An Aquarian woman!


If you are in love with a woman in this zodiac be prepared to be very happy or be very sorry. She is a very busy person with her own matters similar to a guy in this zodiac. She is able to live by herself without any guy in her life, a very strong person indeed. Not because she does not have a dream guy, but if she can not find such person, so what. Because she thinks she could do anything that a man can do. She is a leader, a real confident type.

She likes to do things by herself, such as serving herself, opening the door herself. Because she thinks waiting for a helping hand is a waste of time, and she is not patient enough to wait around for that. If she starts to ask you out, do not think she is starting to flirt with you, but because she thinks it is a waste of time to wait for you to be the one who asked. She likes a COOL guy who sometime acts like he is ignoring her, so he has a chance to show her his own confidence.

Her appearance is puzzling. Most Aquarian women are lovely, with a haunting, wistful beauty. But they’re change­able. They can give an impression of smooth whipped cream, then suddenly switch to salty pizza as quickly as a bright, blue, zig-zag bolt of Uranian electricity. Next to Ubrans, Aquarian females are often the most beautiful women in the zodiac. At the very least, they’re interesting-looking. The Aquarian manner of dressing can stop you dead in your tracks. There are a few of them who could grace the cover of a fashion magazine, but the average Aquarian girl is anything but conventional about her cos­tumes. She can wear some outfits a gypsy would envy, and her naked individuality can produce some mighty unique combinations. She’ll usually be the first to wear a new fad, no matter how zany it is, yet she can also stick to Grand­ma’s styles-even great-grandma’s styles. With typical – Aquarian indifference, she’ll mix yesterday’s lace snood with today’s metallic jump suit, and the effect can be a little startling. She’ll wear her lace nightgown to a formal ban­quet, ostrich feathers to the supermarket, bell bottom slacks to the opera, sneakers to the theater, diamonds when she visits the zoo-and top it all off with a faded Mother Hubbard she picked up in a thrift shop.

She like to guess her man’s reaction, but at the same time she likes to have many men wanting her. She is a daring type who could just do thing differently from other people in her same society. She dares to fight for what she thinks belonged to her. Even when she acts confident, she mostly feels lonely and alone. If she breaks up with someone, she won’t show any emotion even deep down inside pain and agony. Not for long she will come back to being the cheery and merry person again, because she looks at the world positively and has “Faith” in the word “Love”.

She has more men friends than women friends, so do not be a jealous type if you date her. She could be slightly jealous, but she hates jealous guys. She loves “Freedom” so before and after marriage , her freedom has to be the same. She likes you to trust her, even if she does not trust you anyhow. She likes to be the one who is “Right”, so if you argue with her , let her win if it is not a big deal for you in that subject. She is a straight forward type, so if she does not love you anymore, she will just tell you straight to your face. Her love and relationship are always real, so if she says “It’s over” be  prepared to leave, she is not testing you. She is not a vulnerable type, so do not have to worry about her, she will survive by herself.

If she is with you when you get sick, she will certainly take care and look after you, even look after you mean “small loan”. Do not have secret with her, she hates it and really can piss her badly. When she is sad , be understanding. When she is happy, be happy with her, she likes that. You will not get bored with this type of girl. Someone who is close to her will know that deep down beneath that confident and cold hearted person, she is just as fragile as any woman. She is a fun and talkative person and she likes to tease you. Do not let her talk alone, if you do, she will leave.

Your Aquarian woman can float through her days and nights with all the grace of a proud swan, but she may behave like a clumsy bear in romantic situations. The line between friendship and love is often all but invisible to Aquarius. Love songs about people who only have eyes for each other strike her as silly. There are so many miracles in the world for eyes to behold, it seems to her a terrible waste for two pairs of them to do nothing but gaze into each other’s depths. Shell be glad to let you take her hand and walk beside her as she looks with happy delight on the sunrise, an antique car, the milkman’s horse, a yel­low garbage pail, a stuffed owl or a red balloon caught in a church steeple. But don’t distract her with too much to-getherness. Let her wander through her wonderland alone when she chooses, and she’ll never question your pinochle games with the boys.

She has many type of jobs because she beliefs what a man can do, I can do. If you want her to work for you, forget it. When she is in love, she will just leave her job in the day time just to come to see you, but not for long she will go back to work seriously again. Prepare to live and love with a “Working Woman” then you will be OK. If she is mad, find a shelter for the “Hurricane” is here! Her bad temper will last very shortly though. She is not a revenge type and will not think of “pay Back” time.

Most people might think of her as “One of a guy”, but in fact she is a 100% woman. She is easily hurt, so be nice with her. If she really loves you, then you are lucky because she is an honest, truthful and will never bore you. Understand that sometimes she will be over confident and sometimes like to have power or act bossy.

The quickest ways to lose her are to show jealousy, pos-sessiveness or prejudice; to be critical, stuffy or ultra-conservative. You’ll also have to like her friends, who will come in odd, assorted sizes and shapes.

She’s susceptible to sudden flashes of inspiration, and her intuition is remarkable. Her judgment may not seem sound or practical at first, because she sees months and years ahead. The Aquarian girl lives in tomorrow, and you can only visit there through her. What she says will come true, perhaps after many delays and troubles, but it will come true. I suppose, after all, that’s the most special thing about your February woman. She’s a little bit magic.

Ya thats me!!!

[Source: Linda Goodman]

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  1. Hmm… Nice to know about a fellow aquarian… I dont know if you would confer with me when i say… the more i read about star signs, i get a picture that things balance out, as in sometimes much of it is true… sometimes its not.

    Although, always find it interetsting on daily times… nothin more :)

  2. Hmm,..Interesting. Aquarians are rightly said to be the visionaries of the zodiac,very original in thoughts and ideas,casual,and very much committed to friendship and social conscience, though they can also be very absent-minded and eccentric too! I’m sure aquarians would hertily agree to that :)-

    Here’s more info on the aquarius>hope you’d find it useful:-

    Cheers from a fellow aquarius!!


  3. Ghesz says:

    aha! i found it.. !!! you know what.. ??someone edited this in some site called fantasy site and boy! the grammar was lousy.. now i found the real one ha-ha.. and oh! THIS IS OH SOOoo TRUE!!!!! VEry ACCuratE… is this from a research or something?

  4. Anamika says:

    Very well written….enjoyed reading it…keep up the good work…I loved these line the most – “Most people might think of her as “One of a guy”, but in fact she is a 100% woman”….. “What she says will come true, perhaps after many delays and troubles, but it will come true. I suppose, after all, that’s the most special thing about your February woman. She’s a little bit magic.”….I know this is the true, for sure…cause I am a Feb Born ! and I’ve never come across anyone as intuitive like me !!

  5. @Anamika: Here u go lady :) M glad u found them all true… They in fact are! :)

    And u will change the last line if n when u meet me … I am also Feb born and quite intuitive :)

  6. Dam says:

    baha im an aquarian girl.. and that pretty much sums me up. my partner and myself have been together for almost 8 months. and we have encountered many of these things.

    i give you a hint boys. .. LISTEN TO HER, be interested in what she is interested in, if she’s happy.. be happy for her, she cant stand it when your sad and she’s on top of the world.. rarely you will be right because she reads so much into things that she seems to have the answers for everything but if your passionate about something, don’t be scared to stand up to her, tell her what you think, make her see it from your prospective. her ego will be damaged but she will get over it soon!! and communication should hopefully improve… DO NOT GET OVER PROTECTIVE! will never contain her, and theres a pretty high chance you will loose her if you piss her off to much. let her know your true feelings and make them clear, don’t overwhelm her with the lovy dovy thing because aquarians arnt very good at expressing this, when she does express it, it means alot and don’t take it or anything for granted, treasure it.. stand by her side, someone thats strong and can keep up with an aquarian will have something so special. theres a good chance that she will get noticed by a lot of other people, a tiny tiny but of jealousy is ok to show that you care.. but let it go not long after.
    if you want a complicated girl, aquarians are it, but once you have their heart.. you will never forget her..

    if you hate her friends, make an effort at least. be pleasant and don’t smother her or get jealous.

    if you like her friends, thats great, be careful not to get to close to them she may get a little jealous as they are her friends.

    be there for her. and act as a team, especially where friends are concerned. you’ll be an unbreakable couple.

    • Tiger124 says:

      I am an Aquarian Woman, and yes we have a tough time letting everyone know what we are really feeling. It is a very challenging situation for us. Sometimes we feel so deeply, that no one would ever believe how painful it can be.

      It is important to for us to learn to open up and speak up to those that we love, in order for them to understand us more deeply. We have a great capacity for love, that most people that we are involved in may never “tap into” unless they are honest, forthright, and do not play any “head games” with us. We are more sensitive than most people think, and that is sometimes the problem for us.

      I recently have been dating an Aquarian Man for the first time, and it is very strange to say the least. We are in a terrible power struggle, and I cut off contact because I feel he is not ready to “own up to the challenge” of stating his true feelings. Some might say, “Wow, you are one yourself, and therefore you should reach out to him” Should I? Well, this is a very tough decision, and if we are to really be “loved” than we have to learn to “speak it and show it”

      I know that he felt something “deep” for me and I for him, however we have a very bad communication issue because he plays “Hide and Seek” and as an Aquariuan female I am not going to allow him to “HIDE”….. We will see what happens. I told him how I feel, and then he shut down, bc I know he has very strong feelings for me… He has to meet me half way, or it will go away perhaps forever….. Any suggestions Fellow Aquarians?

      • Nadez says:

        Hi Tiger
        Im an Aquarius chick and I have gone through the exact same thing.. Met this guy who was also Aquarius. Things started off really great, we had allot of fun and it felt like we could have been soul mates (or at least in a previous life).. Anyways.. As time went on i started getting annoyed as he didn’t communicate enough with me.. I was not expecting to speak to him 2 times a day, but there were times when we did not speak for over 2 days!! This drove me crazy and i told him it’s becoming an issue in our relationship..

        After a while I brought it up with him again and still, he did not change.. It was not just the phone calls that bothered me, when he made plans, I was always the last to know as he never told me anything about it until we are on our way to a place. So after dating for 4 months, I started detaching myself from the relationship.. I left him..

        This dude claimed afterwards that he loved me so much and I meant so much to him.. WHATEVER!!! If he really felt that strongly about me, if he was really in love with me, why did we hardly ever speak to each other? Why would it take him 2 days to get back to me?

        You made the right decision… Stick to it and don’t let him try to manipulate you! Remember, this is not any normal relationship.. Your BF sounds very similar to my ex… maybe it is him! hahahaha

        No but seriously, don’t be with someone if you are not 100% happy.. We deserve nothing less than that and no one should make us settle for less. We are strong, independent and fearless and if your man can’t give you want you want from him.. Leave him and move on.. There’s plenty more where he came from!

        Good luck girl!! I hope you don’t settle for less than you deserve..

        • Tiger124 says:

          Hi Nadez,

          So true! This guy and I are a done deal… The reason being that his communication skills are absent! I dated this guy for only a few months and yes, it felt that the connection was so unusual and almost as though we knew eachother in a way I’ve never felt. Perhaps it was an Aquarian thing. After I cut him off due to his MIA behavior and lack of ability to “keep in contact with me consistently” that is the last I’ve heard from this person.

          It’s so odd, bc he would never be around on the weekends, and always had so many weird family issues…..too many to call and keep in contact on a regular basis? Sometimes I think he had a different life somewhere else, or perhaps he was “hiding” something about himself that he didn’t want to speak about.

          Whatever the reason, it was an experience unlike any other, strange but very familiar, highly physical and quite electric. He examined me and analyzed me alot, and we were from 2 different cultures. I never felt that was an issue, but perhaps he did bc I don’t think he was ever with a woman like myself. It was not about the cultural backround for me at all. I had genuine feeling for this man. As Aquarians we are somewhat open to those things….I believe I underestimated his openess about those things. He almost viewed me as “different and strange” I will just say he was originally from a village on the other side of the world, which I was very attracted to, a talented musician but very damaged from certain things in his life, and I from a Mediterrenean culture. He questioned that so much, and was somewhat “afraid or intrigued by my cultural backround” not sure why, but I think I have an idea, bc he expressed certain “fears” about what his friends told him….It never crossed my mind …Ever . We didn’t “look or sound” the same…but we “thought” alike and our physical bond was very chemical to the point of “no return”

          Nevertheless, I am staying clear from him and haven’t heard anything in over a month! I’ve let it go, bc if this guy was serious about it he would have communicated differently. I know this person was “taken in” by me in a very deep way. For some reason he was overwhelmed by his feelings and I know that on a gut level…. the connection was too strong on both ends to deny it.

          We are no longe in contact, but many of my closest and most psychic friends told me not to be surprised if this man tries to contact me again… I am moving forward and recovering from it….strange to say the least. The funny thing is I felt as though I had a feeling of “love”
          for him…. A very odd and painful experience..

  7. ha ha..I feel like laughing when I read this…reason I am acquarian too…several things are exactly that I say about myself…and that fact of having more male friends is like hitting on the nail, faith in love, and we bounce back from anything…don’t we :) ….and I would add one more thing to the list..that love of communication..talking about every damn thing in the world…sun, moon, stars, flowers, money, politics, entertainment, you name it…

    And yes, never keep secret from acquarian girls, transparency (especially in communication) is very important

  8. @Poonam: Thanks for dropping by :) When i was reading ur comments, I was kind of sure that you are an aquarian… and voila! There u go :) Nice to find u here… Do keep visiting :)

    • Samantha says:

      all me! Everthing there is sooo true! (Btw, BANANA) I treat everyon the same and alway one step ahead. Cool to find something interesting about myself :P

  9. Robin says:

    This article is me. I am an true aquarius. Although I love deeply I am extremely detached…I just can’t seem to focus completely on my romantic relationship…I need to be involved in something that will help others not just one person..

  10. N says:

    i agree with everything completely, but with the last remark on the ‘February Woman’ i stand against since i myself am not descended from February but as from Janurary which too inherits fellow Aquarians at the last 9 days.

  11. Isha says:

    Well this is taken from Sunsigns by Linda Goodman I have it by hearted …..
    and yes Linda Goodman is a brilliant writer and 90% accurate …plus me is also aquarius and this is very very true for me :)

  12. Asmita says:

    Thats me as well. I mean, When m cheerful, m cheerful. when M distant and aloof, m like that for no real reason. I dream about my future alot! My moods are quite unpredictable. In a relationship, loyality means more to me than love, plus, I have more guy friends than girl friends. :P a bit tomboyish as well. M extremely honest.

    I feel, this profile is tailor made for me. :) Good job.

    • kartik says:

      hi asmita…thats me too…exactly the same…word to word (what u wrote)…but what i feel is that it sometimes hurts the people around us….wat do u thnk??


  13. Joss says:

    it doesnt matter how many times i read about my star sign i never get bored! and i always learn something new about myself, i love what i learn but i always want more

    i love what is written here but i wish everyone knew so that they would take into account that when you are born does have an affect on your personality
    this was 100% true and i totally understoond it

    it just angered me that others didnt

    it was so perfect!!

  14. Hey, I had that on my myspace… I know because at the end, it says “ya that’s me!!!” Hm, interesting… I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  15. Tura says:

    This is a wonderful article. I feel it hit the nail on the head from every aspect. Wow, I just think that we aquarian women are such amazing individuals. I was somewhat of a tomboy growing up, I still kinda am in a way. I am indeed 100% woman and often misunderstood. I go out to eat alone, shop alone, etc. When I’m alone I feel so free. Everything I read about me is so true…

  16. faith says:

    I’m an aquarius and I must say I think we r the most….unique sign we r soo perfect I am @ big fan of my sign @s u can tell

  17. Minami says:

    I fell in love with an aquarian girl in tokyo, we was dating for 2 months before I got transferred from tokyo to osaka…she was just fantastic, and the last time we met was a lot of fun…but suddenly a week later she said something like she liked me but didn’t want to be into a relationship, and told me not to expect those people do in a relationship from her…your article here is like describing her personality, it’s amazing…she insisted on being detached, independent, that she had many friends to see so if she wanted to see me then she’d called…I got mad cuz I didn’t understand why she said that, giving the fact that we really had fun together…I liked her alot, but I was not in control of the situation, so I got desperate and needy, pushing hard for a chance to see her, which was the best way to lose her, as written in your article…now I dont know if I should move on, or find out a way to win her back…would be very grateful if anyone here could give me an advice…what should I do to win her back?

    • Tiger124 says:

      As an Aquarian woman, I think she is doing that bc she is “afraid of her feelings” for you. She probably really likes you ALOT! Tell her fine, if that is what she REALLY wants than you will move on, but don’t forget to tell her exactly how you feel about her.

      There is a strange balance for us. We have fear of being “hurt” and that about sums it up. We “shut down” in certain areas of our life with those we are most drawn to because of this….. If you want her, don’t let her get away with this attitude. Make her “open up” if she is ready…. Play a bit “hard to get” even if it’s tough for you…. In the long run, she wants to be loved…… give her some space, and she will come looking for you….

  18. sabah says:

    oh my god……this is simply amazing…wen i was jus reading every line,it looked lik some1 knowz me frm yrs n dey hav sat patiently n written all this….its so true…m an acqarian n i dont think even1 character is wrong….

  19. To Minami, as an aquarian, i would advise you to win her back but make sure you lose that ‘deperate’, ‘needy’ and ‘pushing hard’ parts LOL. But nobody’s perfect ya know. I think, if you can accept her for who she really is (i mean everything)..the sincerity will be visible and maybe she’ll take you back :-) I hope things will work out for you cuz u do sound like you really like her. Go for it! *winks

  20. alex says:

    pretty much everything in that lovely essay, is me in a nutshell.
    The guys girl- more guy friends then girl friends, the dress sense, relationship stuff, just everything down to the 9. i find it amazing!!
    oh and p.s. yes im aquarian and born feb 8th!

  21. Melva says:

    That ia totally me, and its hard to find people who understand our way of doing things, my BD is Jan.24. Aquarius Rock !!!

  22. GuyWho WontTakeNonse says:

    Lot of wishy washy hocus pocus that could hold true for just about anybody. If you find yourself enraged reading this and want to yell out your disagreement, just re-read the original blog dispassionately and objectively (i.e., not through the eyes of an Aquarius chick).

    (And if you still want to mouth your disagreement, feel free to send me an email)

  23. @GuyWho WontTakeNonse: Just try making some sense of your name first and then other things. As u can see this blog has 43 comments and all of them have agreed to it. So, u can keep ur opinion to yourself!!

  24. Toady says:

    I’m glad you’re helping people understand more about astrology. But in the interest of fairness, you really should have given Linda Goodman credit as the author at the bottom of this article. I have her book, and you used entire paragraphs straight from her book. I recognized them as I read your posting. I’d be mad if someone lifted entire parts from something I had written, and hadn’t given me credit. That’s plagerism.

    BTW, For those skeptics out there who feel that what you have read about your sun sign doesn’t really fit you, remember that to get a complete astrological picture of yourself, you would have to have a complete natal chart done. This is where you look at where the sun and moon were when you were born, as well as what your ascendant is. So you’re looking at three aspects, not just one. Then your chart will be much more accurate.

  25. swati says:

    I was proud 2 b unique bt al of a sudden i found so many aqurians sayin hey dats me!! uhh..nvr mind..m stil proud 2 b an aquarian n yet unique..m typical aquarian n simply luvs d way i al girls are jealous of me n al guys giv me dt look..hey i want u..!!! lolzz..wel jus luv d way i am ..aqaurius women rocks..!!

  26. !Mr. Swag! says:

    i used to date an aqua girl and she was exactly like that…magic…but she was born january24 not february…but ever since then i’ve dated two more aquas….now i’m on my fourth and its perfect…i dont know wat it is about youaquas that is sooo mezmerising

  27. hurtin scorpio says:

    Well I was in love with a feb later aqau babe and she has put me thru so much torment seducing other (1) woman and men. she married the last one yet now she has a lusting attraction and crush on a worker.
    i was thinking that i would be the fall back yet im in the rear .
    this is tough..who ever wins her emotions and you make her chase and run she will fall behind close doors for sex.i feel bad because i know her husband is aplayer also. the whole thing i s amess

    aqua woman love seducing lusting hot sex..
    that is my prob i am addicted to that

  28. ffc says:

    i’m like 99% per cent true. esp. on the ” lil bit magic” part and “may thing like ine of a guy but 100% woman”. lol. oww, loner at times but never lonely… might be sad…huhu but i must say lief’s like that, it rocks, it sucks… lol (again)
    jan 26 here.

  29. Anuvanshika says:

    great work indeed!! here z another aqua girl in line….every line of it seems 2 b true. b it 4 love or relationshp!! al grls seems 2 b jealous of us.and evry 2nd guy wants 2 date us..true 2 evry 1,aquas do have intuitive power!i hd a relatnshp wid an aqua guy bt things cud nt work out n v parted our ways. though i think he didnt undrstood ya m fine gues i wud hd givr ds articl b4 2 read! aquarians do hv lil bit magic.. n ya dats me!!aquarians rock!!

  30. Anuvanshika says:

    great work indeed!! here z another aqua girl in line….every line of it seems 2 b true. b it 4 love or relationshp!! al grls seems 2 b jealous of us.and evry 2nd guy wants 2 date us..true 2 evry 1,aquas do have intuitive power!i hd a relatnshp wid an aqua guy bt things cud nt work out n v parted our ways. though i think he didnt undrstood me.. gues i wud hd givn hm ds articl b4 2 read! aquarians are lil bit magic.. n ya dats me!!aquarians rock!!

  31. Rayed says:

    Guys, I’m acquarian guy too but guss what?

    I think i am in love with acquarian girl

    how amazing is this but she is not expressing her
    feelings to me, and i’m moving slowly in the relationship. Wish me luck please.

  32. amra says:

    Hmmm!Im also an aquarian girl n the features that are mentioned here are totally correct.its as if its my reflection……its really nice.

  33. WEndy says:

    Its all TRUE! i hate to admit to this, but whoever wrote this was dead on… im one of the guys, yet im a girl… i get dorky wih romatinc situations, and i hate mushiness in other people. i need a lot of alone time, and if i get it, i respect my guy’s time with his friends…
    This is really creepy… i can’t believe someone described me to a T

  34. Richard says:

    This describe my wife to the T. I am a gemini and love challanges.We’ve been together for 19 months now and I’m still trying to figure her out.

  35. vanessa says:

    this is all so true about me … but im a january aquarius! …. it really explains about why i always tell every guy that im with that this relationship is a mistake and why i rather be by myself all the time!!!

  36. ash says:

    hi! i reached this blog while searchin for a lata mangeshkar song and funnily instantly felt at home in here…like i was seeing somehting i would write i knw why…one aquarian woman ran into another…..feel like ur a kindred soul…gr8 writing…keep goin gal!

  37. kai says:

    I agreed with everything. I think what is prominent in my personality is the ability to get over people fast and bounceback quickly. We are lucky in that aspect. We dont cry me a river.

  38. Kanta Shamdasani says:

    I am an Aquarian Woman born on 23 rd January. I had seen in my life through out , that one is always trying to dominate. I am very trust worthy person nad have true love for my brothers /sister. But they do not understand and don’t care about my feelings. I feel very lonely, deserted and just trying to kill myself by any means.

  39. Kanta Shamdasani says:

    I am an Aquarian Woman born on 23 rd January. I had seen in my life through out , that one is always trying to dominate and also I have no source of staying alone, I dont have funds whereas during last 25 years, I was living my independent life and no one indulged in my day to day life. Now as the situation is very grave for me and I dont want to be dependant on anyone, I can live my own life . I am very trust worthy person and have true love for my brothers /sister. But they do not understand and don’t care about my feelings. I feel very lonely, deserted and just trying to kill myself by any means.

  40. peter says:

    how to win a aqua-girl back!

    i’ve been dating an aqua-girl for a view months. i left her for understandable reasons (i cannot mention – too specific) but i feel terrible sorry.. we keep in contact and like you aqua-girls do: she’s – without knowing it, i guess – leaving me in doubt if there is still love or just friendship. she told me she has been thinking about me and even confessed that she ignored me, because she was insecure how i feld about her. i confessed the same to her. i told her i feld so stupid, leaving the relationship and we had a great conversation that night..
    now she is sort of involved in a new relationship and when i asked her if that would mean ‘ doors cloesed’, she said ‘yes’.
    that was a downer, knowing aqua’s never lie.

    but help me here: she gives signals that confuse me (like those confessions).. and i really want her back, because the problems that occured with her in our relationship…. i don’t think they are more important than the beautiful creature i left behind. and i want to make sure to her, that leaving her behind was not because of her, but because off my own fears too… something in myself, i want to solve and face…
    with her.

    i used to be a so-called ‘pleaser’ and find it difficult to exept my need for ‘care’.
    i always ‘care for’ someone else..
    but i love her to be the one, helping me with that and feel her caring for me..

    how do you aqua-girls think i should deal with this and win this strong, lovely creature back?!


  41. Peter,
    If u indeed love and really really want her back. tell her that ur sorry and try to explain what the problem is or was. try communicating with her cause us aqua girls love to communiacte
    also u have to be 100% honest. we aqua girls are strange in a beautiful unique way…like i said try telling her how u really feel and if she feels the same way she will tell u and trust me if she doesn’t feel the same way she will tell u as well but not in a harsh way if u have lost her then i think u will regret it ur whole life cause aqua girls are indeed beautiful creatures and no 2 aqua girls are the same i believe that each aqua has a special thing about her that no other girl has.
    (i’m an aqua girl myself Feb 3)…p.s i hope it’s not too late

  42. Terra says:

    Wow, what you said is almost spot on…it felt like you are writing about me- almost scary in a way.
    I’m glad to be an Aquarian!

  43. Sonal says:

    Exactly me….an Aqua… n also m in love with a Scorpio boy…. i know we r not compatible but still i want him anyway…. any advice??

  44. Genzana says:

    Damn, I so saw me in this article…Except for possessiveness. I sometimes like my partner to show some of it…Makes me feel his:P

  45. Prabhakar says:

    thanks, maybe it will help…

    i m in love with this Aquarius girl… m trying to understand her…. I feel she likes me, but she keeps me guessing… i m a scorpio male btw…

  46. Nithu says:

    Iam a aquarian, feb4 born ….S its true…..its me…
    I often think -“i am different frm others”…
    Now is dat… hey i have companians…..
    Aquarians really rock..

  47. rima says:

    I am an aquarian too! jan 25 born. its always feels nice to read or get to know things about ourselves. It was totally me. I feel proud after reading this.

  48. muneera says:

    Hey all u people out there…………

    LOL here u go i join the band…… im an aquarian gal 2………….

    Felt very elated reading n undrstanndin more about myself…. i just enjoyed it…. nice to know people who fall under same

  49. Aquawoman says:

    Damn! this is reall ”me” only the holding down part and the hating being possesive and don’t be posessive myself is not true but that’s most likely because i’m a scorpio rising, my love interest is also a scorpio…just so amazing that it all makes sense huh, the sun signs, but i’m much like my rising too but that’s because scorpio is such a intense sign i suppose, love this hope to read more from you wow!!! the being busy part and how we look just so true, only i must add don’t forget the part that we don’t care what the world thinks of us :) much love to all aquarius woman that read this :)

  50. kaka says:

    I agree, … as a fellow aqurian, do u thin we love ourselves and what know and what we do not know than anythinh else. I mean i prefer googleing about an aqurius than about anyother horoscope. I think we are so in love with the self

  51. ridhi says:

    how true! we dont care what the world thinks of us. we are very understanding and very compromising in friendships. friends are family to us. im an aquarian. im honest myself and cant stand dishonesty. even if my brother is wrong and my enemy is right, i would rather go support my enemy. we are easily hurt, but we do not express it. expressing romantic feelings also do not come to us easily. i prefer writing my feelings in a msg rather than speaking right on the face. and whatever i write, i mean a lot about it. im very changeable too. i get bored with same kind of routine. i always look for a break. and i keep changing my way of living from months to months.

  52. CapriAqua says:

    Your description speak so well of the person that I am, but I strongly believe that I am a cusp. People always compliment me on being strong and charismatic, but I sensitive, fragile and unhappy and always longing for deep affection secretly and my loverts can’t seem to get that from me.
    I was born late night on January 20th, I find myself carying a lot of Capricor traits as well. Matter of fact, sometimes it is scarry. I have unrest issues with love. I am loyal and fall hard when I love someone. While I may seem detached, I care more than anything, but always ed up disappointed.

  53. ersq says:

    perfect. i thought of you describing every aspect of me.
    so like a cliche, maybe ironic but its simply – ME!
    an aquarian woman like us are just – phenomenal.
    and i love it! ;-)

  54. OMG this is so true! My classmate always call me as one of the dude, and I always think that I live in tomorrow. Can I share this in my blog? its so awesome!

  55. Robyn says:

    I was born January,28th,1997 and I have to say that this article is very close to my personality. Aside from a few differences. I love it when the guy I’m talking to is intelligent but I really hate when he is constantly trying to prove me wrong with the silliest things, although I wont say anything about it. Well… he doesn’t have to exactly be as much intelligent as to be able to think for himself and have a good head on his shoulders; we also must be able to have stimulating conversations. I value being unique… I also really hate school. I don’t like being cooped up all day. I also hate being told what to do, but normally I’ll comply. And I will act distant in a relationship; I’ll need someone who can truly bring out my passionate side. I don’t like wearing my heart on my sleeve; It’ll take sometime for me to warm up to you. I also hate when a guy comes on to me to quickly. Blah. It turns me off. I’m rather shy, so I like when the guy can supply most of the conversation for me; makes it alot easier. I find Anthony Kiedis 20 or so years ago to be a major turn on. Mmm. ;P Anyways…I’m not really positive why I wrote this… Eh. Hope you learned something about an aquarian girl here.

    ALL THE BEST…!!!

  57. The greatest aquarians are the ones born in january me, oprah ellen,alicia keyes lol aquarius are so great they way our minds work are just awesome.

      • AquaGirl says:

        No Rihanna is not an Aquarius Woman she is a Pisces which is a Water Sign. You can tell Rihanna is a Pisces and not an Aquarius b/c Aquarius Woman are not slutty, weak and vulnerable like she is. Ain’t NO REAL Aquarius Woman gone let someone hit her (Chris Brown) and then turn around and make a song with him. LOL That’s why she always making songs that are all lovey-dovey and you can tell she is vulnerable and weak by how she looks and acts. Paparazzi found her doing a photoshoot naked in a field with cameramen. A true Aquarius woman like Alicia Keys wouldn’t do that. Alicia Keys is beautiful without being slutty A.K.A. A True Aquarius Woman!

  58. aquarian lover says:

    yea thanks alot man my girl is february 17 and most of the stuff said is exactly her she is always right evern when shes wrong but fa me a leo a lion i might get offended at times but like it says brush it off cuz she doesnt mean nada by it shes a very loyal loving woman not 2 much in 2 the corny stuff but i kno when the tie is right so i od it when u think its right with aquarian women some time can tell when its right 2 make a move men can get jealous cuz aquarian women dnt show alot of their feelings but dnt if u love ur auarian have faith in her 2 kno she is urs and even tho shedoesnt worship u and say i love u every day or kiss u every day believe in her love cuz like i read earlier aquarian woemen a st8 forward and if it was her cheating or not lovin u shed tell u ive been with my aquarian february 15 made a year and i love my aquarian!!

  59. 1st time Aqua-lover says:

    Oh Nooooo! I am such an idiot!! I read the article and all of your comments and I think I screwed it up! I (Libra Man) have done just about everything wrong that I could do wrong.

    I recently fell in love with the most gorgeous creature made by god – Japanese Aqua girl living in my city here in Australia. I knew nothing about the Aqua woman until now but suddenly the last three weeks falls into place. Fantastic romance bedroom passion and then nothing. I pushed (too hard) and now she doesn’t want to see me coz she’s annoyed but says if I want to see her I can go to wherever she is (if I dont annoy her).

    Then there’s the problem of a boyfriend who she’s still officially “with”. He told her ages ago he doesn’t lover her and wants to sleep with other women. Damn! I thought dumping him and being with me would have been a no-brainer!

    Heeeelppp !!!

  60. 1st time Aqua-lover says:

    PART 2

    She knows the right thing is to leave him. He is working abroad at the moment and she called him up mast week to say it’s over and she’s movin out. He is like “ok, if you want to but I would like to fix things”. Damn!!!

    Then he invites her to meet him in a a other country to watch the Rugby series. Since he’s still the official BF, guess where she is this weekend? Yup. And I’m pining away here wondering whether to believe her when she said she’s not having sex with me or him until she decides.

    What is a passionate Libran supposed to think? In the last week I have said and done everything this site says NOT to do.


  61. 1st time Aqua-lover says:

    PART 3

    … And this will make you laugh.

    We’ve been arguing about our relationship all week. It’s been “come here – go away – come here -go away”. Even messaging argument as she headed to the airport by bus. Then she said she was annoyed with me and she had to study and I might be bored but I could see her at the Airport if I wanted.

    She hadn’t eaten so I cooked some pasta brought some wine and went to see her. Still the cold heart… Went home in disgust and got a message on my cell before takeoff saying thanks.

    I am an educated communications professional, a journalist. I have gone mad I think.

    Can someone please explain all this to me?

  62. arci says:

    …this is crazy….insane……. its “me” decoded…… v aquarians rule…..!!!! and smthing that no 1 has added as of now…… i guess all the aqua women think that they are unique…..!!! one of a kind…!!! …..
    and @the guy who posted above me…. that pasta thing wdve worked……!!!

  63. For any and all who wants to know about me and what type of person I am should read this and will get a full understanding of me as an individual. And those who already know me know that this aint nothin but the truth…. PREACH… LOL!!!!

  64. tanya says:

    i am an aquarian gal…born on 30th january . i am proud to b an aqua n i love all my aqua frnds…kp rocking \m/

  65. Urvi says:

    omg! these r exactly the words my best frnd used to describe me 3 years back!!! i got gooseflesh reading it! :)

  66. Floating with intent and intuition. Living in the future fruition. Eyes have a magical striking condition. Clear perceptions and motivations. Rather be alone than in bad company, will not settle for less than what she believes is deserved. Fashion is sometimes absurd but beautifully shocking and unique. Unppreddictable and amiable, makes many friends, never know what tomexpect next. Free to be or watch her leave

  67. Scorpio says:

    k .. so hers the question ..
    I think i am fallin for this sweet ,sensational Aquarian … be it as it may .. i need advice from fellow Aquarian women .. whats the best way to her heart ? 2. how 2 keep her interested ? 3. wat makes u gals tick with happiness ? 4. do u think Scorpios & Aquarians can bond in a relationship ?

    • b real…open n open minded!…dont b afraid 2 show her attention but, dont over do it…1 way 2 know this is…we have a stiff, rigidness about us when it is 2 much attention…its not that we dont want u,its that something is botherin us or we r feeling closed in…but we still lov u w all our might!!
      n surprise her…surprise her n surprise her some more…n no u dont need 2 b rich…n we hate when me flaunt money…hell if its fall out,look 4 the most beautiful leaf u can find n tell her this leaf reminded u of her n that it was the most striking 1 he had found….not only will it put a smile on her face…it showed u took more time 2 look 4 a dam leaf then go spend money on something u can just buy! just vibe us…if u can…some cant n when they cant…it does suck! n flirt w ur girl…thats a big 1 that stays w us n brings a smile 2 not only our face,but heart…never down us,that also sticks hard w us…if u dont like something they do…just sit her down n tell her…baby i need 2 tell u something but i really hope it dont make u 2 mad…then tell her what is up then give her a kiss…she may get a lil pissy but she will have food 4 thought n come 2 u later n tell u what she came up with…they r easy 2 love…but truly love’em back n ur world will b happy w her!

      • Scorpio says:

        thnks , Lisa … you have been truely a helper ! words of wisdom like yours can never be paid for , as they are pricless :)

  68. Lisa Lehman says:

    This by far is 1 of the best aquarian women zodiac i have read!…all the others tell of the detachments n we r souless…lol….but this artical has brought tears 2 my eyes…it is me 2 a dam “T”i feel as though my true soul is finally recognized,that some1 gets it!!! Now the scientific side of me the aqua-women,thinks it is crazy 2 have believed in non-fact things…but that universal side of me an aqua women thinks…its soooo true that how could this b fake being that i didn’t denie any things 2 this artical …? I believe seeing is believing but cause i have that ”fate-factor” i believe in this hole heatedly…i feel like i got the answer that i knew where there….so 4 that,who every wrote this…THANK U!

  69. Amethyst says:

    I can’t believe it! This is sooo me!!!! I’m a 100% Aquarius girl! (February 13th) I am emotionally detached, I do love my freedom, I don’t follow the crowd, I am very strong willed, I do have a temper but it generally doesn’t last long and I do act like one of the guys/more like a friend than a girlfriend which is why me and my Pisces guy broke up. I wasn’t affectionate enough for him and the things he’d do that he considered romantic, I called it being irritating and needy. He thought he was doing a bang up job when he’d call me several times a day and was constantly trying to hug me and kiss me. He didn’t understand that I don’t need all that and I didn’t know how to explain to him why that is. I should’ve had him read this! :)

  70. thanx nova..
    “Faith” in the word “Love”,,yes dats wat an aquarian luks for…
    well written…amaizingly said….one of d most wonderfully said facts about an aquarian woman….proud to be an aquarian….

  71. dennie says:

    hmmmm! though um in quarrel with my aquarian gal,after knowing their general behaviour(s),um planning to win her back…..i won’t make a mistake again n’ will her my wife!!!!!

  72. dennie says:

    hmmmm! though um in quarrel with my aquarian gal,after knowing their general behaviour(s),um planning to win her back…..i won’t make a mistake again n’ will mek her my wife!!!!!

  73. vini says:

    This almost describes me …An aquarian girl….I love my freedom , really detached person…to world i may seem to be cold hearted n strong willed person but yes inside…full of emotions….love to discuss about any thing…any tym :P
    all positive n negative points….reallly….i felt lyk sumbody is describing me….
    AQuarians are best….B-)
    thanku for this article…:))

  74. clair says:

    always read this when im feeling a bit low, it cheers me u no end and so proud to be an aquarian woman, this describes me to a tee, its so accurate its scary, BIG hello to all my female aquarian out there……oh and one more thing, January females are also magic :) 21.01.75

  75. You do realize that the aquarian zodiac sign is in January as well. lol I should know I am one. Well everything in this is correct. Scaringly correct lol but accurate none the less

  76. Susana says:

    Another aquarian female … Feb 6th .. didn’t know there were more ppl like me..

    I’ve felt so different all my life and society always pointing at me .. why aren’t you like your cousins? why aren’t you like your neighbors? .. why aren’t u married? .. why do you like to always fly away ? .. why are u so weird? .. why are you so distant? .. you are selfish .. why are u with that guy? .. why do you bring the poor kids to your house for x-mas ? .. why you have those friends? why have you been with so many guys? , my mom would say .. what did I do?” , etc.. etc .. etc..

    So glad I have never ever heard to those questions or comments and I’ve kept being myself which I can’t help .. sometimes though I had a mental problem .. now I see it’s the stars fault …

    Anyway, nothing better than being confident, never afraid, always curios, bless up for Aquarious women !!! .. interesting , weird , smart .. ^_^

  77. aditi says:

    it is absolutely right.i am an aqarioun girl.i know myself very wall.they are hearty lady,but they face many problem in their life. they chited by many people but they not get any revenge.

  78. Black.aqua says:

    Readin through this made me under stand my self better.get to know self obidience. Now i know why water flow,ice stand still and gas evaporates.

  79. Liss says:

    This is Most Definately True!! Im the 6th of February and from the top to the bottom is describes me exactly!! This Was Written Perfectly with Great Detail, I Have this BookMarked and Find Myself Coming Back To it Often it def perks me up to know their are others marching through this life to their own beat!! Thank You Soo Much For Writing This, I Am Proud To Be An Aquarius Girl

  80. PhilipLEOFebbyAnnAQUARIUS says:

    im in love with an aquarius girl.. she’s february 12 and she’s really observant.. she view’s me always eye-to-eye and i thought she is already inlove with me.. she’s just observing me if im the right one.. i hope i passed her test.. she is really cute and i really fall to her.. Im a Leo boy, a very romantic and warm and it makes my aquarius girl totally crazy at all but sometimes she’s got pissed because of my jealousy and over the top responsivenes.. but she always forgives me and i always talk to her my secrets and what i think.. openess is the most quick way to get your aquarius girl’s heart. and also they are really cold and showing some affection.. so me as a Leo, i always start the affection and even she dosn’t response back, her smiles tells me that she likes it.. Leo boy also are understanding person that really fits to a subtle aquarian girl.

  81. uxma says:

    Second to Librans in beauty my ass! I think Librans are grossly overrated I have 5 Aquarian friends and 5 Libran friends and not even all 5 of my Libran friends combined beat a single one of my Aquarian friends in beauty. Only thing Librans have is a certain feminine grace but in terms of pretty Aquarian ALL THE WAY. And yes I am Aquarian but we are known for our objectivity nothing less would satisfy our thirst for truth! I will say one thing though girls with Uranus in Libra are beautiful but sun in Libra not so much, ascendant in Libra is pretty but gets trumped by Sagittarius ascendant. I have observed this through personal research. Personally speaking I find Aquarian, Gemini and Taurean girls gorge! And Feb girls in general are uber-sexy! Late Jan girls are ethereally beautiful and more shy than the brazenly beautiful Feb Aquarians!

    • AquaGirl says:

      Lol…I am a model and I have studied astrology well enough to know that first of all I TOTALLY DISAGREE with your statement above. See let me tell you honey…I am an Aquarius who B-day is Jan and I am a Libra Rising (Ascendant). January Aquarius are just as sexy as February Aquarius and probally even more for example Alicia Keys is a January Aquarius and she is gorgeous! Libra Rising are ultra sexy and considered one of the most beautiful woman in the Zodiac and then Aquarius and Sag. So, we can’t just make bias assumptions like that and exclude other beautiful Aquarius ppl.

  82. flirty_sweet_aquarius says:

    thiiiis sounds just like me my bday is 31 of jan. i always hate when im right an someone else trys to say there right!! ugh p!sses me of to no end!! its true that we can be mind rinders at times it can freak me out a lil but i kinda like it too haha im very sarcastic an random some ppl dont understand me or get me but im always like screw it!! i can hang by myself i hate when i go outta my way for my friends an they screw me over or make me look like a fool im besty is a pisces uggggh where alike but not she can get under my skin she likes to be all shy an quite then when its time to drink her shirt comes off an shes runnin off with some weird guy i just try an protect my friends to no end after awhile i like to be alone aloooooooone ignore my phone calls an texts messages an have my own little world to be alone an i love it im also kinda into scorpio men an as they are with me its kinda weird cuz i ask ppl what there sign is and i swear its always a scorpio or cancer im not big on cancers waaaaaaay to clingy an needy but scorpio is like soo idek how to say an i love it its sooo deep but i like it how he can be sooo in to me an i like to kinda p!ss him off by leavin in a hurry or just making him wait idk im usually a good person but im so bad when im with scorpio hahahaha i looooove it

  83. Heather says:

    wowwwww…..this says alot about me….damn, it’s good to know that i can blame my horoscope for me being such a weird ass…lol
    i wonder if the other horoscopes are as special as us…haha probably

  84. Cat3600 says:

    I don’t know what to think of all this Aquarius hoo hah! All I can say you guys are a bit too cool. Life is about clear communication mad being cool doesn’t help along. I just started dating an aqua girl but I think it’s headed for a disaster with her on and off personality!

    I am a Cancer guy, not at all jealous, I’m very funny, fiercely independent and want my woman to have as much space as she desires. All this stereotyping for Astro signs are bullshit. But I do see in this forum the Aqua girls think they are some kind of beings from another planet, please give me a break, if you are so full of yourself live alone. I am funny, extremely smart, well read, and can be entertaining in all topics worldly. But mostly am also a honest guy, and am trying my best to be nice to my aqua girl. But it’s a 2 way process, I don’t know which guy would but up with this coldness. I have a stressful job and just want a relaxed life. All I can say good luck Aqua girls, all the best in whatever realms you wish to exist in……….??!!

  85. Cat3600 says:

    Also wanted to add that one day she throws herself passionately at me then next 4 days of coldness, are you kidding me!! Everyone likes a variety and certain amount of exciting,weird, eccentric element and surprises in ones life. But life is truly about trying to achieve the rightb balance and this sort of on and off behavior is a complete turn off for any guys. I like to be clear and deserve the same in return! I don’t think this is asking too much of my aqua girl.

    Not once will I ask her what she is upto if she is doing stuff with other people, as I want her to have as much freedom as she wants, but is it too much to just say hi and let me know all is good, I don’t know man but keeping quite and ignoring another person for days is which kind of clear communication skills that everyone talks about that the Aqua girl has, as I just see this as weird!

    • Amethyst says:

      Wow! You must really like her if you made two posts complaining about her lol! Sounds to me like she’s being a typical Aquarius girl. I know our cool and relaxed nature can be very frustrating to deal with when you’re wondering if your Aqua girl even knows you exist. My boyfriend has the same compliants about me too lol! We are always off in our own little worlds that we sometimes forget about those around us. One of two things is going on here: she’s either so wrapped up in or distracted by what she’s got going on in her own life that she unintentionally forgets about you OR she just doesn’t like you. Aqua women are not the type to call everyday and we can be hot one minute and cold the next as you already know. Nagging her about it will get you no where and will do nothing but piss her off. Try ignoring her for awhile and she might come around. If she doesn’t talk to her about it and if that doesn’t work, then move on because she’s probably not feeling you at all or doesn’t see you as being anything more than a friend.

  86. Franklin long says:

    This is all so true, the woman I’m seeing is everything your describing and I’m dying to know more about this type of woman cause I’m having trouble.

  87. Kanika says:

    Oh my GOD….. 99.99% hold true for me.. Always wanted to read about myself and trust me this is THE BEST i have come across…. Every bit of it is me. Im with a libran man for past 5yrs and it’s me who proposed.. And it took him more than 2yrs to know me properly and still i have to tell him what i want or think.. You noe every aquarian loves change! ANd yeah we do get a lot of attention even if we put 1 nice thing on us! I love u for this post!

  88. wow, this is all soo true . my g.f was a jan. aqua. & said i was too possessive & always said her guy friends were more important to her. & she proved that to be true.

  89. BREN says:


  90. azalika says:

    i felt so happy reading this!!! almost cried… wat i only felt and cldnt express… u have . thank u whoever wrote this….

  91. Curious George says:

    most of the writing above can be found word for word in Linda Goodman book “Love-Signs”…which by the way..IS very accurate….this is not an original work by any means, shame on you Nova for not pointing that out.

  92. Aisha says:

    WOW!! I’m an aquarius girl born Feb 7, this article is well written and right on point. Describes me to the teeth. Thanks a lot, makes me feel good knowing most of us aquarians are very strange yet so alike..LOOL

  93. UNC says:

    Dating an Aquarius girl question. We have been dating for just over 2 months and we see each other almost every weekend. Through the week we txt a few times a day sometimes go a day or so without contact and this seems normal.

    I guess my question is, I leave her alone but also do not want her to think I am playing games but just giving her space etc. I did not even try to kiss her for a while and we waited almost a month before getting intimate, she mentioned she really liked that I was a gentlemen. I am chivolrous and have been told in the past by ex gfs that I have treated them better than anyone before and I treat her better.

    I have told her she scares the crap out of me and she says, “Because I do not throw myself at you like all other girls?”, I said YEP. lol. We communicate great and have a good time together, she knows I am crazy about her and I think she is really into me. I have met most of her friends and enjoy trying to keep her on her toes as she does me, she actually jokingly said that.

    Also, how long does it normally take to know if your Aquarius girl sees you as a long term mate?

  94. Derya says:

    You definately explained me lol…ive been in a relationship with a great man for 7 years but his jealousy and possesivness holds me back from marrying him . I love him but my gut feeling stops me.

    You script about the aquarian women is so true.

    Thank you

  95. Shaunee says:

    the question is when the #@%! was this written not by whom
    i’m a february one and do not make gypsies envious, everything else is on the money

  96. Born on February 14th I’m still learning stuff about myself, but everything in the blog is dead-on true for me. thanks for the share. I love being an aquarian woman. more men and women need me in their life LOL I can’t wait to live the second half of my life. Yaaaaaah aquarian women–we r-o-c-k!

    • AQUARIUS says:


  97. korinmuffin says:

    I’m born Feb 12 so later in the game but this is 100% me. Now if only I can somehow slip this to future boyfriends without looking suspicious…;]

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  105. Mil says:

    This is alot like me, but another quick way to lose me, is when my boyfriend doesn’t pay much attention to me.
    I like this article anyways. ^^

  106. I always enjoy reading this blog. Keep up the good writing work. BTW the beautiful dichotomy of an Aquarian woman is she needs very little attention, but likes to get it any way. Trick is figuring out what time is right with her. Good luck–she’s keeping you guessing on purpose.

  107. Wonderful beat ! I would like to apprentice while you
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