Mere Mehboob

Year: 1963

I have always been a fan of Urdu… I think the language is beautiful and is most certainly the best language you can even express your feelings in… While watching Mere Mehboob yesterday, I remembered where and how I had gotten addicted to this language. It was with this very movie, which I had seen eons ago!

It was then and its today, my love for Urdu has only increased with each passing day…

The movie has all that would make any movie a classic… good acting, great music and a decent story line. The way in which Nawaabi taur-tareeke have been shown in the movie, makes it all the more endearing…

Our very own tragedy king, Rajendra Kumar, does a great job as an aspiring shayar… Sadhana looks good and acts well… though i feel, her hair style is kind of funny… dont u think so? 😉

Rafi and Lata have woven magic into the songs like Yaad mein teri and Mere Mehboob, sung separately by both Lata and Rafi.

I would recommend this movie to all those looking foward to a nice quiet movie with beautiful songs and no hulla-gulla!

[PS: I specially liked the creased look of the poster… gives it a rather primitive look!!]