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Bhaiya mere… — August 28, 2007
The weekend belonged to… —

The weekend belonged to…

…. an adorably sweeeeeetttttttttt, cute and cuddly cousin of mine! Yeah, he is almost 2 decades younger than me, but is my cousin, nevertheless 🙂

The otherwise excellent weekend was marred partially by the terror attacks. But, that did nothing to stifle our enthusiasm, and even though we did not step out of the house, and were a bit shaken up by the sheer cold-blooded nature of the attacks (this kind of inhuman behavior generally tends to put one in a rather philosophical mind set, wherein u cant help but wonder what on Earth can make someone commit a ghastly crime like this), we thoroughly enjoyed the stay back home. The chit-chats, the catching up and the masti! 🙂

All in all, a GREAT weekend! 🙂