosen starcast. Every character of the movie is so well etched out and so well enacted, it would not be wrong to say that it is difficult to imagine a set of actors who would have done a better job. Kudos to all!

Last but not the least, the music score of the movie (again by Vishal Bharadwaj) is excellent. The album has songs to match all the moods and moves with the movie so well that it is difficult toΒ imagine one without the other! The review will be incomplete without the mention of some songs which have caught the fancy of one and all: Dhan te nan tena tena and not to forget Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai.

If you havent caught the movie so far, rush!! You will not be disappointed! πŸ™‚