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Human == Machines!???? — August 29, 2007

Human == Machines!????

Human Machines!?

In the fast paced “competitive” world that we live in, have humans been suddenly reduced to machines!? Is it really that difficult to look at the person who is working for you, as a HUMAN walking in flesh and blood!?

I would like to state here, that inhuman treatment of people at the hands of their bosses or kings isnt new. Our history is flooded with examples of these. Shahjahan, The Mughal emporer, had cut the thumbs of each one of the thousands of laborers who had constructed Taj Mahal with their own hands. This was simply because he did not want the miracle to be repeated. Ever. In this way, for years, the bonded laborers were treated with contempt and extreme disgust. Animals were, in fact, treated better!

The situation may have improved! But continues to be really bad. I was motivated to write on this topic, after my roomie A, hit herself really hard on the head. She was in a really bad state and with head injuries, the risk always increases manyfolds. She went to work, nevertheless. And despite that, it was difficult for her to stare at the screen for too long. And everytime she would try to concentrate, she would suffer from a piercing pain on the back of the head.

She told her manager. His reply “Ok! If u had a fall, it will hurt. So, when r u giving me the report”. Every single person in the team was like “Why dont u take permission and work from home.” She was disgusted at the attitude of her team-mates. Not that she expected empathy from anyone or anything, but at least she expected her team-mates to look at her as a person who is capable of being hurt.

This hasnt happenend just once. I happen to have heard of an incident, where-in the girl was in the office giving a presentation, after her colon had burst!!! Her manager knew of this, but would do nothing about it.

Is the rat race for success more important to us than our own lives and concern for fellow human beings? Or have we forgotten what it is like to be humans!?